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Page 8 - America, for the payment of which well and truly to be made, we bind ourselves, our heirs, executors and administrators, jointly and severally, firmly by these presents.
Page 48 - ... which all the operations of agriculture connected with tillage, the culture of all the useful grains, grapes, and roots, the raising of stock, etc.. could be conducted to the best advantage, and where the operations of draining and the treatment of different soils could be thoroughly exhibited; in fact, a farm which, under the superintendence of practical and scientific masters, should become a model for. the farms of our State. There should also be attached a botanical garden, to be under the...
Page 27 - No student shall be or become a member of any society connected with the University, or consisting of students, which has not first submitted its constitution to the Faculty and received their approbation.
Page 19 - The secretary of state shall cause this act to be published, together with such forms and instructions for its execution as he shall deem necessary, and cause the same to be distributed to the superintendents of the poor of the several counties in this state, the expense of which shall be paid by the treasurer on the warrant of the comptroller ; and the secretary of state shall annually report to the legislature the results of the information obtained in pursuance of this act.
Page 15 - We conclude that the act of the legislature of this state, entitled "An Act to Amend an Act Entitled 'An Act Concerning Crimes and Punishments, and Repealing Certain Acts Relating Thereto/ Approved March 17, 1911, and Adding Another Section Thereto, to Be Numbered 375," approved March 15, 1915, is unconstitutional and void.
Page 5 - ... was decided in the negative by yeas and nays as follows : Yeas: Draper, Duffield, and Trowbridge.
Page 18 - On motion, resolved, That the proceedings of this meeting be signed by the chairman and secretary, and delivered to Dr. DODS, and that they be published in the newspapers of the city. " JOHN P. HULBERT, Chairman.
Page 48 - University, as is contemplated by the charter of that institution, and having the benefit of lectures from the professors, and such other sources as may be expedient, resident professors, with expensive salaries, would not be necessary. There should belong to the institution a Farm, of sufficient capacity to embrace a variety of soil and surface, upon which all the operations of agriculture, connected with tillage, the culture of all the useful grains...
Page 1 - ... were not then completed. The amount, if any, expended since, is unknown to me. These vast expenditures, for the construction of university buildings, as well as those for the support of branches, have probably been made mostly from the proceeds of a loan made in pursuance of "An act to authorize a loan, of a certain sum of money to the university of Michigan", approved April 6, 1838.

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