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Afferted, proved, and explained, in its two-fold Branches;

Firft Spiritual, Secondly Perfonal:


Above one hundred Texts out of the Old and New Teftament. Or an Explanation of a multitude of Scriptures, which contain or hold forth the Kingdom of Chrift in them: And alfo fhewing the Certainty of its near Approach (it is to be hoped in this Generation) from many undeniable Scripture-Signs.

By JOSEPH PERRY, an unworthy Servant in the Work of the Gospel.

Dan. vii. 27. And the Kingdom and the Dominion, and the Greatness of the Kingdom under the whole Heaven, hall be given to the People of the Saints of the Moft High, whose Kingdom is an everlafting Kingdom, and all Dominion fhall ferve and obey him.


Printed by R. Raikes and W. Dicey, for the Author, 1721

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Y Reafon of my being often abfent, and not that Care

taken as there ought to have been at the Prefs, these following Faults have efcaped; befides the Mifplacing of fome Points, which the patient Reader is defired to cover with the Mantle of Chriftian Love, the other to corre& as followeth :

Page 84. 1. 1. for Rev. 2. read Rev. 11. P. 87. l. 11. for him T. tbem. P. 94. 1. 27. for clearing 1. cleaning. P. 108. 1. 21. for Ephefians r. Epiftle. P.135. 1.6. for brood r. proud. P.135. 1.14. for Seventhly r. Sixthly. P. 135. 1. 22. for finishing r. fmiting. P. 139. 1. 29. for Face. r. View, not only in this but feveral other Pages upon the like Occafion. P. 156. 1. 27. for Property r. Propriety. P. 165. 1. 10. for Souls r. Sons, P. 218. 1. 9. for Sixthly r. Fifthly. P. 221,1. 4. for Chrift r. after Chrift's Coming. P. 229. 1. 23. for Earnest r. Harvest. P. 308. 1. 9. for Child r. Child of God. P. 303. 1. 7. for conceffed r. couched. P. 313. 1. 27. for fecret r. Sacred. P. 335. 1. 24. for colud r. could. P. 372. 1. 22. for be prevented r. we shall not prevent them. - P. 402. 1. 6. for happier r. happy. P-422. 1. 9. for detain r. deceive. P. 495. 1. 17. for paeached r. preached. P. 501. 1. 30. for knewn r. known. P. 546. 1. 21. for first r. fifth.

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Courteous Reader,


T is recorded in Honour to the Noble Bereans, more than thofe of Theffalonia, in that they received the Word of God with all Readiness of Mind, and fearched the Scriptures daily, whether thofe Things were fo. Certainly this Honour ber cometh all the Saints, whofe Duty it is to read and fearch the Scriptures, and not with Indifferency pafs by any Part of God's Word, especially (next to our Salvation, that great Doctrine of the Coming and Kingdom of Chrift. Doth our Lord fay, in Rev. i. 3. (for the Encouragement .of his People) Bleed is he that readeth, and they that bear the Words of this Prophecy, and keep thofe Things which are written therein; for the Time is at band? Then furely it evidently appears to be both the Duty and Privilege of the Children of Cod to hear,

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