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Ing Words, and without Spirit and Life, unless there was a spiritual Sense in them, as the Soul is in the Body.

197. In the Revelation, Chap. 21. the New Jerusalem is thus described, Her Light was like unto a Stone most precious, even like a Jasper Stone clear as Chryfal; and she had a Wall great and high, baving twelve Gates, and at the Gates twelve Ingels, and Names written thereon, which are the Names of the tweive Tribes of the Children of Ifrasl. And the Wall was an kuwdred and forty-four Cubiis, which is the Measure of a Man, that is, of an Angel; and the Building of the Wall was of Jajpir; and it's Foundations of all Manner of precious Stones, as Faver, Sapphire, Chalcedony, Emerald, Sardonix, Sardius, Chrysolite, Beryl, Topaz, Chrysoprasus, Jacinth, and Amethyst. And the Gates were twelve Pearls; and ihe City was pure Gold, as ii were transparent Glafs; and it was four square ; the Length, and the Breacib, and the Height of it are equal, twelve thousand Furiongs," with many other Circumstances. That all this Defeiption is to be understood fpiritually, appears from hence, that by the New Jerusalem is meant the New Church, which is to be eliablished by the Lord, as is thewn in the APOCALYPSIS Revelata. No. 880; and since by Jerusalem is there fignified the Church, it follows of Consequence, that all Things fpoken of it, as of a City, respecting it's Wall, the Feindations of the Wall, and their Measures contain a spiritud! Sense, inasınuch as all Things relating to the Church are fpiritual, What the Expreslions in the above Description particularly fignify, is thewn in the Apocalypsis Rrvelata, from No. 896 to 925, wlierefore it is neediefs here to repeat the Explanation. It is enough to understand from thence, that there is a spiritual Sense in every part of the Description, as the Soul is in the Body, and that without such a Sense the Expresfions could have no Reference to the Church ; as where it is said that the City was of pure Gold, it's, Gates of Pearls, the Wall of Jasper, the Foundations of the Wall of precious Stones, that the Wall was 144 Cubits, which is the Measure of a Man, that is, an Angel, and that the City was in Length, Breadth, and Height, 12000 Furlongs, with many other Particulars; but whofoever by the Seience of Correspondencies is acquainted with the fpiritual Sense of the Word, he will understand all those Expreslions, and will fee, for lar

stance, that the Wall and it's Foundations fignify the Doctri. nals of the New Church, derived from the literal Sense of the Word; and that the Numbers, 12, 144, 12000, fignify all Things belonging to it, or all it's Truth's and Goods in the Complex.

198. Where the Lord speaketh to his Disciples about the Confummation of the Age, which is the last Time of the Church, at the End of his Predictions concerning it's fucceffive Changes of State, he faith, “ Immediately after the Tribulation of those Days the Sun shall be darkened, and the Moon fhall not give her Light, and ihe Stars shall fall from Heaven, and the Powers of the Heavens shall be saken. And then Ihall appear the Sign of the Son of Man in Heaven; and then shall all the Tribes of the Earth mourn, and they shall see the Son of Man coming in the Clouds of Heaven with Power and great Glory. And he shall send his Angels with a great Sound of a Trumpet, and they shall gather his Elect from the four Winds, from one End of Heaven to the other," Matt. xxiv. 29, 30, 31. By these Words, in their spiritual Sense, is not meant that the Sun and the Moon should be darkened, that the Stars should fall from Heaven, and that the Sign of the Lord should appear in the Heavens, and that he should be seen in the Clouds, attended by his Angels with Trumpets ; but by all these Expreliions are meant spiritual Things relating to the Church, of whose final State or Period they are spoken ; for according to the spiritual Sense, by the Sun, which shall be darkened, is meant Love towards the Lord; by the Moon, which shall not give her Light, is meant Faith towards him; by the Stars which shall fall from Heaven, are meant the Knowledges of Truth and Goodness; by the Sign of the Son of Man in Heaven is meant the Appearance of Divine Truth in the Word from Him; by the Tribes of the Earth, which shall mourn, is meant a Defect of all Truth which is of Faith, and of all Good which is of Love; by the Coming of the Son of Man in the Clouds of Heaven, with Power and great Glory, is meant the Presence and Revelation of the Lord in the Word ; by the Clouds of Heaven is signified the literal Sense of the Word; and by Glory the spiritual Sense; by the Angels with a great Sound of a Trumpet is meant Heaven, whence Divne Truth cometh ; by gathering together the Elect from the four Winds, from one End of Heaven to the other,

is meant the New Heaven aud the New Church, to be formed of those who have Faith towards the Lord, and live according to his Precepts. That in this Paslage we are not to understand the Darkening of the Sun and Moon, and the falling of the Stars upon the Earth, is evident from the Writings of the Prophets, where Mention is made of the fame Circumstances relating to the State of the Church, at the Time when the Lord should come into the World; as in Isaiah, Behold the Day of the Lord cometh, cruel both with Wrath and fierce Anger; for the Stars of Heaven and the Constellations thereof shall not give their Light; the Sun shall be darkened in his going forth, and the Moon shall not cause her Light to mine ; and I will punish the World for their Evil," Chap. xiii. 9, 10, 11; and in Joel, The Day of the Lord cometh, a Day of Darkness and of Gloominess; the Sun and the Moon hall be darkened, and the Stars shall withdraw their Shining," Chap. ii. 2; Chap. iii. 15; and in Ezekiel, I will cover the Heavens, and make the Stars thereof dark, i will cover the Sun with a Cloud, and the Moon mall not give her Light, all the bright Lights of Heaven will I make Darkness over thee, and set Darkness upon thy Land," Chap. xxxii. 7,8. By the Day of the Lord is meant the Lord's Advent, which was at a Time, when there was no longer any Good of Love, or Truth of Faith, remaining in the Church, or any Know- . ledge of the Lord; wherefore it is called a Day of Darkness and Gloominefs.

199. That the Lord, during his Abode in the World, spake by Correspondencies, and thus both spiritually and naturally at the fame Time, may appear from his Parables, in every Word of which there is a spiritual Sense contained, Let us take an Instance from the Parable of the ten Virgins, which runs thus; “ The Kingdom of Heaven is like unto ten Virgins, wbich took their Lamps, and went forth to meet the Bridegroom; and five of them were wife, and five were foolis; they that were foolis took their Lamps, and took no Oil in them; but the wife took Oil in their Vefels with their Lamps. While the Bridegroom tarried, they all sumbered and sept; and at Midnight there was a Cry made, Behold the Bridegroom cometh, go ye out to meet him. Then all those Virgins arose, and trimmed their Lamas; and the foolish said unto the wife, Give us of your Oil, for our Lamps are gone out. But the wise answered, saying, Not so, leji there be not enough for us and you ; but go ye rather to then that Fell, and buy for yourseldes. And while they went to buy, the Bridegroom came; and they that were ready went in with him to the Marriage ; and the Door was shut. Ajterward came also the other Virgins, saying, Lord, Lord, open unto us; bui he a?livered, and said, Verily I say unto you, I know you not,” Matt. xxv. I to 13. That in every part of this Parable there is a spiritual Senie, and consequently, an Holiness of Divinity, can only be seen by those who are assured of the Existence of a ipiritual Sense, and are acquainted with the Nature of it. In the spiritual Sense, by the Kingdom of Heaven, is meant Heaven and the Church; by the Bridegroom, the Lord; by the Marriage, the conjugal Connection of the Lord, with Heaven and the Church, by the Good of Love, and the Truth of Faith; by Virgins, those who are of the Church; by Ten, all; by Five, a certain Part; by Lamps, the Things which are of Faith; by Oil, the Things which are of Love and it's Good; by sleeping and waking, the Life of Man in the World, which is natural, and his Life after Death, whicii is spiritual ; by buying, to procure for themfelves; by going to those that sell, and buying Oil, to procure for themselves the Good of Love from others after Death; and because this is then impracticable, therefore, although they came with their Lamps,

and the Oil they had bought, to the Marriage Door, yet the Bridegroom faid unto them, I know you not; the Reafon is, because Man, at the Period of his Life in this World ; retaineth for ever that Nature and Quality, which he had acquired by that Life. From hence it is evident, that the Lord spake by mere Correspondencies, and this in Consequence of speaking from the Divinity which was in Him and His. Because Virgins fignify those who are of the Church, it is therefrom that in the Prophetical Parts of the Word we find so frequent Mention made of the Virgin and Daughter of Zion, Jerufalem, Judah, and Israel : And because Oil fignifies the Good of Love, therefore all the Holy Things of the Church were anointed with Oil. The Case is similar in Respect to the other Parables, and all the Words spoken by the Lord; and it was from this Ground that the Lord declareth, that his Words are Spirit and Life, John vi. 63.


It is asserted in the Church, that the Word is Holy, inafmuch as the Lord Jehovah fpake it; but because it's Holiness doth not appear in it's literal Sense, therefore, they who once begin to doubt about it's Holiness on that Account, in the future Course of their Reading, confirm their doubts by many Passages they meet with, suggesting these fcrupulous Questions, Can this be Holy? Can this be Divine ? Now to prevent the Influence of such Doubts on Mens Minds, left they should become general, and in Confequence thereof, the Word of God should be rejected as a common trivial Writing, and thereby the Lord's Conjunction with Man should be cut off, it Eth pleased Lord, at this Time to reveal it's spiritual Sense, for the Purpose of discovering to Mankind in what Part of it it's Divine Sanctity lieth concealed. But to illustrate this, let us apply to Examples. In the Word we find frequent Mention made sometimes of Egypt, sometimes of Ashur, fometimes of Edom, of Moab, of the Children of Ammon, of the Philiftines, of Tyre and Sidon, and of Gog; they now, who do not know that by those Names the things of Heaven and of the Church are fignified, may easily be led into an erroneous Notion, that the Word treateth much of People and Nations, and but little of Heaven and the Church, confequently much about earthly Things, and but little about heavenly Things; whereas, were such Persons acquainted with what is fignified by those People and Nations, or by their Names, this might be a Means to lead them out of Error into Truth. In like Manner, when it is observed that in the Word frequent Mention is made of Gardens, Groves, Woods, and also of the Trees that grow, therein, as the Olive, the Vine, the Cedar, the Poplar, and the Oak; and also of Lambs, Sheep, Goats, Calves, Oxen; and likewise of Mountains, Hills, Valleys, Fountains, Rivers, Waters, and the like; he who knoweth Nothing of the spiritual Sense of the Word, must of Necessity be led to suppose, that Nothing further is meant by these Things than what is expresied in the Letter; for he little thinketh, that by a Garden, a Grove, and a Wood, are meant Wifdoin, Intelligence, Science; that by the Olive, the Vine, the Cedar, the Poplar, and the Oak, are mcant the Good and Truth of the Church, under the dif

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