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In 1848 an Act of Parliament, entitled the Public Health Act, was obtained, under which Boards of Health have been established in numerous towns of England, for the execution of works of general sanitary improvement. The effects even already produced by such measures, in increasing the value or expectation of life in those towns. to which they have been applied, have been ably set forth from time to time by Dr. Farr, in the Reports of the Registrar General.

The Nuisances Acts, Common Lodging Houses Acts, Smoke Consumption Acts, Local Government and Local Management Acts, &c., &c., followed the Public Health Act in quick succession.

The powers conferred by these several statutes are embodied in the following pages; a classified digest of the enactments being followed by an appendix containing a chronological arrangement of the principal statutes, in the order and words in which they were passed. The numerous penalties incurred by their violation or neglect render it a matter of great importance that these provisions should be widely known. All Acts bearing on Health, e.g., Burials, Lunacy, Medical, Factory, &c., are also noticed; and such forms, practical instructions, and cases appended, as will, it is hoped, with the notes and index, render the subjects treated, of easy application; and prove useful to corporations, guardians, and ratepayers, as well as to the medical profession and the public at large.


January, 1865.

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