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Davis ». Parker, restored per | Labatt v. Pakenham, P. P. 4. Special Presentment Sessions to decide whether any petition order of the 1st part heard,

such Works ought or ought not to be completed February. Purcell v. Cole, P.P.

under the Provisions of this Act. If presentment Smith v. Chichester, do. do. Macnamara v. Blake, appeal

Sessions decide that such Works ought to be com. Anderson v. Pratt, P.P. from Rolls order, of 27th

pleted, County Surveyor to prepare Tenders, &c. Brett v. Møllveen, B.A. April last.

5. Special Presentment Sessions may make Present

ments for completing Works to be raised by Instal

ments off Barony, 8 c. wherein Wurks are situated. Equity Eschequer.

Amount presented not to exeed a certain Amount. CAUSES STANDING OVER.

6. Schedule of Works to be submitted to Lord LieuteGarrett v. Wall. Same v. Same.

nant for his sanction and approval, and the same

not to be undertaken under this Act without his List for present Term not complete.


7. Secretary of the Grand Jury to notify, by public Queen's Bench.

advertisement his readiness to receive Tenders for

the Execution of Works, and shall furnish Forms MICHAELMAS TERM.-CIVIL SIDE.

for the same. Contents of Tenders, &c. Cause standing for Judgment. Bill of Exceptions.

8. At adjourned Sessions Tenders to be opened and Evans's Charities v. Bank Daly v. Rooney.

Contract entered into with the Party making the of Ireland.

lowest Proposal. If no Tender or Proposal be Error to Judgment of Record

made, or approved of by Special Presentment Causes for Argument set Court of Borough of Dublin.

Sessions, the Work may be given in charge to down this Term. Fitzgerald and others in

County Surveyor, who shall cause the same to be Error v. Meard.

executed. Demurrer.

9. Form of security. Aylmer v. Conlan. Motions to set aside Verdicts

10. Secretary of the Grand Jury shall keep a Book Adm. Hunter v. Mann. remaining from last Term.

with Particulars of Contracts; and shall prepare Costelloe o. Hooks & others. Lee Jones o. Conolly.

Holt v. Kelly.

11. Money for Completion of Works to be raised by

compulsory Payment.

12. County Treasurer may borrow Money on Security Eschequer of Pleas.

of Presentment. EASTER TERM, 1847. Kilbride v. Executrix Mad

13. Advances may be paid to Contractor in certain den. Bill of Erceptions.

Cases not erceeding Three Fourths of the Cost Jeffreys v. Evans. Alford v. Begg.

of Work. Smith v. Lindsay.

14. County Surveyor when satisfied of the Completion Baldwin v. Irvine,

of the Work may grant his Certificate of approval MICHAELMAS TERM, 1847.

to the Contractor. Bill of Erceptions.

Bill of Exceptions. 15. On production of such Certificates to the County Cowan and Read v. Allen. Lessee of Close v. Batt and

Treasurer he shall give a Draft for the Amount others.

thereof, 1 8 2 Vict. c. 53. EASTER TERY, 1848. Vaughan v. M'Carthy.

16. Secretary of Grand Jury in any Barony or Half

Barony where special presentment Sessions have Motions to set aside Verdict. Wardrop v. Jones & Grifith.

been held to convene a Special Presentment Ses. Lessee Dowling o. Graves. Special Demurrers.

sions for the County for Purposes of this Act. Lessee Talbot and others M‘Manus v. Delany & others. 17. How such Special Presentment Sessions for the v. Guilmartin. Bowerman v. Executrix

County shall be composed.
Motherwell v. Neale,

18. One Cess-payer for every Barony or Half Barony Colquhoun v. Dolan & others. Healy and Fitzgerald v.

to be associated with Justices of the County at Wigmore v. Joyce. Campion.

Special Presentment County Sessions. Proceed. Lessee Sinnott and others Admr. Hely v. Mulhallen.

ings at Special County Presentment Sessions. v. Dannelly and others. Walsh v. St. George.

19. Five per Cent Interest to be allowed on all Sums

advanced by Treasurer or Bank under the Pro.

visions of this Act. AN ABRIDGMENT

20. Definition of County"

21. Definition of " Terms." PUBLIC GENERAL STATUTES

22. Act may be amended, gc.

Whereas an Act was passed in the 9 &10 Vict. to facili. PASSED IN THE II Vic. 1847.

* tate the Employment of the Labouring Poor, in the dis. An act to facilitate the Completion, in certain Cases, of tressed Districts in Ireland: And whereas Presentment Public Works in Ireland. [20th December 1847.] • Sessions have been held for certain baronies, half bar. CAP. I.

• onies, counties of cities, and counties of towns in IreSec. 1. Three or more Justices may, by Notice, convene a

land, and presentments have been made thereat under the Special Meeting of the Justices and Cess-payers

• said recited act, and whereas the period for executing associated at the last Presentment Sessions held works under the said Act has expired, and several of the under 6 & 7 W. 4. c. 116 Justices and Cess-pay

• said works being unfinished, it is expedient that provision ets present at such Meeting to constitute a Spe

• should be made, for the completion of the same :' Be it cial Presentment Sessions for the Purposes of enacted, that any three or more justices of the peace, not this Act.

being stipendiary magistrates, for any county in Ireland, may 2. Provisions of 6 & 7 W. 4. c. 116, to extend so far by notice under their hands to be posted on the places ap

as same are applicable, to Special Presentment pointed for posting notices of applications to presentment ses. Sessions convened under this Act.

sions in the barony or half barony in which such works are 3. County surveyor to report to Special Presentment proposed to be completed, convene a special meeting of the

Sessions held for any Barony or Half Barony the justices and cess-payers associated at the last special or preWorks for which Presentments and Advances have sentment sessions held in such barony or half barony, under been made under 9 & 10 Vict

. c. 107. remaining the 6 & 7 W. 4.c. 116. and such meeting shall be held at the unfinished in the same. What such Report shall place appointed for the holding of such sessions at the time contain.

specified in such notice not been sooner than seven days from


the posting of such notice, and the secretary of the grand barony or half barony for which such sessions shall be held, jury shall attend; and the justices and cess-payers, or so to be raised if they shall think fit, by instalments, not exmany of them as shall be present shall constitute a special ceeding twenty, as the said justice or justices and cesspresentment sessions for the purposes of this act: provided payers shall direct, with interest at five per cent. to be that before such meeting shall be convened the justices shall levied off the baronies or half baroniee in which such works inquire from the county surveyor and determine the most shall be situate, and chargeable therewith : provided that convenient time time for holding such meeting, having re- the amount to be presented shall not exceed the residue of gard to the report to be made by such county surveyor, the amount authorized to be applied to the execution of under the provisions herein-after contained.

such works by Her Majesty's treasury under the first-reci. 2. That all the provisions contained in the 6 & 7 W. 4.c. ted act. 116, relative to the selection of a chairman, and to his pow. 6. That the secretary of the grand jury for each county ers, duties and authorities at presentment sessions, and to the wherein special sessions have been held under this act shall powers, duties, and anthorities of justices and cess-payers at cause to be made out, as soon as convenient, and shall sign, presentment sessions, shall, extend to all sessions under this a schedule specifying each work approved and presented at act, and to the proceedings thereat; and that the provisions any such sessions, and the sum presented, and shall transcontained in the said act relating to the declarations to be mit the same to the Lord Lieutenant for his sanction; and made by the justices and cess-payers who shall act at any pre- it shall be lawful for the said Lord Lieutenant, to signify to sentment sessions, and to the powers, duties and authorities the secretary of the grand jury, by a certificate under the of the secretaries of grand juries, county surveyors, clerks hand of the chief or under secretary, approval or disapproval of the crown, clerks of the peace, and all other officers shall of such works or any part thereof; and no work or part as amended by the 7 W. 4. & 1 Vict. c. 2, extend to all thereof so disapproved of shall be executed under this act. proceedings under this act, as if the same were herein re- 7. That the secretary of the grand jury shall, upon being peated and enacted, unless where other provisions are here- furnished by the county surveyor with the specification or by substituted; provided that in any declaration to be made form of tender for the execution of any work and the maps, by any justice or cess-payer the title of this act shall be plans, &c belonging thereto, notify, by advertisement in such inserted together with the title of the 6 & 7 W. 4 c. 116. manner as the justices and cess-payers at such sessions

3. That the county surveyor shall report to the present. shall direct his readiness to receive sealed tenders and proment sessions the nature and description of any public posals for the execution of any work during such period as works for which presentments have been made at any ex. shall have been appointed for the reception of the same, traordinary presentment sessions held for such barony or and the time to which such sessions has been adjourned for half barony, and the expense of which, or any part thereof, the opening of such tenders and proposals, and that forms shall he chargeable thereon, and in respect to which advan- thereof may be obtained at his office ; and such secretary ces have been made by her Majesty's Treasury under the shall prepare a sufficient number of forms of tenders and 9'& 10 Vic. c. 107, and which works, or any part thereof, proposals, and furnish to any person who shall demand the still remain unfinished ; and such report shall be prepared same a copy thereof, receiving therefor, the cost of preby such county surveyor with all possible expedition after paring the same, not exceeding sixpence; and each of such the passing of this act, and shall contain a description of the sealed tenders and proposals shall contain a statement of said works, and the townland, barony, or half barony the lowest sum for which the party is willing to contract for wherein the same are situate, and shall specify the amount the performance of the work or works specified and des. which has been authorized by Her Majesty's treasury to be cribed in such notification, with the name, description, and applied to such works under the said last-mentioned act, residence of the party so desirous to contract, and also the and the amount unexpended, and the expense of completing names, descriptions, and residences of two persons willing such works and the utility thereof, and the barony or half to be bound with him for the faithful performance of the barony by which the expense of completing the same should said contract within the time and in the manner prebe defrayed.

scribed, in double the sum specified in such presentment; 4. That at the special sessions held for any barony or and all maps, plans, &c. relating to such work, shall be open half barony under this act the justices and cess-payers as- to public inspection in the office of such secretary, without sociated at such sessions shall take such report into consi- fee or reward. deration, and decide by a majority of votes on the merits of 8, That at the meeting of such adjourned sessions the sethe works specified and whether the same ought or ought cretary of the grand jury shall in court produce, duly numnot to be completed, and whether wholly or in part, or con- bered and arranged, and with the seals unbroken, all the tenditionally in the event of the expence thereof not exceeding ders and proposals delivered to him, and shall open consea certain sum, and what modification thereof may be proper; cutively all those relating to the same work; and so soon and if such justices and cess-payers approve thereof they as the lowest proposal for the performance of each work shall direct the county surveyor to prepare a form of ten. shall be ascertained the party making such proposal and der for the execution of the same, together with such spe- his sureties shall be called, and if the said party and his cifications, maps &c. as may be necessary, expressing the sureties shall appear, and shall satisfy the justices and nature and extent of such work, and in case the same shall cess-payers of their sufficiency and ability to make good be a public road, the quantity per perch and the description the penalty for the non-performance of such contract, and of the material proper in the execution of the same, and the that such proposal has not been made for any unfair or term within which such work ought to be completed, and fraudulent purpose, and shall enter into security for the persuch other particulars as the said justices and cess-payers formance of such contract, conditioned in such penalty as shall think fit, and such chairman shall endorse on such aforesaid, such proposal shall be accepted, and the party report the decision of the said justices and cess. payers, making the same shall be entitled to execute the work to and sign his name thereto, and deliver such report, to the which such proposal may refer unless there appear reason secretary of the grand jury, and such county surveyor shall for rejecting it; but if the party making such proposal and deliver such forms of tender, specifications, &c. as soon as his securities shall not appear, or shall fail to satisfy the convenient to the secretary of the grand jury; and the said justices and cess-payers at sessions in any of the particujustices and cess-payers shall appoint the manner in which lars aforesaid, or shall decline to enter into security, or if notice for the receipt of tenders and proposals for the exe- the sessions shall see cause to reject it, theu the proposal of cution of such works shall be given, and the period during the party making default shall be deomed null and void, and which they shall be received, and shall adjourn such ses- the next proposal shall be ascertained and dealt with in the sions until an early day, for the opening of such sealed ten- same manner, and so on until the said security shall be ders and proposals, not being later than thirty days from entered into, and the contract completed : provided that if the day of adjournment.

no proposal shall he made in respect of any work as so 5. That the justice or justices and cess-payers at any approved by the Lord Lieutenant within the time limited or sessions held under this act are authorized to make present. ifno proposal or tender shall be approved of by such ses. ments for the completion of such public works within the

(To be continued.)


John Squire and others, 7 PURSUANT to the decree





. Corphill and Baker Street, London; COLLEGE-GREEN,

in this cause, bearing date the DUBLIN; and Esplanade, Hamburgh.

Charles Blake & others, ( 3rd day of July, 1848, I hereby

Instituted A.D. 1714.

require all persons having charges

and incumbrances affecting the estates of the defendant, William Nottidge, Esq., Chairman.

Charles Blake, situate in the Counties of Mayo and Galway, Nicholas Charrington, Esq., Deputy-Chairman. and County of the Town of Galway, in the pleadings in this LIFE.

cause mentioned, to come in before me, at my Chambers on By the plan of the Union Society the profits are calcu- the Inn's Quay, in the city of Dublin, on or before Thurslated upon the sum insured, and not upon the amount of day, the First day of February next, and prove the same, Premiums paid, thus giving a most important advantage to

otherwise they will be precluded from the benefit of the said young and middle ages; and for advanced lives the Tables Decree.--Dated this 1st day of November, 1848. of the Union offer the immediate benefit of lower rates of

EDWARD LITTON. Premium. All new assurances participate.

Dooner & M‘Kay, Plaintiff's Solicitor, 5, Kildare-st. Dublin. The premiums are also much reduced on Insurances effected without Profits.

Just Published, Demy 12mo. containing upwards of 500 Detailed Prospectuses of the extended system of Life

pages, 158. boards, Insurances (in one case requiring payment of only twothirds of the Premium) may be bad gratis.

being chiefly an abridgement of Blackstone's CommentaLoans granted on the Policies of this Office.

ries, incorporating the alterations in the law down to the preTHOMAS LEWIS, Secretary.

sent time; by the Editors of the Law Student's Magazine.” Agents for Ireland,

London: Robert Hastings, 13, Carey-street, Law BookJOHN GOLD, Stock Broker, 17, COLLEGE-GREEN, seller and Publisher; and E, J. MILLIKEN, 15, CollegeDublin.

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house, to which may be attributed the progressive success Mr. Worrall, Postmaster-Clonmel.

which has attended the exertions of the Proprietor for so An Engine and body of Firemen are in constant many years, in the midst of extended and most deceptive readiness to attend Fires, at the Company's Enginehouse, opposition; yet, my Prices are so varied by the variety kept, No, 10, Crown-alley, rear of the Commercial Buildings. and the different degrees of Fineness, as to enable every one

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directed by the Act. By William Macartney M'Cay, SoliExtract from the Author's Advertisement to the present citor. Edition : « The correction of the Work, in reference to the Dublin : EDWARD J. MILLIKEN, College Green. new Statutes and Cases (which are brought down to May, 1848,) and the revision of the Press in general, has been confided by the Author to his Son; his own retirement from Cutler to his Excellency the Lord Lieutenantt Razor professional practice, and the transfer of his attention to and Surgical Instrument Maker, 48 Dame-street, Dublin. official duties, rendering him less competent than formerly to labours of that description. But the sheets have been



All communications for the IRISH JURIST are to be left, addressed invariably laid before him during the progress of the print. to the Editor, with the Publisher, E. J. MILLIKEN, 15, COLLEGE ing, and he feels himself able to vouch for their accuracy,' GREEN, Correspondents will please give the Name and Address, as the

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COLLEGE.OREEN, in same Parish, by EDWARD JOHNSTON lisher, 7, Fleet-street. Dublin: HODGES and SMITH, MILLIKEN, residing at the same place, all being in the County of the

City of Dublin. Saturday, November 4th, 1848. Grafton-street.


Irish Jurist

No. 2.-Vol. I.
NOVEMBER 11, 1848.

Price 9d. The Names of the Gentlemen who favour The IRISH Jurist with Reports in the several Courts of

Law and Equity in Ireland, are as follows :

ROBERT W. OSBORNE, Esq., Court of Chancery, inand

Court of Exchequer S JOHN BLACKHAM, Esq., and

A. HICKEY, Esq., Barristers-at cluding Bankruptcy 3 John Pitt Kennedy, Esq., Bar

Chamber .....

Law. Appeals ...... risters-at-Law.

Queen's Bench, includ- S John T. Bagot, Esq., and WILLIAM BURKE, Esq., and ing Civil Bill and Re- FLORENCE M.Carthy, Esq., Rolls Court...... WILLIAM JOAN DUNDAS, Esq., gistry Appeals......... Barristers-at-Law. Barristers-at-Law.

Exchequer of Pleas, in- ( Chas. H. HEMPAILL, Esq., and CHARLES HARE HEMPHILL, Esq. cluding Manor Court WILLIAM HICKSON, Esq., Barand

and Registry Appeals. risters-at-Law. Equity Exchequer.....

risters-at Law.

Common Pleas...

S ROBERT LONG, Esq., Barrister



stricted liberty of investment that classes of persons became depositors, for whom the benefits of this Act

of Parliament were never intended. To remedy this The last Act in the Statute Book for last session- abuse, the 5th Geo. 4. c. 62, sec. 21, (being the next 11 & 12 Vic. cap. 133, makes but little progress in Act passed regarding Savings' Banks in Ireland) the legislation which is necessary for the amendment enacted, “ that from and after the 20th of Novemof the whole system of laws relating to Saving's ber, 1824, it shall not be lawful for the Trustees of Banks, which requires thorough revision. We ac any Savings' Bank in England and Ireland respeccept it, however, as a first instalment, deprecating tively to receive from any one depositor any sum or that piecemeal legislation, which spreads in a de- sums exceeding £50 in the whole, during the year tached and unsatisfactory shape the laws which re- then next ensuing, or exceeding £30 in the whole, gulate any particular subject, wbich should be com- exclusive of interest in any one year afterwards bined in one comprehensive measure.

nor to receive froin any depositor any sum or The late Act repeals so much of the 7 8 Vic. sums whatever which shall make the sum to c. 83, s. 6, as exonerated Trustees or Managers which such depositor shall be entitled to, exceed from making good any deficiency, except they had the sum of £200 in the whole, exclusive of inin writing, deposited with the Commissioners for the terest.” The 35th sec. of 9 Geo. 4, c. 92, (which reduction of the National Debt, declared their wil- 1 is at present in operation,) makes it illegal for lingness to be liable, and, instead of this senseless the Trustees to receive more than £30 in the provision, which made Trustees practically irre- whole, exclusive of compound interest, in any spousible_leaves it in the power of a Trustee or one year, or to receive any sum or sums of money Manager to limit his liability to a specific amount, whatever which shall inake the sum to which such which must at least amount to £100. It provides depositor shall be entitled exceed £150, provided also for the appointment of Auditors, but leaves un- that when the sum, standing in the name of the detouched the pre-existing rights, or rather wrongs, positor, amounts to £200, no interest shall be payand remedies-or no remedies, of depositors. able.

The history of these institutions is of modern The 27th sec. of the 9 Geo. 4, c. 92, extends the origin. It was not till the year 1817 that the amount of deposits in favour of the Trustees or Legislature made any provision for Savings Banks, Treasurers of any charitable or provident institution although before that period there were four such in England or Ireland for the maintenance of the institutions existing in Ireland.

poor, to £100 per annum, provided the amount inBy the 57 Geo. 3, c. 105, being an Act entitled, vested shall not at any time exceed £300, exclusive "an Act to encourage the establishment of Banks of interest. for Savings in Ireland,” it was enacted amongst With the view of giving to the depositors, (in case others, that the Commissioners for the reduction of of any disputes arising between them and the Trusthe National Debt should be authorized to allow for tees,) an easy and expeditious reniedy, for recoverthe deposits of Savings Banks an interest of £4. ing their demands, without the expense and diffills 3d., per cent. per annum, and as the same Act culty of sustaining actions in the superior courts, contained no restrictions as to the amount of the the 45th sec. of the same Act, (9th Geo. 4, c. 92,) investments by the depositors, who might have enacts “that if any dispute shall arise between any deposits in as many banks as they pleased, it was such institution and any individual depositor therein, inevitable from the bigh rate of interest, and unre. or any executor, administrator next of kin, or credi

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