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ever according to the order of Melchisedeck, Psalm cix. whose sacrifice was bread and wine, Gen xv.

7. This sacrifice of the mass is the same in substance with that which Christ offered for us upon the cross; because both the Victim offered, and the Priest, or principal offerer, is the same Jesus Christ. The difference is only in the manner of the offering; because upon the cross our Saviour of fered himself in such a manner, as really to shed his blood and die for us; whereas now he does not really shed his blood, nor die any more. And therefore, this in called an unbloody sa crifice; and that of the cross a bloody sacrifice.

8 By reason of this near alliance which this sacrifice of the mass has with the sacrifice of the cross, it completely answers all the different ends of sacrifice, and that in a manner infinitely more perfect than that of any of the ancient sacrifices. Christ is here both Priest and Victim, representing in person, and offering up his death and passion to his Father: First, For the adoration, praise, honour, and glory of


the Divine Majesty. Secondly, in thanksgiving for all his benefits. Thirdly, For the obtaining of pardon of oursins. Fourthly, For the obtaining of grace and salvation for us, by the merits of that same death and passion. And therefore this sacrifice, in order to all these ends, must be infinitely beyond all the holocausts, thank-offerings, sinofferings, and peace-offerings of the ancient law.

9. This sacrifice of the mass then is offered up toGod in the catholic church, First, As a daily remembrance of the passion of Christ. Do this for a commemoration of me: St. Luke xxii Secondly, As a most solemn worship of the Divine Majesty. Thirdly, As a most acceptable thanksgiving to God, from whence it has the name of Eucharist. Fourthly, As a most powerful means to move God to shew mercy to us in the forgiveness of our sins; for which reason we call it propitiatory. And lastly, As a most effectual way to obtain of God all that we want, coming to him, as we here do, with Christ, and through Christ.

10. For these ends both priest and people

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people ought to offer up the sacrifice of the mass: the priest, as Christ's minister, and in his person; and the people by the hands of the priest ; and both the one and the other by the hands of the great High Priest Jesus Christ.And with this offering of Christ both the one and the other ought to make a total offering of themselves also by his hands, and in union with him.

11. Hence the best devotion for hearing mass, is that which has for its object the passion of Christ, and which tends to unite the soul to Christ, and through him to his Father; and which most perfectly answers all the other ends of this sacrifice, viz. the adoration of God, thanksgiving for all his benefits, the obtaining of pardon for all our sins, and grace in all our ne→ cessities.


At the beginning of the mass, the priest at the foot of the altar makes the sign of the cross, In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost, Amen; and then recites with the clerk the 42d Psalın, Judica me, Deus, c. Judge me, O God, we, which you may either recite with him ? or pray as follows:

A prayer for the beginning of the Mass.


N the name of the Father, and of the Sou, and of the Holy Ghost Amen.

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I will draw near to thy altar, O my God, there to gain new strength and vigour to my soul, and by thy grace separate me from those unbelievers, who have no trust in thee.

That grace which comforts me, when the remembrance of my sins afflicts and casts me down.

That grace which lets me know there is an everlasting refuge in thy goodness, and that thou art ready to forgive, even our greatest sins, upon a sincere repentance.



The Psalm Judica me Deus, as also the Gloria in excelsis Deo, and Creed are not said by the Priest in Masses for the dead, and at some other times, which you may pass over, as yu find he does.

The Priest, bowing down, says the Confiteor, before he goes up to the altar say it with him as follows;

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Confess to Almighty God, to the blessed Mary ever Virgin, to the blessed Michael the Archangel, to the.. blessed John the Baptist to the holy Apostles Peter and Paul, to all the Saints, and to you Father, that I have very much sinned in thought, word,and deed, (here striking your breast thrice) thro' my fault, thro' my fault, thro my most grievous fault Therefore I beseech the blessed Mary ever Virgin blessed Michael the Archangel, blessed John the Baptist the holy Apostles Peter and Paul, all the Saints, and you' Father, to pray for me to our Lord God.

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