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Hubbard v. Austin,
Lewis v. Charleville,

* specified: and whereas, by the 11 & 12 Vict. c. 26, it is Humphrys v. Irvine, Same v. Same,

provided, that in case the grand jury at assizes shall not Irvine v. Demassy,

Lindsey v. Fitzgerald, have appointed a high constable or collector of cess, or a Irring v. Oranmore, Litchfield v. Penrose,

'vacancy shall have occurred in such office in certain cases, Jackson v. Hamilton, Lowey v. Nixon,

the justices of the peace of any county, at any general Kane v. Bury, Lupton v. Stephenson,

quarter sessions of of the peace or adjournment thereof, Kelly v, Jackson, Same v. Same,

or at a special sessions may appoint a collector of any Keller v. Emery, Lynch v. Nolan,

barony: and whereas in some cases it may happen that a King v. O'Brien, M‘Dowell v. Skerrett,

• duly qualified person cannot be found to undertake the col. King v. Kennedy, M‘Fadden v. Irvine,

·lection of a barony:' be it therefore enacted, that in case Kirkwood v. Kirkwood, M'Ghee v. M‘Donnell, it shall appear to the grand jury of any county assembled at Kirkwood v. Lloyd,

Macartney v. Macartney, the summer assizes of this present year, or to the magis. Lane v. M.Adam, Madden v. Badhane,

trates assembled at a special sessions of the peace, as hereinLaw v. O'Moore, Madden v. Madden,

after directed, that a collector cannot be procured to collect Laurence v. Sharpe, Modreffe v. Dillon,

for an entire barony, then such grand jury, or the magisLees v. Porter, Manly v. Boulton,

trates at such special sessions may appoint persons for such Leinster v. Ball, Mathew v. Harvey,

districts as to them may seem fit, provided that such districts Third 50.

together comprise the whole barony. Maunsell v. Maunsell, Power v. Bodkin,

2. That in every case in which any grand jury at such Meldon v. Martin, Preston v. Preston,

summer assizes shall not have appointed a high constable or Miller v. Gibbons, Purcell v. Blennerhassett,

collector of cess for any barony of such county, or if any Same v. Same, Reeves v. Thornhill,

vacancy shall occur or exist after such assizes and before the Mills v. Dubedat, Rice v. Walsh,

first day of the next ensuing assizes, the justices of the Molony v. Scollard, Rogers v. Sullivan,

peace of the said county at any general quarter sessions of Montgoinery v. Stevenson, Rowland v. M'Donnell, the peace or adjourr:ment thereof, or at a special sessions Montgomery v. Hopkins, St. John v. Ronan,

of the peace to be called by the clerk of the peace in two De Morrin x. Henry, Saunders v. Percival,

days after the receipt of the written requisition of the treaMurphy v. Hearn, Same v. Same,

surer, at the county assizes or sessions town of the division Murphy v. Skeflington, Sawyer v. Hovenden,

in which such barony is situate, (giving six days notice Murray v. O'Brien, Scott v. O'Sullivan,

thereof to such justices resident in such division,) may Nagle v. Nagle, Sherlock v. Disney,

appoint a collector of cess for any district of any barony of Noble v. Swanton, Seymour v. Seymour,

such county for which no such high constable or collector Nolan v. Browne, Shannon v. Tracey,

shall have been appointed at the assizes by the grand jury, Nugent v. Piers, Shaw v. Dunkin,

or for which such vacancy shall occur or exist, as the case O'Connell v. Macnamara, Sheridan y. Sheridan,

may be; and any such person so appointed may give such O'Grady v. Atkin, Singer v. Glengall,

security as aforesaid before such justices in like manner as O'Hara v. Chaine, Singleton v. Robinson,

directed by the said recited acts or either of them; and in O'Hara v. Mountcashel, Spunner v. Walsh,

case any person appointed as aforesaid by the grand jury at Orr v. Foster, Stack v. Baxter,

the assizes shall not have given security before such grand Palmer y. Palmer, Staunton v. Power,

jury as by the said first-recited act required, such person Palmer v. Newport, Tarrant v. Purcell,

so appointed may give such security before the justices of Palmer v. Jones, Tilly v. Daly,

the peace of such county at the next general or quarter sesPerrott v. Hawkins, Tisdall v. Blake,

sions of the peace for the division of the county in which

such barony is situate, or at any special sessions; or in Fourth 50.

default thereof such justices, at any general or quarter ses. Todd v. Chichester, Wellesley v. Mornington,

sions of the peace or adjournment thereof for such county, Trench v. Milltown, White v. White,

or at such special sessions as aforesaid may appoint some Tuthill v. Kirwan, White v. Knox,

other person collector for any district of such barony or place Viredet v. Evans, Whitley v. St. George,

in lieu of the person so appointed by the grand jury; and Wall v. Lambert, Williams v. Walker,

the person so appointed by such justices may give security Wall v. Byrne, Williams v. Gore,

before such justices at such sessions as if the same were Same v. Same,

Williams v. O'Brien,
Watson v. Parsons,
Wiltshire v. Brownrigg,

given at the assizes before the grand jury; and all the pro

visions of the said recited act, or any act amending the same, Webb v. Manning,

Woodroffe v. Smith,
Webb v. Major,
Yourell v. Dunne,

or of any other act relating to any such high constables or
collectors of cess, shall be extended to any collector of cess
appointed and giving security, or only giving security as

aforesaid under this act, as fully as if he were a high con(Continued from page 40.)

stable or collector of cess appointed by and giving security CAP. XXXII.

before the grand jury at the assizes under the said recited An Act to facilitate the collection of County Cess in Ireland. act; and the warrant of the treasurer of such county issued

[22nd July, 1848.) | to the collector of each such district (which warrant such Sec. 1. In case Collectors cannot be procured for an entire be of the same validity as if issued to a high constable or

treasurer is hereby authorized and required to issue) shall Barony, Grand Jury at Summer Assizes of this collector appointed under the said recited acts or either of year, or Magistrates at Special Sessions after them.

them, may appoint Collectors for Districts. 2. When Grand Jury at Assizes shall not have ap

3. That any person authorized to collect the grand jury

cess under this act shall, on or before the first day of every pointed Collectors of Cess, Quarter Sessions or month, or so often as he shall receive one hundred pounds, Special Sessions may appoint before the Spring pay into the county bank, to the credit of the treasurer of

Assizes. Persons appointed to give Security. 3. Collector shall pay his Collection monthly to the and shall furnish to the treasurer of the county an account

the county, the sums he may have received up to such period, County Bank, or as soon as he has received 1001. of the suns so received and paid in. 4. Act may be amended, &c.

4. That this Act may be amended or repealed by any act Whereas hy the 6 & 7 W. 4. c. 116, it is provided, that to be passed in this present session of parliament. *the grand jury of each county in Ireland shall, at each as

CAP. XXXIII. “sizes, appoint a high constable and collector for each An Act to apply the sum of three millions out of the con. ‘barony, to collect all monies presented on such barony, or

solidated fund, to the service of the year one thousand "a county of a city, or county of a town, in manner therein

eight hundred and forty eight. [22nd July, 1848.)


shall be construed to extend to and include many persous as An Act to amend certain acts in force in Ireland in rela- well as one person, and females as well as males,

tion to appeals from decrees and dismisses on civil bills 4. That this act may be amended or repealed by any act in the county of Dublin and county of the city of Dublin, to be passed in this present session of Parliament. [22d July, 1848.]

CAP. XXXV. Sec. 1. Appeals from civil bill decrees and dismisses in the An Act to empower the Lord Lieutenant or other chief

county and city of Dublin to be heard in the vaca- governor or governors of Ireland to apprehend, and detain tion after every term, with power of adjournment until the first day of March one thousand eight bundered for special reasons. Notice of appeal.

and forty-nine, such persons as he or they shall suspect 2. Computation of time.

of conspiring against her Majesty's person and govern3. Interpretation of terms.


[25th July, 1848.] 4. Act may be amended, &c.

Sec. 1. Persons imprisoned in Ireland for high trcason, &c. • Whereas by certain acts of parliament in Ireland provi.

may be detained till the 1st March 1849, and shall •sion is made for enabling any person aggrieved by a decree

not be bailed or tried without an order from the • or dismiss of the Recorder of Dublin upon any civil bill,

privy council. * or by a decree, dismiss, or order of the chairman of the 2. Persons to whom warrants of commitment are directed • county of Dublin, or by the decree of any seneschal or

shall detain the persons so committed in safe cus. steward of any manor court within the county of Dublin

tody. Persons charged with custody, as also place or county of the city of Dublin, to appeal from such decree,

of detention, may be changed by warrant as herein • dismiss, or order to the Chief Justice of the Queen's Bench

mentioned. or Common Pleas, or to the Chief Baron of the Exchequer 3. Copies of warrants to be transmitted to the clerk of in Ireland, or other justice of Nisi Prius, at their sittings

the crown for Dublin. • at Nisi Prius for the city of Dublin, after the Easter or " Whereas a treasonable and rebellious spirit of insurrec. • Michaelmas term next following the pronouncing of such ‘tion now unfortunately exists in Ireland :' therefore, for • decree, dismiss, or order, under certain regulations, one ! the better preservation of her Majesty's most sacred person,

of which is that the party so appealing shall give twenty and for securing the peace, laws, and liberties of this king• days previous notice in writing to the party obtaining such dom, be it enacted, that every person who is, within prison • decree, dismiss, or order, or to his attorney, to which of the in Ireland on the day this act shall receive her Majesty's * said judges such appeal is intended to be made: and whereas, royal assent, or after, by warrant of her Majesty's priry

in order as well to expedite such appeals as to distribute council of Ireland, signed by six of the said privy council, * more equally among the vacations succeeding the law terms for high treason or treasonable practices, or suspicion of * the business of hearing same, it is expedient to amend the high treason or treasonable practices, or by a warrant signed

said acts by making such provision in relation to the said by the Lord Lieutenant or his chief secretary, for such • appeals as herein-after mentioned:' be it enacted, that causes as aforesaid, may be detained in custody without after the passing of this act every appeal from any decree, bail or mainprize until the first day of March, 1849, and dismiss, or order on any civil bill of the Recorder of Dublin, that no judge or justice of the peace shall bail or try any such or of the chairman of the county of Dublin, or of any senes

person so committed without an order from her said Majes. chal or steward of any manor court within the county of ty's privy council until the first day of March, 1849, any Dublin or county of the city of Dublin, or having jurisdic- law or statute to the contrary notwithstanding. tion within both the county of Dublin and county of the 2. That in cases where any persons have been before the city of Dublin, shall be made to the Chief Justice of the passing of this act, or shall be during the time this act shall Queen's Bench, or of the Common Pleas, or to the Chief continue in force, arrested, or detained in custody by war. Baron of the Court of Exchequer or other justice at Nisi rants of her Majesty's privy council of Ireland, signed by Prius to try records issuing out of such court, in the vaca- six of the said privy council, for high treason or treasonable tion next following the term which shall end on or next after practices, or suspicion of high treason or treasonable prac. the oxpiration of fourteen days from the day of the making tices, or by warrants signed by the Lord Lieutenant or his of such decree, &c. and such appeal may be heard by such chief secretary, for such causes as aforesaid, any person to Chief Justice, &c. at any time after the last day of such whom such warrant have been or shall be directed may detain term, and before the first day of the next

ensuing term, and such persons so arrested or committed in custody in any either before or after the sittings at Nisi Prius in such vaca- place whatever within Ireland, and such persons to whom tion, with power to such Chief Justice, &c. to adjourn the such warrants have been or shall be directed shall be deemed hearing of any such appeal to any time in or after the sub- to be lawfully authorized to detain in safe custody, and to sequent term, if, for special reasons to be stated in the be the lawful gaolers and keepers of such persons so arrested, decree, &c. which shall be made upon such appeal, he shall and that such places where such persons so arrested, are or deem it proper so to do; and instead of twenty days notice shall be detained in custody shall be deemed to be lawful of appeal, now required by law, the party appealing shall prisons and gaols for the detention of such persons respecgive to the party who shall have obtained such decree, &c. tively; and the Lord Lieutenant, by warrant signed by him or to his attorney, ten days (at the least) previous to the or the chief secretary of such Lord Lieutenant or by warrant commencement of the vacation next following the term which signed by him, or her Majesty's privy council of Ireland, by shall so end on or next after the expiration of fourteen days warrant signed by six of the privy council, may from time to from the day of the making or pronouncing of such decree, time, change the persons by whom and the place in which &c. notice in writing, apprizing such party who shall have such persons shall be detained in safe custody: obtained such decree, &c. or his attorney, to which of the 3. Provided, that copies of such warrants shall be transsaid judges such appeal is intended to be made; and such mitted to the clerk of the crown in and for the county of the appeal, and all proceedings in relation thereto, shall be heard, city of Dublin, and shall be filed by him in the public office conducted, and observed in every respect, save as other of the Pleas of the crown in the city of Dublin. wise provided by this act, in such manner, and subject to

Cap. XXXVI. such rules, and regulations, as now required in case of An Act for the amendment of the law of entail in Scotland appeal from any such decree, &c. 2. That in computing the periods of fourteen days and

(14th August, 1848.] ten days the same shall be reckoned respectively inclusive of

Cap. XXXVII. the day of the pronouncing of such decree, &c. and of the

An Act to amend the law relative to the assignment of day of the giving of such notice, but exclusive of the day on Ecclesiastical Districts.

[14th August, 1848.) which such vacation shall commence.

CAP. XXXVIII. 3. That in the construction of this act the word "party" An Act to authorize the West India Relief Commissione shall include any corporation sole or aggregate; and that all ers to grant further time for the repayment of monies adwords importing the singular number or masculine gender, vanced by them in certain cases. [14th Auyust, 1848.]

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tain Roads and Bridges and other works in the Higblands An Act to facilitate the raising of Money by Corporate of Scotland.

[14th August, 1848.] Bodies for building or repairing Prisons.

Cap. XLI. [14th August, 1848.] An Act to amend the laws relating to the Ecclesiastical Sec. I. Clauses in 108 11 Vict. c. 16, respecting Mortages Unions and Divisions of Parishes in Ireland. ertended to this act.

[14th August, 1848.] 2. Matters to be done by the Commissioners and their Sec. 1. So much of the recited acts as relates to or requires Clerk may be done by Council and Town Clerk.

the consent of Patrons, repealed. 3. Mortagees may enforce payment of Arrears by Re. 2. Plans of proposed Divisions or Unions of Parishes ceivers.

to be lodged in Privy Council Office, approved by 4. 10 & 11 Vict. c. 16, s. 84, as to Sinking Fund not

Archbishop, gc., and copies to be served on Pa. to apply to this act.

trons; Lord Lieutenant and Council to consider 5. Money raised to pay off prior Loans to be paid off

such plans and the objections of Patrons, and may within the original period of 30 years.

confirm or alter the proposed plans. 6. Sinking Fund to be provided.

3. Churches may be erected within districts to be formed 7. Act may be amended, gc.

from portions of parishes in different dioceses. • Whereas by the 5 & 6 Vict. c. 98, intituled An Act to

4. Bounds of districts to be notified to Incumbents and

to the Lord Lieutenant in Council. * amend the laws concerning Prisons, the mayor, aldermen,

5. Bishops to erercise jurisdiction over districts, In* and burgesses of boroughs in which there shall be a sepa

cumbents, gc. Nothing to render Incumbent subrate Court of Sessions of the Peace, are empowered by

ject to any other Bishop. their councils to borrow money for building or enlarging

6. Providing for exchange of Glebe Lands of disunited 'any prison, court house, or other buildings used therewith,

Parishes, * and to secure the repayment thereof: and greater facilities

7. Provisions of recited Acts applicable to districts * should be given for raising and repaying such monies: and

formed under this Act. • The Commissioners Clauses Act, 1847,' contains clauses

8. Act may be amended, &c. with respect to mortages executed by the commissioners, * and such clauses should apply to mortages and bonds by

• Whereas by the 7 & 8 G. 4, c. 43. being An Act to councils of boroughs under the said act relating to prisons :'

' amend the laws in Ireland for divisions of parishes, and for Be it enacted, that the several clauses in the said “Com.

uniting parts of parishes, and for erecting chapels of ease, missioners Clauses Act, 1847,' with respect to mortgages

' and making perpetual cures, it is enacted," that the Lord executed by the commissioners, save as to the provisions

Lieutenant of Ireland, with the assent of the major part thereof inconsistent with this act, and save as hereinafter

* of the privy council, six at least consenting, and with the excepted, shall be incorporated with this act, and be appli

approbation of the archbishop of the province and the bishop cable to all mortgages or bonds granted under the commis.

• of the diocese, certified under their hands and seals, atsion seal of any borough by virtue of the said recited act

• tested by two or more witnesses, to divide old parishes, * to amend the laws concerning Prisons.'

or to separate any parish, and to unite parishes and to erect 2. That every thing which by The Commissioners

same into new parishes :” and whereas it is also enacted, Clauses Act, 1847,' is provided or required, and all powers

""that when churches or parishes shall be united, having exercised by the commissioners respecting mortgages of

had distinct patrons, the Lord Lieutenant and council as rates or other property, may be lawfully done by the coun

aforesaid, with the approbation of the archbishop and bishop cil of any such borough with respect to monies raised under

• in whose province and diocese the churches were situate, the said recited act, ‘to amend the laws respecting pri

• shall divide the patronage among the patrons, according sons:' and every thing by the said • Commissioners Clauses

• to the yearly value of the parish whereof they are patrons, the Act, 1847,' required to be done in relation to the borrowing

'consent of each patron being first had and entered in the monies by the clerk to the commissioners, may be lawfully

' instrument for erecting the said union; and such settledone by the town clerk of any such borough.

* ment shall be final and binding to all patrons, and all parties 3. That the mortagees or bondholders of the corporation

' for ever, reserving unto every archbishop and bishop, may enforce payment of the arrears of interest, or principal

registrars and schoolmasters, their dues out of every parish and interest by a receiver, as directed by the said 'Com

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so united: provided that when the King is entitled to the missioners Clauses Act, 1847.'

* presentation of any churches so to be united, he shall, af. 4. That the 84th clause in the said 'Commissioners

• ter such union, upon the first vacıncy, have the first presenClauses Act, 1847,' which provides for the repayment of

• tation to such united church, and afterwards, upon the monies borrowed by a sinking fund shall not be incorporated

' next vacancy, the other patrons, as the Lord Lieutenant with this act.

• and council shall direct:" and whereas by the 8 & 9 Vict. 5. That if the council shall borrow any money at a lower

'c. 54, it is enacted, that where churches or parishes shall rate of interest than by securities given by them and then

• be united, the Lord Lieutenant may with the assent and in force shall bear, the money so borrowed shall be paid off advice and approbation aforesaid, certified as aforesaid within thirty years, from the time when the money paid off

with the consent of each patron, affected by the creation was originally borrowed.

of such union, (first had and entered in the instrument 6. That to discharge the principal money borrowed,

• for erecting the said union,) make such a settlement of the which the said council are required to pay off within thirty

patronage of such union or parish, as in his opinion the years, the council shall every year set apart a sum equal to

case shall require; and same shall be final, reserving unto six pounds ten shillings per centum on the amount borrowed

every archbishop and bishop, registrar and schoolmaster, and apply same, after payment thereout of the interest, as

• their dues : provided, that when the consent of the Queen, a sinking fund in paying off principal monies, and shall in

• is to be given to any such settlement, or to making any vest same in the purchase of Exchequer bills or other go

union, the consent of the Lord Lieutenant shall be as good vernment securities, to be increased by accumulation, until

. and valid: and greater facilities should be afforded for the the same shall be sufficient to pay off the principal debts to

union and division of parishes in the settlement of the which same shall be applicable, or some part thereof, when

patronage :' be it enacted, that after the passing of this

act so much of the before-recited acts as requires the consame or part thereof shall be applied in paying off such principal debts as mentioned in the said 'Commissioners Clauses

sent of patrons is hereby repealed. Act, 1847.'

2. That after the passing of this act, when any such divi. 7. That this act may be amended or repealed.

sion or union, is to be effected, an instrument containing

the plan for the division or union, marked and coloured on Cap. XL.

a sheet of the ordnance survey of Ireland in which such An Act to alter the mode of assessing the funds leviable parish or part of a parish is situate, and annexed to such in the county of Inverness, for making and maintaining cer- instrument, and also for the settlement of the patronage of



all the parishes and unions altered or created, and having endorsed upon same the approbation of the archhishop hav" NEWLAW BOOKS received by EDWARD J. MILLI

KEN, Law Bookseller and Publisher, 15, COLLEGE GREEN. ing jurisdiction in the provinces in which same are situate, SMITHS SELECTION of LEADING CASES, 3rd Edition, by HENRY and of every archbishop, bishop, or persons entitled to SINGER KCATING, and JAMES SHAW Willes, Esqrs. of the Inner Temple,, law, 2 vols, 8vo. £2 128. 6d. episcopal jurisdiction in the said parishes and unions, as diocesans thereof, certified as aforesaid, shall be lodged in

WILLIAMS on the LAW of EXECUTORS, 4th Edition, 2 vols, fro.

£3 8s. the council office in Dublin castle, and a copy of same sent to each of the patrons, &c. whose consent is necessary to

Just published, price 3s. by post 38. 60. the proposed division or union, and with same a notice in LAW OF DEBTOR AND CREDITOR IN IRELAND. writing shall be served upon the parties last aforesaid, call- The new Act for the abolitition of arrest for sums under ten pounds,

and for the recovery of the possession of small tenements before Justices ing upon them, within six weeks after the service of same, of the peace, with a full commentary, Index, notes and forms, adapted for to lodge in the council office in Dublin castle a statement the professional and trading classes,

By William GERNON Esq., Barrister-at-law, in writing of their objections, to the said instrument, or to the settlement of patronage ; and at the expiration of six

Dublin: EDWARD J. MILLIKEN, Law Bookseller and Publisher,

15, weeks from the service of the last notice, the Lord Lieutenant and privy council, (six of the said privy council at H. MORRISON, HAT MANUFACTURER, least consenting, of whom two at least shall be members of

17. WESTMORELAND.STREET, the judicial bench in Ireland,) may confirm said instrument, and the union or division, and the settlement of patronage IN

French Hats. He would particularly recommend for Winter wear his therein made, and make an order reciting the said instru

FRENCH VELVET HAT at 128 d., ment as lodged in the council office, and confirming same;

which for Gentlemanly appearance and durability cannot be surpassed by

any other house in the City. or if upon consideraton, such Lord Lieutenant and privy

Best Velvet Hat made 18s. council should be of opinion that the same ought to be altered

Lincoln and Bennet's London Hats.

Hunting Caps, Livery Hats, &c. such alteration may be made by them, and the instrument so altered shall be returned to the bishops or archbishops by whom it was approved ; and if said instrument so altered CORK AND DOUBLE SOLED FRENCH BOOTS.

New French Trowsers, and Vesting materials, best West of England be sent back to the council office, with their approbation cloths, with a beautiful assortment of Irish Frieze, which he has had er. endorsed thereon, such Lord Lieutenant and privy council,

pressly manufactured in black, claret, and Oxford, for riding, walking and

Over Coats, fc. (as before, six at least consenting,) may make an order in

JOHN WATSON, in announcing the arrival of his new goods for the council reciting the instrument as so altered by the Lord

present Season, respectfully invites those gentlemen who have not hitberto Lieutenant, and approved of by the bishops or archbishops

tried him, to visit this department of his Establishment, now replete with as aforesaid and confirming same; and such order in coun

a maguificent assortment of the above goods, and which he has rendered

complete by the engagement of Cutters of the greatest experience. cil, whether confirming the original instrument or the in

50, UPPER SACKVILLESTREET. strument so altered shall be as valid as if the consent of such patrons, &c. had been given in the manner prescribed in the said recited acts, and the said union or division duly com

GUTTA PERCHA, from its perfectly Waterproof quali.

ties, great durability, and non-conducting properties, I recommend pleted there-under: provided, that at the meeting of the

10 all anxious for dry and warm feet. All the objections to, and preju,

ices against Gutta Percba, having arisen from clumsy workmanship 1 privy council for the consideration of the said instrument, ndertake to have the Soles put on, that they shall adhere firmly till com. and objections thereto, any of the parties objecting, on giving letely worn through. three days notice to the clerk of the privy council, may be

MANLY THACKER, 80, DAME STREET. heard before such privy council by their counsel or agents. * 3. “And whereas in the said first-recited act it was enact- IRISH MANUFACTURE INDIAN RUBBER BLACK *ed that the several archbishops and bishops of Ireland, and ING, Manufactured by RICHARD KELLY, Boot Maker, 16, COL. • their successors, within their dioceses, might erect new


It makes the Leather soft, pliant and even Waterproof, sold by the • churches in districts to be formed from contiguous portions Bootmakers and Grocers through the City, in Bottles at 4d, 8d, and Is, each; of adjoining parishes, as to said archbishops and bishops

N.B.-Country Shopkeepers treated with on the most Liberal Terms. • should seem proper : and whereas the said act did not pro

Portobello, March 31st.

Sir, • vide for the forming of such districts from contiguous por

“I have examined your Indian Rubber Blacking, and find it made of * tions of adjoining parishes in different dioceses, for which those materials which are most proper for such a composition. It has some • it may be convenient to provide ;' be it enacted, that any

advantages in use not possessed by similar articles of manufacture ; it is

susceptible of a very high polish, it does not soil, and its permanent effect of the archbishops and bishops of Ireland and their succes- on the leather is of a beneficial character, sors, or persons having episcopal jurisdiction in contiguous

“THOMAS ANTISELL, " Mr. Kelly, College-green.

Lecturer on Chemistry." dioceses, may erect new churches or chapels within districts to be formed from contiguous portions of two or more adjoining parishes in different dioceses, as to the said arch.

TROWSERS.. The numerous testimonials received by

JAMES O'DRISCOLI. in approval of the elegance, case, and peculiar bishops and bishops and their successor shall seem proper. style of his Trowsers, and likewise the very flattering patronage bestowed 4. That the bounds for such districts shall be ascertained

on him by the higher classes of society, induces him to apprise his patrons, and those gentlemen who have not hitherto honored him

with their

orders, by writing under the hands and archiepiscopal and episco. that he has secured the services of a few of the most experienced Parisian pal seals, of the archbishop and bishop or concurring in the

workmen for the winter season. J. O'D's practical knowledge as a'Trox.

sers Cutter having been fully tested in the first houses of the British me. formation of such districts; and such writing shall set out tropolis, he is therefore fully qualified to produce an article in this depart. the bounds and several townlands comprised within any such

ment of Tailoring, that cannot be excelled in London or Paris. district, and marked and coloured on a sheet of the ordnance

JAMES O'DRISCOLL, Professed Trowsers Maker,

9, ANGLESEA.STREET. survey of Ireland, and annexed to such instrument in like manner as herein-before mentioned, and shall be transmitted

All communications for the IRISH JURIST are to be left, addressed to the several incumbents and to the Lord Lieutenant in to the Editor, with the Publisher, E. J. MILLIKEN, 15, COLLEGE council for the purposes specified in the said act herein-be

GREEN. Correspondents will please give the Name and Address, as the

columns of the paper cannot be occupied with answers to Anonymous fore recited in respect to districts formed in the same dio. Communications-nor will the Editor be accountable for the return of cese, and shall be entered in the registry of every diocese

Manuscripts, &c. in which such newly created district shall be situated, and shall be enrolled in manner in said act set forth, upon pay

Orders for the IRISH JURIST left with E. J. MILLÍKEN, 15, COL

LEGE GREEN, or by letter (post paid), will ensure its punctual delivery ments to be made upon such entry and enrolment as therein in Dublin, or its being forwarded to the Country, by Post, on the day of mentioned.

publication. (To be continued.)

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No. 7.-Vol. I.
DECEMBER 16, 1843.


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Before entering into further proof of the necessity, practicability, and expediency of the means we have proposed, we cannot dismiss our discussion

on the details of the present enactments, without In preceding numbers, we gave an account of several of the operations of the present poor law, noticing some remaining salient defects ; and shall and pointed out imperfections, as well in the enact the rating under the poor law presses on different

now apply ourselves to the inequality with which ments themselves as in the machinery adopted for classes of property. The 79th sec. of the 1 & 2 carrying them out,_errors in the valuation, which Vict. c. 56, contains a proviso “ that no deduction would disgrace the blotter of a common surveyor,

shall be made from any rent-charge granted by nevertheless, regarded as infallible,-- difficulties, way of jointure, or any other rent-charge or annuity nevertheless, regarded as infallible, — difficulties, granted, limited, or devised, for a life or lives, in sometimes insurmountable, in appealing against the being only, or for years determinable on a life in rate, and frequent injustice in the collection of it.

being." We pointed out, also, means by which these im

The exemptions contained in this section, seein perfeetions might be obviated, -by adopting the founded on no just principle ; at least, we can see accurate valuation by the Ordnance, in place of the erude and unsatisfactory one under the poor nine cases out of a hundred, is tenant for life,

no valid reason why the landowner, who, in ninetylaw,—attaching the townland sheets of the Ord should be compelled to bear all the burden, when nance survey to the rate books, the separate hold- the life-annuitant is freed from it. The duration ings being so distinguished and numbered as to of both estates is the same, why not the liabilities ? adinit of an easy reference from one to the other, To test the hardship of imposing the whole tax on and giving a right of appeal for a reasonable time the proprietor, let us take the following example, after application for payment, and not, as at pre- which comes within our own knowledge. The sent, after the striking of the rate.

owner in fee of a property producing £600 per We have gone further—though, perhaps, in so doing we verged on the limits prescribed to this annum, grants a perpetual rent-charge thereout of

£400 per annum, limited to his eldest son for life, journal—we could not confine ourselves to the bare remainder to trustees to the use of that son's issue, criticism of the wording of an act of Parliament, to the mere detection of error in valuations, or second son. Then comes the poor law, taxing — during

and subsequently conveys the estate, subject to the mistakes in rate-books,—when we saw vital ob- rent-charge, and a life-interest for himself, to his jections to the whole principle on which the taxa- the life of ihe eldest son, who has two-thirds of the tion was founded. Irishmen are constantly taunted income—the remaining one-third, with the rate upou with finding faults, without suggesting remedies, the whole. Now, here the quantity of the estates is and we, being compelled to find fault with the pre- 'the same, and the value of the son's interest—being sent system of local taxation, felt constrained to

a younger life-greater thau that of his father, and suggest a practical remedy. We have suggested yet the entire charge is cast on the shoulders of hini one,-a general rate extending over all Ireland, jeast able to bear it. The effect of this distinctivu and to every species of property, for the support between these two life estates is in manifest conof the poor ; one which, in our opinion, would tradiction to the intention of the family settlement, rescue the country from its present disastrous to justice, and to the principle on which the taxa. position.

tion under the poor-law is generally distributed.

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