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equity shall be instituted, in any court or before any judge Vict. c. 96, so far as they are inconsistent with the conor justice, against the postmaster general or against any text. officer of the post office, or against any other person in 9. That this act may be amended or repealed by any act consequence of the making of any such regulations, or of to be passed during the present session of parliament. any compliance therewith, or otherwise in relation to any such regulations, or in consequence of the payment of any au act to continue for two years, and to the end of the then

CAP. LXXXIX. such money orders being refused or delayed by or on account of any accidental neglect, omission, or mistake by

next session of parliament, and to amend an act of the or on the part of any officer of the Post-office, or for any

second and third years of her present Majesty, intituled,

An act to extend and render more effectual for five years other cause, without fraud or wilful misbehaviour on the part of any such officer of the Post-office, any law, statute,

on act passed in the fourth year of his late Majesty George or usage to the contrary in anywise notwithstanding.

the Fourth, to amend an act passed in the fiftieth year of 3. That the postmaster general at any time hereafter may

his Majesty George the Third, for preventing the admirefund the amount of any money orders either heretofore

nistering and taking unlawful oaths in Ireland. granted or issued or to be hereafter granted or issued to

[31st August, 1848.] the person or persons to whom the same have been or shall Sec. 1. Recited act of 2 8 3 Vict. to continue in force for a or may be so granted or issued, or his, her, or their further period of two years. executors or administrators, whether such money orders 2. Constables with warrant may enter and search houses, shall remain or be in the possession of such person or

and seize papers and arms, &c. persons or not; and after any such repayment or re 3. Duration of act. fanding as aforesaid all liability by or on the part of the • Whereas acts were passed in the 50 Geo. 3, c. 102, 4 postmaster general, or of any officer of the Post-office or 'Geo. 4, c. 87, 2 & 3 Vict. c. 74, 7 & 8 Vict. c. 78, 8 & of the Post-office revenue, for or in sespect of such money 9 Vict. c. 55, and it is expedient that the act of the 2 & 3 orders or of the granting or issuing of the same, or of the Vict. c. 74, should be continued and amended as hereinrepayment or refunding the amount thereof, shall, as after provided, be it therefore enacted in this present paragainst the payees of such money orders and the holders liament assembled that the last-mentioned act shall be and thereof, and all other persons cease and determine. continue in full force and effect from the passing of this act

4. That every officer of the Post-office who shall grant for the further period of two years. or issue any money order with a fraudulent intent shall in

2. That if information upon oath shall be given to any England and Ireland be guilty of felony, and in Scotland justice of the peace in Ireland, that there is cause for believof a high crime and offence, and shall, either be transported ing that any society or societies within the meaning of the beyond the seas for the term of seven years or be imprisoned said acts or any of them is or are held, or is or are about to for any term not exceeding three years.

be held, or that any persons are met or assembled, or are 5. And for the more effectual prosecution of offenders be about to meet or assemble, for treasonable or seditious purit enacted, that in any indictment for any felony or mis- poses, or for the discussion of treasonable or seditious purdeameanor committed or attempted to be committed in, poses, in any house, building, or any other place, such jusupon, or with respect to the Post-office or the Post-office tice may issue his warrant to any county-inspector, sub-inrevenue, or in, upon, or with respect to any property, spector, or head constable, empowering him to enter any monies, money orders, goods, chattels, or effects under such house, building, or other place, and to remain in such the management or control of the postmaster general, or house, building, or other place, for so long a time as he may where any act, matter, or thing shall have been done by think fit, and to seize all books, papers, and writings which any person with or for any malicious, or fraudulent design, shall appear to afford evidence of the holding or of the exisrelating to or concerning the Post-office or the Post-office tence of any such society or societies, or of any treasonable revenue, or any such property, monies, money orders, or seditious purposes and objects, and all arms and ammugoods, chattels, or effects as aforesaid, or the postmaster nition of every description, that may be found in such house, general, it shall be sufficient to lay any such property in, building, or other place, and to search all parts of such house, and to state or allege the same to belong to, and to state building, or other place, for the purpose of discovering the or allege any such act, matter, or thing to have been done or same; and such county-inspector, sub-inspector, or head committed with intent to injure or defraud “Her Majesty's constable, with such constables and other persons as he shall postmaster general ;" and in all indictments relating to or deem necessary for that purpose, may enter such house, in any wise concerning the department of the Post-office it building, or other place, and, if need be, to use force, wheshall be sufficient to name and describe the postmaster ther by breaking open doors or otherwise, and to remain general as “Her Majesty's postmaster general," without with such constables and other persons in such house buildany further or other name, or addition.

ing or other place for so long a time as he shall think fit, 6. That whenever the warrant of the commissioners of and to seize all such books, papers, and writings, and all Her Majesty's treasury is required by this act, such warrant arms and ammunition of every description whatsoever, that may be under the bands of the commissioners of Her Ma- may be found in such house, room, building, or other place, jesty's treasury, or any three of them; and that whenever and to search all parts of such house, building, or other the order, consent, authority, or direction of the commis- place for the purpose of discovering the same. sioners of Her Majesty's treasury is prescribed by this act, 3. That this act shall continue in force from the passing such order, consent, authority, or direction (not being by thereof for two years, and until the end of the then next warrant) may be signified either under the hands of the session of parliament. commissioners of Her Majesty's treasury, or any three of

CAP. XC. them, or under the hand of one of their secretaries or

An act to regulate the times of payment of rates and taxes assistant secretaries. 7. That any copy of the London Gazette, printed and

by parliamentary electors. [31st August, 1848.] published by the person or persons having authority to print

CAP. XCI. and publish the same, shall be admitted as evidence by all An act to make provision for the payment of parish debts courts, judges, justices, and others in any part of Her the audit of parochial and union accounts, and the allowMajesty's dominions of any treasury warrant and of any ance of certain charges therein, [31st August, 1848.] regulations or restrictions which shall be issued under this act, and contained in any such gazette, and of the due

Cap. XCII. issuing thereof, and of the contents of any such warrant An act for the protection and improvement of the salmon, regulations, or restrictions.

trout, and other inland fisheries of Ireland. 8. That this act shall be deemed and taken to be a Post

[31st August, 1848.] office aet, and that the several terms and expressions used Sec. 1. Commissioners of public works in Ireland to be comin this act shall be construed according to the respective

missioners for the purposes of this act. Recited interpretations contained in the said act passed in the 3 & 4

acts and this act construed as one act.


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the year.

2. Two existing inspectors of fisheries to be inspecting 39. Defining powers of commissioners to alter close sea

. commissioners.

'In case commissioners alter close seasons, 3. Commissioners for executing this act to divide Ireland

notice to be given of the same. into districts for the purposes of this act.

40. Alteration of close season in certain rivers above 4. Conservators of fisheries to be annually elected.

tideways. 5. Commissioners to prescribe number of conservators to 41. Penalty for killing or taking fish in or from several be elected from each electoral division.

fisheries. 6. Owners of several

fisheries of a certain value to be 42. Minimum of penalties in certain cases. conservators in like manner as elected conservators. 43. Act may be amended, &c. 7. Elected conservators to be chosen by the persons pay • Whereas an act was passed in the 5 & 6 Vict. c. 106,

ing licence. 8. All engines, nets, &c. for salmon and trout fishing, seventh and eighth years of the reign of Her said Majesty

, • and whereas the same was amended by an act of the &c. to be licensed and pay an annual duty.

• and further amended by an act of the eighth and ninth 9. Persons who have paid licence duty entitled to vote

years and by an act of the ninth and tenth years of Her for conservators. Votes to be cumulative. 10. Commissioners for purposes of first elections to fix operation among the parties exercising the rights of salmon

said Majesty: and whereas by reason of the want of coand publish the scale of licence duties and rates for and trout fishing, and the extent of the common or publie each district.

rights of such fishing on the sea-coast and in the estuaries 11, First meetings of persons paying licence duty for the election of conservators to be called by commission-interests involved therein, measures have not been taker

and rivers of Ireland, and the varied and conflicting Commissioners may attend and preside. 12. Persons assembled at such first meetings and at futurement of the law in respect of the same ; amd it is expa

. * for the due protection of these fisheries, and the enforce annual meetings to elect conservators of fisheries for dient, with a view to the increase and improvement of the 13. Power to board of conservators, after the year 1819,

• said fisheries, to make provision for more effectually to alter and fix, subject to approval of commission

carrying out the provisions of the said acts: and whereas ers, the licence duty and rate.

• it is expedient that funds should be provided for defraying 14. Board of conservators, when constituted, to fix times right that the same should be levied from the persons fa

*the cost of such additional protection, and it is just and and places of meetings. 15. In case of failure of any electoral divisions to elect, the time being using any engine or device whatsoever for

the conservators of other divisions shall act for the sioners of public works in Ireland, as commissioners of

the capture of such fish:' be it enacted, that the commis. district. 16. On failure of election of any conservators, the former fisheries, together with the inspecting commissioners of board to act.

fisheries herein-after mentioned, shall be commissioners for 17. Quorum of board of conservators. Chairman to have the execution of this act, and shall have and use all the a casting vote.

powers, privileges, and authorities vested in the commis. 18. How meetings of board of conservators are to be called. sioners for the execution of the said acts; and the said acts 19. Board of conservators at the annual meetings to nomi and this act shall be construed as one act. nate treasurer, clerk, inspectors, and water bailiffs of fisheries appointed under the provisions of the said acts

2. That after the passing of this act the two inspectors 20. Conservators may apply funds of district towards pro; I shall be denominated and shall, during the pleasure of the viding passes for fish through natural and artificial commissioners of Her

Majesty's treasury, be inspecting obstructions. 21. For engines, nets, &c. not enumerated in schedule, commissioners of fisheries, and shall be associated with the

licences, before the formation of the boards, to be commissioners of public works in Ireland, and with them fixed by commissioners, afterwards by the board of be commissioners for the execution of the said acts and this

conser vators. Saving as to rods not used for salmon. act; and in the case of any vacancy in the office of the said 22. Penalty on using engines, nets, 8c. without licence. inspecting commissioners, or either of them, by death, Forfeitures to be applied to the funds of the district. resignation, or dismissal

, the commissioners of Her MaRecovery of forfeitures and penalties.

jesty's treasury from time to time to appoint in the room of 23. All several fisheries to be subject to an annual rate uc- each such inspecting commissioners so dying, resigning

, cording to valuation,

or being dismissed, another inspecting commissioner of 24. Last-mentioned rate recoverable before justices as fisheries, who shall be associated with the said commis wages, or by civil-bill, or by action.

sioners of public works in like manner; and the said com25. Valuation of such fisheries.

missioners of Her Majesty's treasury shall be empowered 26. Collection of such annual rate.

to fix such salaries for any such inspecting commissioners 27. All monies received for licences, rates, penalties, &c.

as they shall think fit; and such inspecting commissioners in each district to be lodged in the bank, and applied of fisheries shall and may, for the purposes of the said

to defray the expenses of such district under this act, recited acts and this act, have, use, and exercise all and 28. Form of licences, 8c. Penalty for misusing or coun

every the like powers and authorities and have like privileges terfeiting the same.

as are by the said recited acts or any of them vested in or 29. Penalty on persons using or having engines, nets, gc. given to the said commissioners of public works, and all

not producing licence when required. Parties hav- and every the powers and authorities in and by the said ing them for sale, &c. exempt from penalty.

recited acts and this act given to or vested in the said com30. Licences how sold.

missioners of public works, or which under this act may be 31. Licences to be sold to all persons demanding to pur- used by or be vested in such inspecting commissioners of

chase, but such licences not to confer rights not other. fisheries, may be exercised by the said commissioners of

wise possessed; but not to alter rights of parties. public works, or by such inspecting commissioners of fish32. Account of sales of licences to be furnished,

eries, or by any one or more of them. 33. Security to be given by the clerk of the conservators,

3. That the said commissioners shall, before the end of and duties to be performed by him and other officers. this present year, or at any time afterwards, as they may 34. Powers of inspectors and water bailiffs.

find it expedient, divide Ireland and the sea-coast and 35. How fines and penaltres under recited acts and this islands thereof into districts, and shall cause the said disact to be recovered and applied.

tricts to be defined and described by suitable notices and 36. Appointment of officers not subject to stamp duty. maps for that purpose; and each such district shall embrace 37. Nothing herein to abridge the powers of the commis. one or more river or rivers, or lake or lakes, with the sioners and officers under recited acts.

tributaries thereof, which are frequented by salmon, trout, 38. Commissioners may attend and advise at meetings of or pollen, or fish of the salmon kind, or eels

, together with conservators,

such portions of the sea-coast and islands adjacent thereto as shall be described by such maps ; and the said commis

sioners shall subdivide each euch district into two or more notice thereof by hand-bills and advertisements in two or electoral divisions, to be called the upper or fresh water more newspapers circulating in such district ; and all perand lower or tidal electoral divisions of such districts, and sons who shall have paid any such licence duty for such year upon the maps aforesaid the said conimissioners shall cause within such clectoral division shall vote at such respective to be delineated the limits and boundaries of such electoral meeting, and shall choose a chairman to preside thereat : divisions ; and the said commissioners from time to time, provided that the said commissioners, or any one or more may alter any such district or electoral division and fix of them, may attend and preside at any such first meeting, other boundaries for the same, duly publishing and describ- instead of such chairman. ing the same as herein-before provided,

12. That the persons so assembled in each electoral divi4. That for each district conservators of fisheries shall be sion at such first meetings, and at all annual meetings for annually elected and appointed as herein-after provided. such elections, and who shall be qualified to vote under this

5. That the said commissioners shall be authorized and act, shall have power to elect the appointed number of perernpowered to determine and declare the number of conser- sons to represent them as conservators of the fisheries for Tators not less than three nor more than nine, which shall the ensuing year; and the chairman as aforesaid, or the said be elected and returned from each such electoral division to commissioners, may receive the votes of the persons so asrepresent the same, and the persons so to be returned for sembled, and may declare the persons who shall have received each electoral division shall be the elected conservators of the greater number of votes to be the elected conservators; fisheries for the district until the next annual election. and the chairman of such meeting, or the said commission

6. That if in any district one or more persons shall pos- ers, shall certify under his or their hand the election of each sess a several or exclusive fishery or fisheries therein, as conservator, and furnish him with a certificate, which shall owner, lessee, or occupier, valued under the acts for the be sufficient authority for him to act as such conservator, relief of the poor in Ireland at £100 yearly or upwards, and shall also within four days after such election cause a he or they shall be entitled to sit with the elected conserva- list of such conservators, with a statement of the residence tors for such district, and shall be deemed ex officio a con- and post town of each, to be transmitted to the office of the servator or conservators for the same, so long as he or said commissioners; and the persons so elected for each they shall possess such fishery or fisheries, and shall vote, electoral division of a district shall conjointly form, with and have all the powers and privileges under this act which any such ex officio conservators as aforesaid, a board of conthe said elected conservators may individually possess: pro- servators of fisheries for such district, until the formation vided that where a fishery so rated shall be held by several of a new board in like manner in the ensuing year, and so persons as owners, lessees, or occupiers, one person alone in like manner in each succeeding year. shall sit and act as a conservator in respect of such fishery. 13. That after the first board of conservators of fisheries

7. That the elected conservators shall be elected annually for any district shall have been formed, the board of conby the persons who shall have paid licence duty and been servators for each such district shall be and are hereby emlicensed within each electoral division, under this act, in powered, from time to time, to fix and determine the amount the manner herein-after mentioned.

of licence duty to be paid for each year after the year 1849, 8. That after the 1st of January, 1849, all engines, for every engine, net, instrument, weir, or device set forth neta, instruments, devices used for the taking of salmon, in the schedule to this act, used for the taking of salmon, trout, pollen, or fish of the salmon and trout kind, or for trout, pollen, or fish of the salmon kind, and for the taking the taken of eels, and all fixed salmon, trout, or eel fish- of eels, within each such district, or on or off the sea-coast eries within any district, or on or off the sea-coast, shall thereof, and for every engine, net, instrument, weir, or before the same be used in the said year or any subsequent device which may be proposed to be used, and which is not year, be duly licensed and rated in the manner herein-after enumerated in the said schedule ; and the board of conserprescribed, upon payment of the licence duty or rate, as vators may fix and determine the rate per centum to be paid the case may be, herein-after provided.

for each year after the year 1849, upon the poor-law valua9. That every person who shall have paid licence under tion, in the cases of fixed and established salmon, trout, or this act, within and for any such electoral division within eel fisheries, which are designated several fisheries, as hereany year, shall be entitled to vote at the election of the in-before mentioned, within each district, or on or off the conservators to be chosen for such division held for such sea-coast thereof; provided that no licence duty or rate to current year, either in person or by proxy, according to be fixed by the said conservators shall exceed the respective sueh regulations and forms for the election as shall be fixed amount of duty specified in the said schedule, or the rate of by the commissioners, such proxy being a qualified elector, ten per centum on the poor law valuation of established or and shall have a vote or votes according to the following several fisheries ; and that any alteration in the same so to scale: (that is to say,) if the licence duty so paid by such be made shall commence and have effect on and from the person shall not amount to two pounds, one vote; if the first day of January in the then succeeding year. same shall amount to two pounds, and not to five pounds, 14. That the board of conservators in each district shall two votes ; and if the same shall amount to five pounds, fix and determine and duly publish notice of the times and and not to ten pounds, three votes ; and if the same shall places for the general meetings of such board, and also the exceed ten pounds, four votes.

times and places for the then next annual meetings of elec10. That for the purposes of the first meetings in each tors in each electoral division for the election of conservators and every electoral division under this act for the election for the same. of conservators, the said commissioners shall fix and deter 15. That if the persons entitled to meet and elect such mine the scale of licence duties and rates to be paid in respect representatives or conservators in any one or more electoral of all engines, nets, instruments, or devices whatsoever division or divisions of a district shall fail or neglect for any used for the taking of salmon, trout, pollen, or fish of the year so to do, the representatives or conservators of any salmon or trout kind, and for the taking of eels, and for all other one or more electoral division or divisions of such disfixed salmon, trout, or eel fisheries within each district, or trict for which conservators shall have been elected shall be on or off the sea-coast thereof, and shall give public notice empowered to act in all matters and things relating to such of the same within each electoral division, and such scale district under the provisions of this act. of licence duties and rates shall remain in force until the 16. That if no one electoral division in a district shall in same shall be altered under this act : 'provided that such any year elect conservators, the previously-existing board licence duties and rates respectively shall not exceed the of conservators for such district may continue to act as conamount of the respective licence duties and rates specified servators for such district for that year. in the schedule to this act.

17. That for the purposes of this act, at all district meet. 11. That the said commissioners shall appoint the places ings of the board of conservators, three of the persons enand times at which all persons who shall have paid the licence titled and empowered to act and vote thereat, shall form a duty as herein provided in each electoral division of each quorum, and all matters and things shall be determined and district for the year 1849, shall assemble in the month of decided by the majority of such persons so assembled; and July in that year, the commissioners giving two week's if on any matters upon which a differenee may arise the votes


shall be equal, the chairman shall, in addition to his original

THE LATE PETER BURROWES, ESQ. vote, be edtitled to give a casting vote.

THERUBLJINCOME VERSITY MAGAZINE for 18. That any such board of conservators assembled at a district meeting may fix time and place for holding a general Nineveho sympathies. By Speranza.. The Sacking of Seville.Our annual meeting, and hold adjourned meetings; and any three My First Legacy: ---Ceylon and the Cingalese. -- The Times, men conservators may call special meetings, provided that notice Broughamod and the Irish Law.Courts -The Seamen of the Cyclades a of the place and time of each such special meeting, subscribed Dakcort herdendi Greecee Conclusion...Sir Robert Peel on confiscation

. by three or more conservators, or by the clerk of the board,

Dublin : JAMES MCGLASHAN, 21, D'Olier-street. Wm. S. OTT & on their requisition to him, shall be inserted at least twice Co., 147, Strand, London. Sold by all Booksellers. in some two newspapers circulating in the county or counties in which such district shall be situate, at least ten days bep | LONDON UNION ASSURANCE OFFICE, board shall give ten days notice in writing of such meetings

17, COLLEGE-GREEN, DUBLIN; to each conservator entitled to act within such district.

Esplanade, Hamburgh. 19. That the board of conservators for each such district

INSTITUTED IN THE REIGN OF QUEEN ANNE, A, D. 1714. at the annual general meeting or some other meeting specially appointed by them before the first day of October 1849, and

FIRE, LIFE, ANNUITIES. in each subsequent year, when it may be necessary to appoint

LONDON UNION LIFE OFFICE, a clerk or clerks, with reasonable salary or salaries, as the

8!, Cornhill, 9th February, 1919. said board may think necessary, and to appoint some bank The Life Bonus of the Year 1918, of two-thirds of the Profits of the LIFE to act as treasurer or treasurers of such board, and also to DEPARTMENT, has been this day declared ; and, with the exceptionem appoint as many inspectors and water-bailiffs as may be ne- pavable upon and with the Sum Insured, on Policies effected in Glede cessary, with reasonable salaries, but only to the extent Britain, Ireland, and Germany respectively, upon the Profit Systen, men which the funds at their disposal will admit of, for the pro- aeclaratie, to the number of Annual Premiums paid on each since the best tection of the fisheries in the district, and for generally en


BONUS, including the previous additions, may be applied either forcing the fishery laws within the same: provided that no by adding the amoupt to the Sun Insured; or, the value thereof may be

by having the Annual Premiums reduced

for the next Seven Years;





, elected or other conservator shall be eligible to hold any ap- received immediately in Money, at the option of the original holders er pointment under this act from which any salary or emolu, writing, within Three months from the above date, the BONUS will be ment shall be derived ; and it shall be lawful for the board added to the Sum Insured. of conservators from time to time to remove any such clerks, written application to the Secretary.

Further particulars can be obtained at the Offices, as above, or by inspectors, or water bailiffs, and to nominate others. The total BONUS on policies effected in Ireland for £1000, of the 20. That the board of conservators of any district shall longest duration, amounts to £285, and varies in proportion to the amount

and date of the Insurances. be and are hereby empowered to apply from time to time,

THOMAS LEWIS, Secretary, any portion of the funds in the hands of the treasurers to JOHN GOLD, Stock Broker, Agent, 17, COLLEGE GREEN, the credit of such district which they may think fit, for the

Dublin. purpose of making passes in or over weirs, or removing or

Notice is hereby given, that Receipts for renewal of Fire In. making passes in or over natural obstructions in any river comances, due in the 25th of March, are now ready for delivery set the in such district, subject to the sanction of the said commis- should be renewed on or before the 9th of April next. sioners, under the provisions of the 5 & 6 Vic. c. 106; and Fires, at the Company's

Engine-house, No. 10, Crown Alley, rear of the

constant upon obtaining the sanction of the said commissioners the Commercial Buildings. said board of conservators may place to the credit of the said commissioners such sum of money as shall have been for that

NEW LAW BOOKS. purpose approved by them, and the said commissioners thereupon may construct such works and make such alterations A TREATISE ON THE LAW OF PROPERTY, as

administered by the HOUSE OF LORDS. By Sir E. B. SUGDEN, in the bed of any river as shall effectually secure a free and 1 vol. royal 8vo. £l 11s. 6d, boards. uninterrupted passage for fish, or to direct and cause such THE LAW OF HUSBAND AND WIFE. A Treatise alterations to be made in any weir, dam, or dyke erected in or across any river frequented by salmon, for affording a upon Roper's Treatise and comprising Jacobs Notes and Additions thereto,

By J. E. WRIGHT, Esq. of the Inner Temple, Barrister-at-Law, 2 vols, free and uninterrupted passage for fish, pursuant to the royal 8vo. £2 10s boards. powers and provisions of the said last-recited act.

EDWARD J. MILLIKEN, Law Bookseller and Publisher, 15, College

Green, Dublin,
(To be continued.)



Charles Tuthill, Plaintiff,
John Kirwan and Others,
PURSUANT to the final Decree A Meeting of the Members

of this Society will be held in their Ronal, Defendants.

in these Causes, bearing date the 14th No. 45, MOLES WORTH STREET, ON FRIDAY EVENING, the ech By Original Bill.

day of July, 1849, I will, on Tuesday, the April.' Chair to be taken at Eight o'Člock precisely,
17th day of April

next, at the hour of One
Charles Tuthill, Plaintiff.
o'Clock in the Afternoon, at my Office on Oxford, and Cambridge, are eligible for admission.

Barristers, Law Students, and Graduates of the Universities of Dublin, James Scott Molloy,

the Inns Quay, in the City of Dublin, Set
up and Sell to the highest and fairest bidder

Members who have changed their residences, or who have friends to By Supplemental Bill.

that can be had for

the same, ALL THAT propose, are requested to communicate with the Secretary. and THOSE, the Fee.Simple of the Town

JAMES E. WRIGHT, Esq. 11, Lower Ormond Quay. Charles Tuthill, Plaintiff.

and Lands of GLANN, alias BEAGH, and

of the Lands of CARROWREA, alas John Kirwan and Others,

CARROWREAGH, situate in the Barony Byfurther supplemental Bill of Dunmore, and County of Galway: Also

All communications for the IRISH JURIST are to be left, addressed the Life Estate of the said Defendant, John

to the Editor, with the Publisher, E. J. MILLIKEN, 15, COLLEGE Kirwan, in ALL THAT AND THOSE that part of the Lands of

GREEN. Correspondents will please give the Name and Address, as the ROCKVIEW, alias SHESSER AKEALE, in said Decree mentioned, Communications nor will the Editor be accountable for the return of

columns of the paper cannot be occupied with answers to Anonymous situate in the Barony

of Lower Ormond, and County of Tipperary, or a competent part thereof, as by said Decrce directed,

Manuscripts, &c. Dated this 3rd February, 1819.

E, LITTON. Orders for the IRISH JURIST left with E. J. MILLIKEN, 15, COL. Applications for Rentals, &c., to be made to William Tuthill

, Esq., LEGE GREEN, or by letter (post paid), will ensure its punctual delivery Solicitor for Plaintiff, 38, Fitzwilliam Place, Dublin, William Thomas in Dublin, or its being forwarded to the Country, by Post, on the day ol Kelly, Esq. Solicitor for Defendant, J. Kirwan, 16, Mountjoy Square,

publication. West, Dublin ; also to Henry Mills, Esq. 12, Upper Temple Street, Dublin; Jeremiah Tully, Esq. 45, Marlborough Street, Dublin

and Tuam; James

Terms of SUBSCRIPTION-(payable in advance): Henderson, Esq. 23, North Great George's Street, Dublin and Tuam. Yearly, 30s. Half-yearly, 178.

Quarterly, 98



Printed by THOMAS ISAAC WHITE, at his Printing Office, No. 45 FLEET-STREET, in the Parish of St. Andrew, and published at 15, COLLEGE.OREÉN, in same Parish, by EDWARD JOHNSTON MILLIKEN, residing at the same place, all being in the County of the City of Dublin, Saturday, March 31, 1849.

Irish Jurist


No. 23.-Vol. I.
APRIL 7, 1849.

Per Annum, £1 10s.

Single Number, 9d. The Names of the Gentlemen who favour THE IRISH JURIST with Reports in the several Courts of

Law and Equity in Ireland, are as follows :-
Court of Chancery, in-

Court of Exchequer

John BLACKHAM, Esq., and and cluding Bankruptcy Joan PITT KENNEDY, Esq., Bar


A. HICKEY, Esq., Barristers-at

Law. Appeals ......... risters-at-Law.

Queen’s Bench, includ- S FLORENCE M'Carthy, Esq., and WILLIAM BURKE, Esq., and

inst civil Beland Re. Sabureister. De la Esq., Rolls Court.....

WILLIAM John DUNDAS, Esq., gistry Appeals

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| Robert GRIFFIN, Esq., Barris{


DUBLIN, APRIL 7, 1849.

happiness of four millions of human beings may be promoted, and half this island made prosperous and

contented. For nearly four years we have been afflicted with

Nor is the time unfavourable for the introducfamine—throughout three of them, fever, of an tion of a great change in the social condition of aggravated character, has raged. A worse thing this country. “ The darkest wave has bright foam has now come upon us—cholera has again found near it." "The very depression under which we its way to our shores_our western and southern have laboured has abated, if not expelled, the population have starved in their own homes, emi. fever of party heat and political animosity. The grated to other countries, died in poor-houses, or different classes of society have been more drawn live, in daily destitution, unprofitable paupers ! together, and the opportunity seems golden for a

Our western and southern proprietary are happier amalgamnation, and for the permanent imruined—thousands of acres, cultivable, and hitherto 'provement of the people of Ireland. cultivated, lie waste, adding yet more of unpro Sir Robert Peel seems disposed to grasp the ductive surface to the large extent of reclaimable, favourable juncture, and he has within him one of yet unreclaimed, lands of Ireland. When thus the elements of success. Hopeful himself, he good land is consigned to barrenness, we wonder infuses hope in others; he looks the evil undisnot at the announcement, that the Waste Land mayed in the face, and “takes courage from its Improvement Society has dissolved. Agriculture magnitude." retrogrades—there is grief in retrospect-gloom in Omnia possibilia sunt iis volentibus. And prospective—an unequal poor law paralyses exer- in truth, no one who looks at the great natural, tion, checks the expenditure of capital, and threatens advantages of Ireland—her fine rivers, capacious to engulf the country in one mass of ruin. harbours, and fertile soil, teeming with a hardy and

To remedy some of the evils we have enume- | industrious population-but must see, that except rated—the removalof others rests with Providence- man deliberately thwarts the bountiful dispensaLord John Russell trusts to a voluntary emigration tions of Providence, her resources are amply suffiand the chance of a good harvest. He explains cient to secure to her inexhaustible supplies of the origin of the laissez faire principle; seems to wealth and plenty, and that though calamities may think it applicable to the existing state of things, temporarily suspend her prosperity, they cannot and to have satisfied himself that “there are some eventually extinguish it. evils totally beyond the reach of any government.” Amongst other measures which possess no

Sir Robert Peel, more equal to the present novelty, he looks to one which will facilitate the emergency, has shadowed forth—as yet, but transfer of property, and contribute to its better dimly-a plan to extirpate poverty, and make the management when transferred. With this view, wildernesses of Munster and Connaught to blossom he proposes a Government Commission nearly as the rose," and which, if successful, will conduce absolute, with power to purchase, and to re-distrimore to his fame, as a statesman, than any measure bute to an improved proprietary the lands so purof his long public life. Ireland has hitherto been chased. The plan, as stated on Friday se'nnight, his « difficulty ;" let him make it the foundation of though sufficiently vast, yet, in some degree, that posthumous fame for which he yearns, and of dwindles from the size to which, when first stated, it a solid reputation achieved by an honourable and appeared to extend itself. useful triumph over difficulties, and by which the As we understand it, he proposes, in substitution

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