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49. An Act to settle an Annuity on Sir Henry Pottinger Baronet,

in consideration of his eminent Services.


50. An Act to facilitate the Recovery of Loans made by the

West India Relief Commissioners.

51. An Act to enable Archbishops and Bishops in Ireland to

charge their Sees with the Costs incurred by them in defence of

their Rights of Patronage, in certain Cases; and also to enable

Tenants for Life and other Persons having limited Interests in

Estates in Ireland to charge said Estates with the Costs in-

curred by them in asserting their Rights to Ecclesiastical

Patronage, in certain Cases.


52. An Act for the Relief of Persons of the Jewish Religion elected

to Municipal Offices.

53. An Act to continue to the First Day of October One thousand

eight hundred and forty-six, and to the End of the then next

Session of Parliament, certain Turnpike Acts.


54. An Act to amend the Laws in force in Ireland for Unions

and Divisions of Parishes; for the Settlement of the Patronage

thereof, and the Celebration of Marriages in the same. 482

55. An Act to continue for Two Years, and to the End of the

then next Session of Parliament, and to amend, an Act of the

Second and Third Years of Her present Majesty, intituled An

Act to extend and render more effectual for Five Years an

Act passed in the Fourth Year of His late Majesty George the

Fourth, to amend an Act passed in the Fiftieth Year of His

Majesty George the Third, for preventing the administering and

taking unlawful Oaths in Ireland.

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