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Days (any intervening Sunday not included) but not sooner than Twenty-four Hours after such enlisting, appear, together with some Person employed in the Recruiting Service of the Party with which he shall have enlisted, before a Justice, or, in Scotland, before any Bailie of a Royal Burgh, residing within the Vicinity of the Place, and acting for the Division or District where such Recruit shall have been enlisted, and not being an Officer in the Army; and if such Recruit shall declare his having voluntarily enlisted, the said Justice shall put to him the several Questions contained in the Schedule to this Act annexed, and shall then and there, and in the Presence of the said Recruit, record or cause to be recorded in Writing his Answers thereunto; and the said Justice is hereby required forthwith to read over, or cause his Clerk in his Presence to read over, to such Recruit, the First and Second Articles of the Second Section of the Articles of War against Mutiny and Desertion, and to administer to such Recruit the Oath in the Schedule to this Act annexed, for limited or unlimited Service, or for Service in the Forces of the East India Company, as may be applicable to the Case of the Recruit, and no other Oaths, any thing in any Acts to the contrary notwithstanding; and the said Justice is hereby required to give under his Hand the Certificate in the Schedule to this Act annexed; and if any such Recruit so to be certified shall refuse to take the Oath in the Schedule to this Act annexed before the said Justice, it shall be lawful for the Officer or Non-commissioned Officer with whom he enlisted to detain and confine such Person until he shall take the said Oath of Fidelity.

LXVI. And be it enacted, That any Person who shall know- Penalty on puringly detain, buy, exchange, or receive from any Soldier or Deserter, chasing Soldiers or any other Person, on any Pretence whatsoever, or shall solicit Necessaries, Stores, &c. or entice any Soldier, or shall be employed by any Soldier knowing bim to be such, to sell, any Arms, Ammunition, Clothes, or Military Furniture, or any Provisions, or any Sheets or other Articles used in Barracks, provided under Barrack Regulations, or Regimental Necessaries, or any Article of Forage provided for any Horses belonging to Her Majesty's Service, or who shall have in his or her Possession or Keeping any such Arms, Ammunition, Clothes, Furniture, Provisions, Spirits, Articles, Necessaries, or Forage as aforesaid, and shall not give a satisfactory Account how he or she came by the same, or shall change the Colour of any Clothes as aforesaid, shall forfeit for every such Offence any Sum not exceeding Twenty Pounds, together with Treble Value of all or any of the several Articles of which such Offender shall so become possessed; and if any Person having been so convicted shall afterwards be guilty of any such Offence, and shall be convicted thereof by One or more Justices of the Peace, every such Offender shall for every such Offence forfeit any Sum not exceeding Twenty Pounds but not less than Five Pounds, and the Treble Value of all or any of the several Articles of which such Offender shall have so become possessed, and shall in addition to such Forfeiture be committed to the Common Gaol or House of Correction, there to be imprisoned only, or to be imprisoned and kept to hard Labour, for such Term not exceeding Six Calendar Months as the convicting Justice or Justices shall think fit; and upon any Information

Information against any Person for a Second or any subsequent Offence a Copy of the Conviction, certified by the proper Officer having the Care or Custody of such Conviction, or any Copy of the same proved to be a true Copy, shall be sufficient Evidence to prove a Conviction of the former Offence; and if any credible Person shall prove on Oath before a Justice of the Peace, or Person exercising like Authority according to the Laws of the Part of Her Majesty's Dominions in which the Offence shall be committed, a reasonable Cause to suspect that any Person has in his or her Possession, or on his or her Premises, any Property of the Description herein-before described, on or with respect to which any such Offence shall have been committed, the Justice may grant a Warrant to search for such Property, as in the Case of stolen Goods; and if upon Search any such Property shall be found, the same shall and may be seized by the Officer charged with the Execution of such Warrant, who shall bring the Offender in whose Possession the same shall be found before such Justice to be dealt with according to Law: Provided always, that it shall be lawful for the Legislature of each or of any of Her Majesty's Colonies, on the Recommendation of the Officer for the Time being administering the Government of any such Colony, but not otherwise, to make Provision by Law for reducing such pecuniary Penalty if not exceeding Twenty Pounds to such Amount as may to any such Legislature appear to be better adapted to the Ability and pecuniary Means of Her Majesty's Subjects and others inhabiting the same, which reduced Penalty shall be sued for and recovered in such and the same Manner as the full Penalty hereby imposed: Provided always, that it shall be competent to Her Majesty, or to the Person administering the Government of any such Colony on Her Majesty's Behalf, to exercise, in respect of the Laws so to be passed as aforesaid, all such Powers and Authorities as are by Law vested in Her Majesty or in any such Officer as aforesaid in respect of any other Law made or enacted by any such Colonial Legislature.

SCHEDULES to which this Act refers.

Enlisting for the East India Company's Service.



Question 8. to be put by the Justice as follows:

8. Are you willing to be attested to serve the East India Comuntil you shall be legally discharged? [Or if the Recruit enlist for limited Service, then insert, for the Period of Twelve Years (if the Person enlisting is of the Age of Eighteen Years or upwards, but if under Eighteen Years then the Difference between his Age and Eighteen to be added to such Twelve Years, as the Case may be, and such Period to be inserted instead of Twelve Years,) provided the said Company should so long require your Service ?]

*The Blank to be filled up with the Words Infantry or Artillery, as the Case

may be.



An Act for the Regulation of Her Majesty's Royal Marine
Forces while on shore.
[24th April 1845.]
[This Act is the same, except as to Dates and the Sections here
inserted, as 7 & 8 Vict. c. 11.]

II. Provided always, and be it enacted, That nothing in this Act contained shall be construed to exempt any Officer or Marine from being proceeded against by the ordinary Course of Law for Crimes thereby cognizable; and any Commanding Officer who shall neglect or refuse, when due Application shall be made to him for that Purpose, to deliver over to the Civil Magistrate any Officer or Marine charged with any capital Crime, or with any Violence or Offence against the Person or Property of any of Her Majesty's Subjects punishable by the known Laws of the Land, or who shall wilfully neglect or refuse to assist any Peace Officer in apprehending any such Offender, shall, upon Conviction thereof in any of Her Majesty's Courts at Westminster, Dublin, or Edinburgh, be deemed to be ipso facto cashiered, and shall be utterly disabled to hold any Civil or Military Office or Employment in Her Majesty's Service; and a Certificate of such Conviction shall be transmitted to the Secretary of the Admiralty: Provided always, that no Person who shall have been tried before any of the ordinary Courts of Law for any Crime cognizable in such Courts shall be liable to be punished for the same by any Court-martial otherwise than by cashiering; and whenever any Officer or Marine shall have been tried before a Court of ordinary Criminal Jurisdiction, the Clerk of the Court, or other Officer having the Custody of the Records of such Court, or the Deputy of such Clerk, shall, if required by the Officer commanding the Division to which such Officer or Marine belongs, transmit to him a Certificate containing the Substance and Effect only, omitting the formal Part, of the Indictment, Conviction, or Acquittal of such Officer or Marine, and shall be allowed for such Certificate a Fee of Three Shillings; and every such Certificate, containing the Substance and Effect of an Indictment and Conviction as aforesaid, shall be sufficient Evidence before a Court-martial of such Conviction, and it shall not be necessary to prove the Signature or official Character of the Person appearing to have signed the Certificate, nor, if the Court be satisfied from the Circumstances of the Case that the Prisoner under Trial is the Person mentioned in such Certificate, shall it be necessary to give other Proof of the Identity of the Person of the Offender.

The ordinary Course of Law not to be interfered with.

VI. And be it enacted, That a General Court-martial, convened Composition of in any Part of the Queen's Dominions, (Bermuda, the Bahamas, General CourtsSaint Helena, Africa, Jamaica, Honduras, Newfoundland, the martial. Australian Colonies, and the Settlements on the Coast of China excepted,) or in the Settlements of the East India Company, Prince of Wales Island, Singapore, and Malacca excepted, or elsewhere, shall consist of not less than Thirteen Commissioned Officers, and if convened in Jamaica, Newfoundland, Bermuda, or the Bahamas, or out of the Queen's Dominions (excepting Saint Helena, Africa, Honduras, the Australian Colonies, and the Settlements on the Coast of China, and Prince of Wales


Courts-martial to administer Oaths.

District or Garrison Courts


Island, Singapore, and Malacca), shall have not less than Seven, and in Saint Helena, Africa, Honduras, the Australian Colonies, and the Settlements on the Coast of China, Prince of Wales Island, Singapore, and Malacca, not less than Five Commissioned Officers; and in all Cases no Judgment of Death shall pass without the Concurrence of Two Thirds at the least of the Members present; and the President shall in no Case be the Officer commanding in chief or Governor of the Garrison where the Offender shall be tried, nor under the Degree of a Field Officer, unless where a Field Officer cannot be had, nor in any Case whatsoever under the Degree of a Captain.

VII. And be it enacted, That all and every Court-martial shall have Power and Authority and is hereby required to administer the requisite Oath, in the usual Form, to every Person who shall be examined as a Witness before any such Court-martial, previous to his giving Evidence thereat; and whenever Sentence shall be passed by a Court-martial for any Offence on a Person already imprisoned under Sentence of a Court-martial for another Offence, it shall be lawful for the Court to award Imprisonment for the subsequent Offence, to commence at the Expiration of the Imprisonment to which such Person shall have been previously sentenced; and where such Person shall be already under Sentence either of Imprisonment or Transportation, the Court, if empowered to pass Sentence of Transportation, may award such Sentence for the subsequent Offence, to commence at the Expiration of the Imprisonment or Transportation to which such Person shall have been previously sentenced, although the aggregate Term of Imprisonment or Transportation respectively may exceed the Term for which either of those Punishments could be otherwise awarded.

XI. And be it enacted, That a District or Garrison Courtmartial shall consist of not less than Seven Commissioned Officers, except in Bermuda, the Bahamas, Saint Helena, Africa, Jamaica, Honduras, Newfoundland, the Australian Colonies, the Windward and the Leeward Islands, and the Settlements on the Coast of China, where it may consist of not less than Five Commissioned Officers; and that it shall be lawful for such Court, whether assembled under the Authority of this Act, or of an Act of the present Session of Parliament, for punishing Mutiny and Desertion, and for the better Payment of the Army and their Quarters, to proceed to try any Marine or Marines below the Rank of a Commissioned Officer for any Offence committed by any of them while serving in conjunction with Her Majesty's Land Forces or otherwise, and to sentence any such Marine to any Imprisonment, solitary or otherwise, and with or without hard Labour, or to Corporal Punishment not extending to Life or Limb, for any such Offence; but no such solitary Confinement shall exceed Twentyeight Days at a Time, nor Eighty-four Days in any One Year, with Intervals between the Periods of solitary Confinement of not less Duration than such Periods of solitary Confinement; and such Court may, in addition to either of the said Punishments, sentence a Marine to Forfeiture of all Advantage as to additional Pay, and to Pension on Discharge, which might have otherwise accrued from the Length of his former Service, or to Forfeiture of such Advantage absolutely, whether it might have accrued


from past Service or might accrue from future Service, according to the Nature of the Čase, for disgraceful Conduct in wilfully maiming or injuring himself, or any other Marine at the Instance of such Marine, with Intent to render himself or such other Marine unfit for the Service; in tampering with his Eyes; in malingering, feigning Disease, absenting himself from Hospital whilst under Medical Care, or other gross Violation of the Rules of any Hospital, thereby wilfully producing or aggravating Disease or Infirmity, or wilfully delaying his Cure; in purloining or selling Government Stores; in stealing any Money or Goods the Property of a Comrade, of a Military Officer, or of any Military, Divisional, or Regimental Mess; in producing false or fraudulent Accounts or Returns; in embezzling or fraudulently misapplying Public Money intrusted to him; or for any other disgraceful Conduct, being of a cruel, indecent, unnatural, felonious, or fraudulent Nature; and such Offender may be further put under Stoppages, not exceeding Two Thirds of his daily Pay, until the Amount be made good of any Loss or Damage arising out of his Misconduct; and if any Marine shall be convicted of any such disgraceful Conduct, and shall be sentenced to Forfeiture of his Claim to Pension, the Court may further recommend him to be discharged with Ignominy from Her Majesty's Service; and every such Court shall deprive a Marine, if convicted of the Charge of habitual Drunkenness, of his Liquor, or of his Allowance in lieu of Beer or Liquor, or of any Proportion thereof, or of any Portion of additional or daily Pay, for any Period not exceeding Two Years, subject to Restoration on subsequent good Conduct; and in addition to any such Punishment the Court may, if it shall think fit, sentence such Offender to Imprisonment or to Corporal Punishment; provided that in all the aforegoing Cases the Sentence of a District or Garrison Court-martial shall be confirmed by the General Officer, Governor, or Senior Officer in command of the District, Garrison, Island, or Colony, and that such Court-martial shall not have Power to pass any Sentence of Death or Transportation; and the President of every Court-martial other than a General Court-martial shall be appointed by the Officer convening such Court-martial, and shall not be under the Rank of a Captain, save in the Case of a Detachment Court-martial holden out of Her Majesty's Dominions, or holden on board a Transport Ship, Troop Ship, Convict Ship, or Merchant Vessel.

XIII. And be it enacted, That in Cases of Mutiny and gross Divisional Insubordination, or of any Offences committed on the Line of Courts-martial. March, or on board any Transport Ship, Troop Ship, Convict Ship, or Merchant Vessel, the Offence may be tried by a Divisional or Detachment Court-martial, and the Sentence confirmed and carried into execution on the Spot by the Officer in the immediate Command of the Troops; provided that the Sentence shall not exceed that which a Divisional Court-martial is competent to award; and a Divisional or Detachment Court-martial may try any Marine for habitual Drunkenness, and may sentence any Marine to Imprisonment, with or without hard Labour, for any Period not exceeding Forty Days, or to solitary Confinement not exceeding Twenty Days, or may sentence a Marine to Imprisonment, Part thereof to be with or without hard Labour, and Part thereof

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