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which appears to be so desired, of selling the estates them accordinglyBy what new machinery could of incumbered proprietors in Ireland, it would not a sale be effected so cheaply of expeditiously ? be difficult to shew, that by giving increased What more perfect system could be invented powers to the Court of Chancery in a few particu- And yet, all this is to be superseded, and new Jars, estates could be sold by this court with as Judges, together with their hosts of secretaries, much expedition, more economy, and with far clerks, and other officials, are to be sent over greater safety to the parties interested, than by the from England, to make new rules and orders, and proposed new machinery, or almost any other that to sell the estates of incumbered proprietors in Ire

. could be invented. To make this intelligible to land, where there is for that purpose so great an some readers, let me observe, that the delay in the establishment, and so perfect a system already in sale of estates through the court of Chancery, arises existence. from two causes. The first is, that by the present Fearing on this occasion to trespass too much practice the sale is not made until the end of the on your space, I will, with your permission, again Buit, after the rights of all the parties has been refer to this important subject. adjudicated upon, and the sum due to each ascerlained. The second is, that after the sale is made, it is now necessary to trace the title of the party whose estate is decreed to be sold. But let these two impediments be removed, and any estate might

Court Papers be sold through the Court of Chancery, within three months after the application to it for that purpose is made. · For instance, there exists in Ireland more


Black v. Dobbin statistical information respecting land, than, we be- Alexander v. Robinson

Allen v. Colthurst

Blackley v. Elwin lieve, in any other country in the world. First, there is the ordnance survey, which gives the value, Archdall v. Irvine

Anderson v. Boling

broke Blackley v. Soll

Blackmore v. Rose or the approximate value of every estate in the Armstrong v. Walker Blackstock v. Burko country. Second, there is the registry office, where Ashton v. Smith

Blackwood v. Gort an abstract of every deed creating any limitation Balfe v. Balfe

Blair v. Nugent

Blake y. French or charge, can be had. Thirdly, there is the new Bannatyne v. Alton

Same y. same office for the registry of judgments, established by Barlow v. Fitzgerald

Barry v. Cronin

Bloomfield v. Egun Sir Edward Sugden, where, at a glance, any one

Same v, same

Bond v. Thompson that pleases, can see every judgment that has been Barton v. M'Dermott Bond v. Tatlow entered up against any individual in the community. Bate v. Maxwell

Borough v. Williams Suppose, then, that an incumbrancer desires to Bateman v. M'Elligote Borough v. Butler have an estate sold; let him file a short bill or pre

Beddy v, Smith

Boyd v. Burke
Same v. sane

Boyle v. Sleator sent a short petition, succinctly stating the nature

Same v. same

Brennan v. Moran of his own incumbrance, the value of the estate, as

Brereton y. Westropp appearing from the Ordinance Survey, and the Berne v. Fagan

Buchanan v. Colboun amount of the other charges or incumbrances that Best v. M'Loughlin Burke v. Darcy

Burton v. Helsham appear to affect it, (which, for greater conciseness, Betham v. Homan

Butler v. Glengall could be done by referring to a schedule, to bé Bevan v. White

Campbell v. Brown affixed to the bill or petition, giving merely the

Bigge v. Smith

Same v. samo dates, sums, and parties' names connected with

Same y. same

Campbell v. Skerret each charge :) and then, after serving all parties

First Fifty. with notice, let him be at liberty to set down the Cane v. Fitzgerald

Curran v. Glover cause or matter to be heard before the Lord Chan- Carberry v. Ronaynę

Same v. samo cellor, who upon receiving proof by a witness, Carpenter v. Carow Curtis v. Swiney viva voce, at the hearing, of the plaintiff's or peti-Carson v. Allingham Daly v. Curtis

Darby v. Reed tioner's incumbrance, and being satisfied of the Cashin v. Hayes

Cassidy v. Guinness

Davis v. Parker genuineness of the other charges, and that the

Caulfield v. Giles

Same v. same plaintiff or petitioner has in fact the right to sell Chamley v. O'Shaughnessy Davis v. Irwin the estate, should be at liberty to pronounce a

Cheney v. Reed

Dawson v. Miller decree for a sale at once; and at the same time Christy v. Marston

Disney v. Eyre direct that the purchaser is to have a parliamentary Clarke v. Jessore

Dobbyn v. Adams title, and to be put into possession of the estates

Clanmorris v. St. George Doherty v. Ware
Collins v. Deasy

Donations (C. of) v. Magrath immediately upon lodging his purchase-money in Conry v. Conry

Donovan v. Bissett Court ; and thenceforward be freed from all the

Same v. same

Donovan v. Swiney future litigation in the suit connected with the Cooney v. O'Reilly

Dowell v. Burke clains of the various incumbrancers or parties in Corbet v. Mahon

Dowse v. Keogh terested, whose demands are to be transferred from Cormick v. Wall

Drought v. Phillips the estate sold to the purchase-money in Court,

Same v, same

Duignan v. Snogg

Eccles y. Eccles

Cormick v. O'Donnell which represents it. After the fund is brought Cosby v. Cosby

Edgeworth v. Edgeworth into Court, the usual allocation order could be Courtney v. Shaw

Same v. same made, referring it to the Master in the cause, to Cripps v. Villiers

Elliott v. Maguire report the rights and priorities of the several in- Cullen v. Dn. & Ch. of Killaloe Exshaw v. Popham cumbrancers, and to allocate the fund amongst Cunningham v. Bernie

Eyre v. Eyre
Second Fifty.

Same v. same

Same y. same

Molony v. Scollard

Moore v. Donegal Molony v. Roberts

Mulcahy v. Leake Montmorency v. Pratt Mullen v. Connolly

Finh Fifty.

Fahy v. Daly

Gardiner v. Blesinton
Fahy v. Blake

Same v. same
Fair v. Bowen

Same v. same
Fairtlough v. Ackland

Geale v. Nugent
Faris v. Cullen

Geraghty v. Massy
Farrer v. Whaley

Gibbons v. Betty
Faucett v. Biggs

Gibson v. Johnston
Fenton , Fenton

Godley v. Bruce
Same y. same

Grant v. Hickie
Same v. same

Graybourne v. Semple Elite Ferguson V. St. George Greene v. Concannon Same v, same

Grey v. M.Cabe
Ferguson v. Thompson Guinness v. Darley
Ferrall v. Butler

Gumbleton v. Smith
Ferall . Lowe

Hagan v. Kirkwood
Fitzgerald v. St. Leger Hall v. Baker
| Fitzpatrick v. Power Hall v. Williams
Forrest v. Bernard

Halpin v. Styles
Freel v. Trant

Hamilton v. Nagle
French . Maunsell

Hamilton v. West ftFrench v. French

Handcock v. Handcock
Frith v. Irvine

Same v. same
Fulton v, Jennings

Harding v. Ashe
Gt. S. & W.R.Co. y. Percival Harman v. Justice
Gabain v. Pottinger

Murphy v. Cheevers O'Grady v. Atkin
Murray v. Darcy

O'Hara v. Chaine
Murray v. Sayers

Same v. same Murray v. Oranmore

Same v. same Muskerry v. Chinnery

Same v. same Mylotte v. Brendan

Same v. same Nash v. Bingham

O'Keefe v. Holmes Neligan v. M‘Donnell O'Neil v. Day Neligan y, O'Connor O'Sullivan v. O'Sullivan Nesbitt v. Nesbitt

Pack v. Mason Newman v. O'Brien

Palmer v. Evan Same y, same

Peppard v. Mason Newman v. Fitzgerald Percival v. Anderson Nolan v, Browne

Perdrian v. Phelan Norris v. Glengall

Porter v. Vesey Norris v. Martin

Powell v. Powell Norris v. Morgan

Power v. Longan O'Brien v. Creagh

Purcell v. Blenherhassett Same v. same

Quin v. Evans O'Brien v. O'Brien

Read v. Taylor O’Callaghan v. Singleton Reynolds v. Reynolds O'Connor v. O'Flaherty

Reilly v. Smith O'Connor v. Cusack

Roberts v. Prior O'Connor v. Malone Roddy v. Williams O'Dowda v. O'Dowda Rollestone v, Morton

Sixth Fifty.


Harris v. Daunt
Third Fifty.

2. Drita

Harris v. Farren

Hynes v. Redington
Harte . Littledale

Innes v. Indes
Harvey r. Wallis

Irvine v. Archdall
Harvey v. King

Jackson v. Hamilton
Hedges v. Oldworth

Jackson v. Mitchell
Same v. same

Jefferies v. Ashe
Bedges v. Hollier

Jenkin v. Norman
Henderson v. O'Grady Jennings v. Bond
Henry v. Madden

Jessop v. Atkin
Hickson v. Collis

Jones v. Bate
Hicksop v. Day

Johnston v. Scott
Hill v. Wise

Same v. same
Hilton v. Charleville

Same v. same

Hobhouse v. Hamilton Johnston v. Lloyd
Same v. same

Joyce v. De Molyna
Same v. same

Kane v. Mussen
Hoey v. Browne

Kelly v. Wilson
De Hoge v. Mitchell

Same v. same - Hollier v. Hedges

Kelly v. Mostyn
Holmes v. Boyle

Kent v. Beasley 1. Bolmes v. Low

Keogh v. Keogh 2 Hone v. Langford

Same v. same
Hoops v. Kingston

Kieran v. Harman
Bages v. Power

Kingston v. Jervois
Hunt v. Westropp

Kirke v. M'Ilvean

Fourth Fifty.
Knox v. Molloy

M'Donnell v. M'Donnell #Labatte v. Boyd

M'llwaine v O'Donnell ale Lawler v. Briscoe

Magee v. Chaine 33 Law v. Bagnell

Magee v. Foster
Lebat v. Abbot

Maher v. Lanigan i Lees v. Kenmare

Mahony v. Dennehy
Same v. same

Marjoribanks v. Tottenham
Leslie v. Tatlow

Same v. same Levingston v. Levingston Malcolmson v. Gorman s Lewis v. Nesbitt

Same v. same
Lewis v. Lekis

Malcolmson v. Bunbury
Lindsay v. Bunkman Manning v. Barry
Litchfield . Penrose Mannix v. Drinan
Long v. Hamilton

Mara v. Tibeaudo
Lorton y. Kingston

Marshall v. Gibbings
Lynch v. Bodkin

Martyn v. Blake
Same v. same

Same v, same
Lynch v. Lynch

Martin v. O'Flaherty Lynch v. Rorke

Martin v. Waldron M'Connell v. Hawkshaw Meara v. Egan M'Cormack v. M'Cormack Mendham v. Reed 'Culloch v. Knox

Mills v, Mills

Rubie v. Young

Sullivan v. Costelloo Ryan v. Ryan

Swan v. Disney Rynd v. Fleming

Swift v. Donnellan Scanlon v. Powers

Swiney v. Tibmaurice Sealy v. Bond

Tandy v. Stephens Shannon v. Tracy

Tarrant v. Purcell Shaw v. M‘Mahon

Tatlow v. Garnett Sheil v. Dillon

Same v. same Shortt v. Shortt

Thompson v. M'Curly Simpson v. Synge

Todd v. Chichester Skeffington v. Blenherhassett Trye v. Aldborough Skelton v. Gerrard

Tuffnell v. Warner Smith v. Cooke

Turner v. Donegal Smith v. Dungannon Vance v. Ranfurly Smith v. Roberts

Vansillart v. Pennefather Sothergill v. Thornton

Same v. same Spelman v. Dry

Vaughan v. Vaughan Stanford v. Slator

Vaughan v. Magennis Stanus v. Tripping

Vaughan v. Magill Shoney v. Garty

Vesey v. Fry Stewart v. Collingham Walcott v. Smith Stratford v. Stratford Walker v. M'Collum Stritch v. Carncross

Walker v. Scott Sugrue v. Nash

Walker v. Tilly
Sullivan v. Delany

Walker v. O'Dowda
Seventh Fifty.

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(Continued from p. 256.)

2. That every book wherein any such copy of a negative

search and certificate shall be entered shall be numbered or CAP. CXVII.

otherwise distinguished in some appropriate and convenient

manner, and the pages of each such book shall be numbered, An act for rendering certain newspapers published in the and the number or other distinctive mark of every such book, Channel Islands and the Isle of Man liable to postage. and the number or numbers of the page or pages thereot

[4th September, 1848.] wherein any such negative search and certificate shall be

copied, shall be specified at foot of the certificate, signed CAP. CXVIII.

by the registrar or assistant registrar in manner

(that is to say,) Copied in Book, No. An act to explain and amend the law as to the licence re- Number

quired for the letting of post horses to hire in Ireland, and the law respecting proceedings for duties and pen- ficient index or sufficient indexes to be prepared, in suck

3. That the said registrars shall respectively cause a sus. alties under the post horse, stage, and hackney carriage form as the commissioners of Her Majesty's treasury shall acts in the united Kingdom. [4th September, 1848.]

direct, to the books containing the copies of searches made pursuant to this act; and in such indexes shall be entered


in some convenient manner for reference, the name or natie An act to simplify the forms of certificates under the act of some one or more of the persons whose acts such negatire authorizing the advance of money for the improvement search shall relate to; and that the said registrar of deed

shall also cause to be prepared another sufficient inder e of land by drainage in Great Britain.

other sufficient indexes to the said books, containing the [4th September, 1848.]

said copies of the said negative searches, in such form ai

the said commissioners of Her Majesty's treasury for the CAP. CXX.

time being, or any three of them, shall from time to time An act to facilitate the transfer of landed property in Ire- direct, wherein shall be entered, in some convenient fora land.

[4th September, 1848.] for reference, the name or names of some one or more of

the denominations of land mentioned in the requisition for Sec. I. Registrar of Deeds, &-c., previous to giving out any such negative search ; and all persons shall be at liberty to

Negative Search, to cause a Copy to be recorded search the said books on payment of the fee mentioned in in Registry Office.

the schedule hereunto annexed. 2. Books containing Copies of Negative Searches to be numbered, and Number and Page of Book to be of any search so recorded, or any portion thereof, upon pay


4. That every person shall be entitled to an attested copy endorsed on original Search. 3. Indexes to be provided for the Books containing and the registrar or assistant registrar of deeds and regis

ment of the fees mentioned in the schedule hereunto aonesed; Copies of Negative Searches. Power to search Books on payment of fee.

trar of judgments in Ireland for the time being, upon being 4. Attested copies of recorded Searches to be given by livered to the person making such requisition an attested

furnished with a specific requisition, shall cause to be de. Registrar, &c., upon payment of fee. 5. Such Copy to be equivalent to a new Search to the copy of every such recorded negative search, or the portion

thereof in such requisition mentioned ; and all the penalties same extent. 6. Fees to be accounted for as under Act for regulating trars are liable in respect of fraud, collusion, or neglect in

and liabilities to which such registrars and assistant regis. Registry Office. 7. Power to Treasury to alter the forms of Inderes of making the original searches and certificates shall extend to

Names and Lands directed by 2 8. 3°W. 4. c. 87. the attested copies to be given under this act. 8. Power to Treasury to direct Expenses consequent 5. That every such attested copy of every such recorded

upon this Act to be defrayed out of Balances in negative search and certificate, so signed as aforesaid, shall Regstrar's hands.

have the same force and effect, and shall be accepted and Power to demand Fees as specified in the Schedule received in the same manner and for the said purposes, as to this act.

an original negative search or certificate to the same extent 10. Registrar of Judgments, upon production of certifi- and in the same terms.

cate of satisfaction of judgment, to enter memoran.
dum thereof upon entry of Registry.

6. That the fees payable to the said registrar of deeds and 11. Court; 8c., by whom Decree has been pronounced registrar of judgments under this act shall be deemed and

shall direct Officer to give certificate thereof, and taken to be part of the fees payable to them under the acts record same.

In case Decree has been registered for the regulation of their respective offices, and shall be under 3 & 4 Vic. c. 105., or under 7 & 8 Vic. c. applied and accounted for according to the provisions of sail 9.)., a Memorandum to be annexed to the entry of Registry.

7. •And whereas by the 2 & 3 W. 4, c. 87, it was pro12. No Judgment, gc., to be registered until certificate vided that alphabetical indexes of the names of the persoas of the eristence of such judgment, 8c., has been

and of the lands affected by the memorials registered in lodged with Registrar.

said office should be made and kept in the manner ander13. Crown Bonds and Recognizances more than twenty .cording to the form particularly specified in said eet: and

years old not to affect Purchasers or Mortgagees, • whereas the making of searches in said office may be faciunless redocketed in the office of Registrar of Judg. ' litated by alterations in the form of such indexes :' be it

enacted, that the commissioners of her Majesty's treasury 14. Power to Treasury to consolidate Offices.

may make any alterations in the forms of the indexes of 15. Act may be amended, gc.

names and lands directed by said recited act to be made, • Whereas it is expedient to afford further facilities for and to order that a sufficient index or indexes shall be pre• the transfer of landed property in Ireland, by diminishing pared to the several books in the office of the said registrar " the expense of registry searches, and otherwise :' be it of judgments; and from the time of making any such arder, enacted, that the registrar of deeds and the registrar of judg

or from any time to be specified therein, the said indesea ments in Ireland for the time being shall and they are hereby shall be made and kept in such manner and form as the said required, previous to giving out of said office any negative commissioners of her Majesty's treasury, or any three of search, to cause a copy of such negative search to be entered them, shall in such order specify and direct; and the said on parchment in books to be provided for the purpose and commissioners in like manner may vary or rescind any such to be kept in their offices respectively among the records order as aforesaid. thereof.

8. That the said commissioners may order and direct that whose duties shall be so transferred. randum, whereon such decree, rule, or order shall appear, the entry of such memorandum of satisfaction shall also be



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any expenses which may appear to them to be requisite for 12. That from and after the passing of this act no judgor to be necessarily and properly incurred iu carrying the ment, crown bond or recognizance, rule, decree, order, or purposes of this act into effect shall be defrayed out of the lis pendens, shall be registered by the said registrar of judgbalances on the accounts of the said registrars in respect of ments, pursuant to the 7 & 8 Vic. c. 90, unless and until the said register of offices, or in such other manner as the there shall be subscribed to the memorandum or minute by said commissioners shall think fit to direct.

said act required to be left with said registrar a certificate of

the existence of the judgment, crown bond or recognizance, 9. That for and in respect of the entries, endorsements, rule, decree, order, or lis pendens, described in said memocertificates, and other matters or acts hereby directed or re- randum or minute, such certificate to be signed by the proquired to be performed, the officers discharging said duties per officer of the court in which such judgment, crown bond shall respectively be entitled to demand and receive the seve

or recognizance, rule, decree, order, or lis pendens shall Fal fees specified in the schedule to this act annexed, which have been entered or obtained; and that the said registrar schedule, and all directions therein contained, shall be deemed of judgments, upon the lodgment with him of any such meand taken to be part of this act; and the said commission morandum or minute, shall, if required, endorse upon a duers

, by order under their hands, from time to time may alter plicate thereof a certificate of the lodgment and entry thereof, and vary the fees specified in the said schedule, and to sub- for which certificate no fee shall be paid to him beyond the stitate other fees therefor.

fee authorized by the said act for such entry. 10. • And whereas by the 7 & 8 Vic. c. 90, provision was

13. “And whereas by the 7 & 8 Vic. c. 90, no bonds or made for the registry in the office created by such act, and

recognizances to the Crown to be thereafter entered into called "the Judgment office," of all judgments of the su.

or passed shall affect lands, tenements, or hereditaments *perior courts of common law, and of crown bonds and re

as to purchasers or mortgagees or creditors until duly re* cognizances, and of all decrees, rules and orders which,

gistered according to the directions of the said act, but no under the 3 & 4 Vic. c 105, had the force and effect of

• similar provision is made with respect to obligations to the judgments of the superior courts of common law, in order

• Crown previously existing: and whereas bonds and reeogto make game binding as against purchasers, mortgagees,

'nizances to the Crown passed or entered into at remote and creditors, but no sufficient provision was made by said

periods, and filed as of record in her Majesty's courts in "recited act for the registry in said office of the satisfaction

Ireland, remain in full force, and operate as incumbrances of judgments, crown bonds or recognizances, decrees, rules,

on land, notwithstanding that the conditions upon which or orders registered therein :' be it enacted that the regis

they were passed or entered into may have been long since trar of judgments shall, upon the lodgment with him of a cer.

• satisfied and performed, and no claim may exist on foot tificate of the entry of satisfaction upon the roll of any judg

thereof on the part of the Crown, and it is expedient to ment of any of the superior courts of common law which may

• extend the principle of the aforesaid provision to such cases, have been registered under said recited act, or which may

• and thereby further facilitate the transfer of landed proappear upon the books of revivals and redocketings which,

perty :' be it enacted, that from and after the 1st of Jan. under the provisions of said recited act, were transferred to 1849, no bond or recognizance to the Crown so filed as of said registrar, signed by the proper officer of such superior record in Ireland, which shall be more than twenty years Court of common law, or upon the lodgment with him

of the old from the date thereof shall affect any lands, tenements, certificate of the cancelling or vacate of any bond or recog

or hereditaments as to purchasers or mortgagees or credi. nizance to the Crown, signed by the proper officer in that tors, unless and until a memorandum or minute, duly authen. behalf, and which certificate such officers are hereby autho- ticated, containing the name and usual or last known place rized and required respectively to give, cause a memorandum of abode, and the title, trade, or profession of the person of such satisfaction, cancelling, or vacate to be subscribed whose estate is intended to be affected, the sum for which to the entry of the registry of such judgment, or of the re

guch bonds or recognizance was passed or entered into, and vival or re-docketing thereof, or of such crown bond or re

the date of the same, shail be left with the registrar of judgcognizance

, specifying the date at which such satisfaction, ments, who shall forth with enter the same particulars in a cancelling or vacate appears by such certificate to have been book to be entitled “ Re-docketed Crown Bonds and Recogentered on record, and shall sign such memorandum, and nizances," to be kept in alphabetical order by the name of shall

, if required, endorse upon a duplicate of such certificate the person whose estate is intended to be affected by such a minute, stating that such memorandum has been entered bonds or recognizances; and for every such entry the said as aforesaid ; and upon every search made in the said judg- registrar shall be entitled to the same fee as is authorized Inent office subsequently to the entry of such memorandum by the said act for each entry in the book intituled “The as aforesaid, whereon such judgment, crown bond or recog; Index of Debtors and Accountants to the Crown," and all nizance shall appear, the entry of such memorandum shall

persons shall be at liberty to search the said book, as well be stated.

as the books directed by the said act to be kept by the said 11. That from and after the passing of this act every court registrar, on payment of the fee by the said act autho

rized. judge, commissioner, or other person by whom any decree, rule or order has been or shall be pronounced or made, which,

14. And whereas by the operation of this act the duties under the 3 & 4 Vic. c. 105, has the force and effect of a

• of certain offices may be diminished, and it will therefore jadgment, upon its being made to appear to them or him

• be expedient, having regard to economy, to discontinue that such decree, rule or order has been fully performed,

'them as separate offices, and to provide for the discharge complied with, or satisfied, shall direct the proper officer to

• of such duties as may remain to be performed;' be it enacted sire a certificate thereof, and record the same in his office; that in such cases the commissioners of her Majesty's treaand in case said decree, rule or order shall have been or shali be registered under the provisions of the said act of the 3 & sury, or any three of them for the time being, shall have

power, if they shall think fit, by their warrant, after the A Vic. c. 105, or under the 7 & 8 Vic. c. 90, the registrar passing of this act, to order that a consolidation of any office of judgments shall; upon the lodgment with him of such cer.

so affected shall take place with some existing office of the tificate, cause a memorandum thereof to be annexed or sub

court to which it belongs; and any order made as aforesaid scribed to the entry of the registry of such decree, rule, or

for the regulation of the business of such office shall be of order, specifying therein the date of such certificate, and

as much force as if it had been specifically enacted herein, shall sigo such memorandum, and shall, if required, cause

and the officer to whom the duties as aforesaid shall be so a minute of the entry of such memorandum to be endorsed transferred shall have as full power and jurisdiction for all upon a duplicate of such certificate; and in every search official purposes as were enjoyed or belonged to the officer made in said judgment office after the entry of such memo

15. That this act may be amended or repealed by any act stated.

to be passed in the present session of Parliainent,

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SCHEDULE of FEES to which the foregoing act refers.

CAP. CXXVIII. For every attested Copy of a Search recorded pur.

An act for carrying into effect the agreement between Hér suant to this Act in the Office of Registrar of 8. d.

Majesty and the Imaum of Muscat for the more effectal Deeds on the Certificate or Attestation thereof,

suppression of the slave trade. [5th September, 1848.] when such Copy shall not exceed Three Folios of 72 words,


1 0 When such Copy shall exceed Three Folios, An act for amending an act passed in the ninth and tenth for every Folio,

0 4 years of Her present Majesty for making preliminary is. For every attested Copy of a Search recorded pur

quiries in certain cases of applications for local acts. suant to this Act in the Office of Registrar of

(5th September, 1846) Judgments on the Certificate or Attestation thereof,

CAP. CXXX. when such Copy shall not exceed Three Folios of 72 words,

1 0 An act for guaranteeing the interest on such loans, Bot When such Copy shall exceed Three Folios, exceeding five hundred thousand pounds, as may be for every Folio,

04 raised by the British Colonies on the Continent of South For every other Certificate directed or required by

America, in the West Indies, and the Mauritius, for this Act, including a Duplicate thereof,

I 0
certain purposes.

[5th September, 1848.] For every Memorandum of Satisfaction of a Judg.

ment, Crown Bond, or Recognizance, Decree, Rule, or Order, to be subscribed or annexed to

NEW LAW BOOKS, the original Entry of Registry in the Office of

Lately published by Registrar of Judgments, pursuant to this Act,

EDWARD J: MILLIKEN, 15, COLLEOE GREEN, including the Endorsement thereof directed by this

Just published, price 36., by post 31, 6d. Act,

2 6 LAW OF DEBTOR AND CREDITOR IN IRELAND. For Liberty to search the Book or Books in the

The new Act for the abolition of arrest for rums under ten pogrda,

and for the recovery of the possession of small tenements before Justion or Office of Registrar of Deeds containing the re. the Peace, with a full Commentary, Index, Notes and Forms, septed box corded Copies of Negative Searches,

10 the professional and trading classes. For Liberty to search the Book or Books in the

By WILLIAM GERNON, Esq., Barrister-at-lar. Office of Registrar of Judgments containing the

“ The concise and Jucid style in which the subject of this work in trend recorded Copies of Negative Searches,

1 0

*** We can confidently recommend it to the patronage of the prolemich. cannot fall to render it clear and intelligible to the most limited caperity

and the public at large."-Freeman's Journal. CAP. CXXI,

The value of this Treatise is much enhanced by the forms appended, and the whole is a very good available summary which will be found like

useful to the Lawyer, the Magistrate, the Proprietor of landed property, An act to alter the laws and regulations of excise respecting and the Trader." - Dublin Evening Mail the survey of dealers in and retailers of spirits, and res

12mo. Second Edition, Price 21. 6d. -by post, a. pecting the sale and removal of spirits by permit from the stock of such traders ; and respecting the

distribution of THE Act to facilitate the sale of Incumbered Estates in penalties and forfeitures recovered under the laws of

the provisions of the Act,) for the Sale of Lands subject to Incumbres excise. [4th September, 1848.]

By W. M. M'CAY, Esq., Solicitor.

"This book should be in the hands of every one interested in Irak CAP. CXXII.

estates, or the securities affecting them."-Dublin Evening Meill

" It possesses the valuable quality of being intelligible to the nonpro. An act to amend the_laws respecting the warehousing of lessional, as well as instructive to the professional reader."-Freeman's

Journal. British spirits in England, Scotland, and Ireland res.

12mo, price 25, 6d.-by Post, 31. pectively, and to permit spirits made from malt only, and spirits made from malt and other grain, and rectified

A ,

containing all the Reported Cases in this country and in England spirits, to be exported on drawback from any part of the with an Appendix, containing the Act 9 & 10 Vic. c. 64, with Forme United Kingdom; and respecting certain spirit mixtures,

Affidavits, Rules, Orders, and the Record on a Feigned Issue By Jone

BLACKHAM, Esq., Barrister-at-Law. and the removal of goods subject to excise regulations

8vo. price 166.-free by Post from customs warehouse. (4th September, 1848.]




the General Orders. By ALFRED M'FARLAND, Esq., Barrister at lav, An act to renew and amend an act of the tenth year of Her REPORTS OF PRACTICE AND NISI


, present Majesty, for the more speedy removal of certain

RIOR COURTS, and at the AFTER SITTINGS; with Index and nuisances, and the prevention of contagious and epidemic Table of Cases. By J. BLACKHAM, W. J. DUNDAS, and R. W. Ontony, diseases.

L4th September, 1848.]

Esqrs., Barristers at. Law. Part IV., completing Vol. 1., price 5s.


Edition of Mr. Serjeant Stephen's New Commentaries on the lom

of England. By JAMES STEPHEN, Esq. of the Middle Temple, Bat. An act to amend an act of the last session, for varying the rister at.Law. I vol. 8vo. cloth boards, price 10s. 8d.

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approaches fund," and to facilitate the completion of cer.

HAYES and T. JARMAN, 4th Edition, cloth beds. tain improvements in the city of West minister.

[4th September, 1848.)

All communications for the IRISH JURIST are to be left, addressed CAP. CXXV.

to the Editor, with the Pablisher, L. J. MILLIKEN, 15, COLLEGE GREEN. Correspondents will please give the Name and Address

, as the An act for raising the sum of two millions by Exchequer

columns of the paper cannot be occupied with answers to Anonymous

Communications or will the Editor be accountable for the retum of bills, or by the creation of annuities, for the service of Manuscripto, &c. the year 1848.

(5th September, 1848.]

Orders for the IRISH JURIST left with E. J. MILLIKEN, !, COL CAP. CXXVI.

LEGE AREEN, or by letter (post.pald), will ensure its punctual delivery

in Dublin, or its being forwarded to the Country, by Port, on the day or An act to apply a sum out of the consolidated fund, and

publication. certain other sums, to the service of the year 1848 ; and

TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION_(payable in advance): to appropriate the supplies granted in this session of par. Yearly, 30s. Half-yearly, 176. Quarterly, 9. liament.

(5th September, 1848. CAP. CXXVII.

Printed by THOMAS ISAAC WHITE, at blo Printing Office, Na

FLEET-STREET, in the Parisb of Sc, Andrew, and published at 15, An act to reduce the duties on copper and lead.


MILLIKEN, residing at the same place, all being in the County at the (5th September, 1848.) City of Dublin. Saturday, June 23, 1849.

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