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felves; wherefore had the celestial and spiritual Significations been revealed to them, they would not only have rejected, but also have profaned them; for this Reason, Heaven was so shut up against them, that they scarce knew whether there was such a Thing as eternal Life ; and that such was the Cafe with them, appears evident from the Circumstance, that they did not acknowledge the Lord, although the whole Scripture, throughout prophesied concerning him, and foretold his Com ing; they rejected him folely on that Account, because he inftructed about an heavenly Kingdom, and not about an earthly one ; for they wanted a Messiah, who should exalt them above all Nations in the World, and not a Messiah, who should provide only for their eternal Salvation.

206. The Reason why the Science of Correspondencies, which is the true Key to the spiritual Sense of the Word, was not discovered to later Ages, was, because the Christians of the Primitive Church were Men of such great Simplicity, that it was to no Purpose to discover it to them ; for had it been difcovered, they would have found no Use in it, nor would they have understood it. After those first Ages of Chriftianity, there arose thick Clouds of Darkness, which overspread the whole Chriftian World, first in Consequence of many heretical Opinions propagated in the Church, and soon after in Confequence of the Decrees and Determinations of The COUNCIL OF Nice, concerning the Existence of Three Divine Persons from Eternity, and concerning the Person of Christ, as the Son of Mary, and not as the Son of Jehovah God; hence (prung the present Faith of Juftification, in which Three God's are approached and worshipped, according to their refpective Orders, and on which depend all and every Thing belonging to the present Church, as the Members of the Body depend on the Head ; and because Men applied every part of the Word to confirm this erroneous Faith, therefore the spiritual Sense could not be discovered ; for had it been discovered, they would have applied it also to a Confirmation of the fame Faith, and thereby would have prophaned the very Holy Word, and thus would have shut up Heaven entirely against themselves, and have removed the Lord from the Church.

207. The Reason why the Science of Correspondencies, which is the key to the spiritual sense of the Word, is revealed at this Day, is, because the Divine Truths of the Church are now coming to Light, and of these the spiritual Senseof the Word confifteth; and whilft these are in Man, the literal Sense of the Word cannot be perverted; for the literal Sense is capable of being turned any Way, but if it be turned to favour the False, then it's internal Sanctity is destroyed, and the external along with it, whereas, if it be turned to favour the Truth, then the Sanctity is preserved ; more, however will be faid on this Subject hereafter. That the spi. ritual Sense of the Word should be opened now, at this Time, is fignificd by John seeing Heaven open, and the White Horse ; and also by his seeing and hearing the Angel who ftood in the Sun, calling all people together to a great Supper, Rev. xix. 11 to 18. But that it would not be acknow. Jedged for some Time, is signified by the Beafts and the Kings of the Earth, who were about to make War with bin that fat on the White Horse; Rev. xix. 19; and also by the Dragon, which persecuted the Woman, that brought forth the Man-Child, into the Wilderness, and cast out of his Mouth Water as a flood after her, that he might cause her to be carried away of the Flood. Rev. xii. 13 to 17.



The Reason is, because no one can see the spiritual Sense, except it be given him by the Lord alone, and except he be under the Influence of Divine Truths from the Lord; for the spiritual Sense of the Word treateth folely of the Lord and of his Kingdom, and it is that Senfe which prevaileth in his Angels in Heaven, for it is his Divine Truth there; this it is poffible for Man to violate, fupposing him versed in the Science of Correspondencies, and desirous thereby to explore the spiritual Sense of the Word, under the Influence of his own proper Intelligence alone, for by fome Correspondencies, with which he is acquainted, he may pervert the spiritual Sense, and force it even to confirm what is False; and this vould be to offer Violence to Divine Truth, and consequently

to Heaven also, which is it's Place of Abode; wherefore if any one meaneth to open that Sense by Virtue of his own Power,' and not of the Lord's, Heaven is closed against him ; in which Case, he either loseth fight of all Truth, or falls into fpiritual Insanity. To this may be added another Reafon, viz. That the Lord teacheth every one by Means of the Word, and groundeth his Teaching on the Knowledgis which Man is in Poffeffion of, never infuling new ones immediately; wherefore, unless a Man be under the Influence of Divine Truths, or if he be only under the Influence of a f-w Truthy, and of Falses at the same Time, he may faláty Truths by Falses, as is the case with every Heretic with Regard even to the literal Sense of the Word. To prevent, therefore, any Person from entering into the spiritual Sense, and perverting genuine Truth, which belongeth to that Sense, there are Guards fet by the Lord, which are fignified in the Word by Cherubims.


In the natural World no such wonderful Phänomena result from the Word, because the spiritual Sense doth not there appear; nor is it received inwardly by Man, according to it's own proper Nature and Quality ; but in the spiritual World there are Wonderful Phænomeną resulting froin the Word, because all in that World are fpiritual, and spiritual Things affect the spiritual Man, as natural Things do the natural Man. The wonderful Phänomena resulting from the Word in the fpiritual World are many, of which I shall here mention a few. The Word itself, kept in the most facred Parts of the Temples in that World, shineth in the Light of the Angels like a Star of the first Magnitude, and sometimes like the Sun, and from the bright Radiance with which it is encom, passed, there is also an Appearance as of beautiful Rainbows formed round about it; this Phænomenon is evident, as foon as ever the facred Repository of the Word is opened. That all and every particular Truth of the Word emit a bright shining Light was made manifest to me from this Circumstance, tliat when any single Verse out of the Word is transcribed on Paper, and the Paper is thrown up into the Air, the Paper itself emitteth a bright Light, of the faine Form with that in


which it was cut out, so that Spirits have the Power of produc. ing, by the Word, a Variety of bright lucid Figures, and also of Birds and Fishes. But what is still more wonderful, if any Perfon rubs his Face, his Hande, or Cloaths, against the Word, when it is open, so as to touch the Writing with them, his Face, Hands, and Cloaths emit a shining Light, just as if he stood encompassed with the Radiance of a Star; this I have often seen and wondered at ; and hence it was evident to me, what occafioned the Face of Moses to thine, when he brought the Tables of the Covenant down from Mount Sinai.

Besides these, are many other wonderful Phænomena result, ing from the Word in the spiritual World; as for Instance, if any Perfon, who is under the Influence of Falfes, looketh at the Word as it lieth in it's holy Repository, there ariseth a thick Darkness before his Eyes, in Consequence whereof, the Word appears to him of a black Colour, and sometimes as if it was covered with Soot; but if the same Person touch. eth the Word, it occasioneth an (k) Explosion, attended with a loud Noite, and he is thrown to a Corner of the Room, where he lieth, for about the Space of an Hour, as if he was dead. If any Paffage be transcribed out of the Word on a Piece of Paper, by à Person who is under the Influence of Falses, and the Paper be thrown up towards Heaven, instantly the fame Explosion is occafioned in the Air, between his Eye and Heaven, and the Paper is torn to Pieces, and vanisheth from the Sight; and the like happens if the Paper be thrown into a Corner of the Room, as I have often feen by Experiment. Hence it appeared to me, that those Persons who are under the Influence of the Falses of Doctrine, have no Coinmunication with Heaven by Means of the Word, but that their Reading is difpersed in the Way, and vanisheth like Gunpowder made up in Paper, when it is fet on Fire, and goeth off in the Air. The very reverse happens with those who are under the Influence of the Truth of Doctrine, by Means of the Word, from the Lord; their Reading of the Word penetrates even into Heaven, and occafioneth Conjunc tion with the Angels therein. The Angels themfelves, when they defcend from Heaven, to execute any Bafinefs below, appear beset with finall Stars, particularly about the Head,

(k) See the Memorable Relation, No. 162, towards the Endo

which is a sign that they are inwardly replenished with Dia vine Truths from the Lord.

Moreover, in the Spiritual World, there are Existencies fimilar to those on Earth, but all and every Thing therein is derived from a fpiritual Origin; so, amongft other Things, there is Gold and Silver, and precious Stones of all kinds, whose fpiritual Origin is the literal Sense of the Word; hence it is, that in the Revelation, the Foundations of the Wall of the New Jerusalem are described by twelve precious Stones, because by the Foundations of it's Wall are signified the Doctainals of the New Church, derived from the literal Sense of the Word; hence, likewise, it is, that in Aaron's Ephod there were also twelve precious Stones, called Urim and Thummim, and that by Means of these, Responses were given out of Heaven. Besides these, there are ftill many more wonderful Phænomena resulting from the Word, which respect the Power of Truth thcrein, and which is so extraordinary, that the Description of it would surpass all Belief; for the Power of Truth in the Word is such, that it overturns Mountains and Hills in the spiritual World, and removes them to a great Distance, and cafts them into the Sea, with many other Circumstances; in fhort, the Power of the Lord, by Virtue of the Word, is infinite.


That the Literal Sense of the Word is the Basis, the Canti

nent, and the Firmament (1) of it's Spiritual and Celeftial Sense.

210. In every Thing Divine, there is a First, a Middle, and a Last, and the First passes through the Middle to the Laft, and thereby exifteth and fubfifteth; hence the Last is

(!) The Word Continent is here used to fignify that which containeth any Thing, being derived from the Latin Word continico, which figni. fies to contain; and the Word Firnament is used to signify that which fupporteth, or secureth any Thing from the Latin Word firmo, which fignifies to support or secure. This Information may be necessary for the Reader, who is unacquainted with the Latin Tongue, in order to explain to him the true and full Meaning of the Terms, Continent and Firmament, as here applied by the Author,

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