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3 At twelve years old he talk'd with men,

(The Jews all wond'ring stand); Yet he obey'd his mother then,

And came at her command.
4 Children a sweet hosanna sung,

And blest their Saviour's name;
They gave him honour with their tongue,

While scribes and priests blaspheme. 5 Samuel the child was wean'd, and brought

To wait upon the Lord;
Young Timothy betimes was taught

To know his holy word.
6 Then why should I so long delay

What others learnt so soon?
I would not pass another day

Without this work begun.

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1 Oh, 'tis a lovely thing for youth

To walk betimes in wisdom's way; To fear a lie, to speak the truth,

That we may trust to all they say. 2 But liars we can never trust, Though they should speak the thing

that's true; And he that does one fault at first,

And lies to hide it, makes it two. 3 Have we not known, nor heard, nor read,

How God abhors deceit and wrong?
How Ananias was struck dead,

Caught with a lie upon his tongue? 4 So did his wife Sapphira die,

When she came in and grew so bold

As to confirm that wicked lie

That just before her husband told.
5 The Lord delights in them that speak

The words of truth; but ev'ry liar
Must have his portion in the lake

That burns with brimstone and with fire. 6 Then let me always watch my lips,

Lest I be struck to death and hell;
Since God a book of reck’ning keeps

For ev'ry lie that children tell,

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1 LET dogs delight to bark and bite,

For God hath made them so;
Let bears and lions growl and fight,

For 'tis their nature too.
2 But, children, you should never let

Such angry passions rise;

Your little hands were never made

To tear each other's eyes. 3 Let love through all your actions run,

And all your words be mild;
Live like the blessed Virgin's Son,

That sweet and lovely child. 4 His soul was gentle as a lamb;

And as bis stature grew,
He grew in favour both with man,

And God his Father too.
5 Now, Lord of all he reigns above;

And from his heav'nly throne,
He sees what children dwell in love,

And marks them for his own.

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1 WHATEVER brawls disturb the street,

There should be peace at home;

Where sisters dwell and brothers meet,

Quarrels should never come. 2 Birds in their little nests agree;

And 'tis a shameful sight,
When children of one family

Fall out, and chide, and fight: 3 Hard names at first and threat'ning words,

That are but noisy breath,
May grow to clubs, and naked swords,

To murder and to death.
4 The devil tempts one mother's son

To rage against another;
So wicked Cain was hurried on

'Till he had kill'd his brother.
5 The wise will make their anger cool,

At least before 'tis night;
But in the bosom of a fool

It burns till morning light.
6 Pardon, O Lord, our childish rage,

Our little brawls remove;
That as we grow to riper age,

Our hearts may all be love.

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