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2 The stars that in their courses roll

Have much instruction gir'n; But thy good word infotins my soul

How I may climb to heav'n. 3 The fields provide me food, and show

The goodness of the Lord; But fruits of life and glory grow

In thy most holy word. 4 Here are my choicest treasures hid,

Here my best comfort lies; Here my desires are satisfy'd,

And hence my hopes arise. 5 Lord, make me understand thy law,

Show what my faults have been; And from thy gospel let me draw

Pardon for all my sin. 6 Here would I learn how Christ has dy'd,

To save my soul from hell;
Not all the books on earth beside

Such heav'nly wonders tell. 7 Then let


And take a fresh delight
By day to read those wonders o'er,

And meditate by night.

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1 The praises of my tongue

I offer to the Lord, That I was taught and learnt so young,

To read his holy word:
2 That I am brought to know

The danger I was in;
By nature and by practice too,

A wretched slave to sin: 3 That I am led to see

I can do nothing well;
And whither shall a sinner flee

To save himself from hell?
4 Dear Lord, this book of thine

Informs me where to go,
For grace to pardon all my sin,

And make me holy too.
5 Here I can read and learn,

How Christ the Son of God

Has undertook our great concern;

Our ransom cost his blood. 6 And now he reigns above,

He sends his Spirit down,
To show the wonders of his love,

And make his gospel known. 7 0, may that Spirit teach,

And make my heart receive Those truths which all thy servants preach,

And all thy saints believe.
8 Then shall I praise the Lord

In a more cheerful strain,
That I was taught to read his word,

And have not learnt in vain.

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i ALMIGHTY God, thy piercing eye

Strikes thro' the shades of night;

And our most secret actions lie

All open to thy sight.
2 There's not a sin that we commit,

Nor wicked word we say,
But in thy dreadful book 'tis writ,

Against the judgment day. 3 And must the crimes that I have done

Be read and publish'd there;
Be all exposed before the sun,

While men and angels hear? 4 Lord, at thy feet asham'd I lie;

Upward I dare not look:
Pardon my sins before I die,

And blot them from thy book. 5 Remember all the dying pains

That my Redeemer felt;
And let his blood wash out my stains,

And answer for my guilt. 6 Oh, may I now for ever fear

T' indulge a sinful thought,
Since the great God can see and hear,

And writes down every fault!

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1 THERE is a God that reigns above,

Lord of the heav'ns, and earth, and seas; I fear his wrath, I ask his love,

And with my lips I sing his praise. 2 There is a law which he has writ,

To teach us all what we must do: My soul, to his commands submit,

For they are holy, just, and true. 3 There is a gospel of rich grace,

Whence sinners all their comforts draw: Lord, I repent, and seek thy face,

For I have often broke thy law. 4 There is an hour when I must die,

Nor do I know how soon 'twill come; A thousand children, young as I,

Are call'd by death to meet their doom.

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