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fhalt not covet thy neigh- to all my betters: To hurt

bour's wife, nor his fervant, nor his maid, nor his ox, nor his afs, nor any thing that

is his.

Queft. What doft thou chiefly learn by these commandments?

Anfw. I learn two things; my duty towards God, and my duty towards my Neighbour.

Quest. What is thy duty towards God?

no body by word or deed: To be true and juft in all my dealings: To bear no malice nor hatred in my heart: To keep my hands from picking and ftealing, and my tongue from evil fpeaking, lying, and flandering: To keep my body in temperance, foberness, and chaftity: Not to covet nor defire other men's goods; but to learn and labour truly to get mine own living, and to do my duty in that state of life unto which it fhall please God to call me.

Anfw. My duty towards God is, to believe in him; to fear him; and to love him with all my heart, with all Catechift. My good child, my mind, with all my foul, know this, that thou art not and with all my ftrength; to able to do these things of thyworship him; to give him felf, nor to walk in the Comthanks; to put my whole mandments of God, and to truft in him; to call upon ferve him, without his fpecial him; to honour his holy Grace, which thou must learn Name and his Word; and at all times to call for by dito ferve him truly all the ligent Prayer: Let me hear, days of my life.

therefore, if thou canst say Queft. What is thy duty the Lord's Prayer. towards thy Neighbour?

Anfw. My duty towards my Neighbour is, to love him as myfelf, and to do to all men as I would they fhould do unto me: To love, honour, and fuccour my father and mother: To honour and obey the Civil Authority: To fubmit myself to all my governors, teachers, fpiritual paftors, and masters: To order myself lowly and reverently

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UR Father, who art in Heaven, Hallowed be thy Name; Thy Kingdom come; Thy will be done on Earth, as it is in Heaven: Give us this day our daily bread; And forgive us our trefpaffes, as we forgive those who trefpafs againft us; And lead us not into temptation; But deliver us from evil. Amen.


of God in this Prayer?

Queft. What defireft thou us; ordained by Chrift himfelf; as a means whereby we receive the fame, and a pledge to affure us thereof.

Anfw. I defire my Lord God, our heavenly Father, who is the giver of all goodnefs, to fend his grace unto me and to all people; that we may worship him, ferve him, and obey him, as we ought to do: And I pray unto God, that he will fend us all things that are needful both for our fouls and bodies; and that he will be merciful unto us, and forgive us our fins; and that it will please him to fave and defend us in all dangers both of foul and body; and that he will keep us from all fin and wickednefs, and from our fpiritual enemy, and from everlafting death: And this I truft he will do of his mercy and goodnefs, through our Lord Jefus Chrift; and therefore I fay, Amen So be it.

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Queft. How many parts are there in a Sacrament?

Anfw. Two; the outward vifible fign, and the inward fpiritual grace.

Queft. What is the outward vifible fign or form in Baptism ?

Anfw. Water; wherein the perfon is baptized, In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Queft. What is the inward and fpiritual grace?

Anfw. A death unto fin, and a new birth unto righteoufnefs: For being by nature born in fin, and the children of wrath, we are hereby made the children of grace.

Queft. What is required of perfons to be baptized?

Anfw. Repentance, whereby they forfake fin; and Faith, whereby they ftedfaftly believe the promises of God made to them in that Sacrament.

Quest. Why then are Infants baptized, when by reafon of their tender age they cannot perform them?

Anfw. Because they promise them both by their fureties; which promife, when they come to age, themselves are bound to perform.

Queft. Why was the Sacra


ment of the Lord's Supper fits whereof we are partakers

ordained ?

Anf. For the continual remembrance of the facrifice of the death of Chrift, and of

the benefits which we receive thereby.

Queft. What is the outward part or fign of the Lord's Supper?

Anfw. Bread and Wine, which the Lord hath commanded to be received. Quest. What is the inward part or thing fignified?


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Anfw: To examine themfelves, whether they repent them truly of their former fins, ftedfaftly purposing to Anfw. The Body and Blood lead a new life, have a lively of Chrift, which are fpiritu- faith in God's mercy, through ally taken and received by the Chrift, with a thankful refaithful in the Lord's Supper. membrance of his death; and Quest. What are the bene- be in charity with all men.

The Minifter of every Parish shall diligently upon Sundays and Holy-days, or on fome other convenient occafions, openly in the Church, inftruct or examine fo many Children of his Parish, fent unto him, as be fhall think convenient, in fome part of this Catechifm.

And all Fathers, Mothers, Mafters, and Miftreffes fhall caufe their Children, Servants, and Apprentices, who have not learned their Catechifm, to come to the Church at the time appointed, and obediently to hear, and to be ordered by the Minifter, until fuch time as they have learned all that is here appointed for

them to learn.

So foon as Children are come to a competent age, and ean fay the Creed, the Lord's Prayer, and the Ten Commandments, and can anfwer to the other questions of this fhort Catechism, they fhall be brought to the Bishop.

¶ And whenfoever the Bishop fhall give knowledge for Children to be brought unto him for their Confirmation, the Minifter of every Parifh fhall either, bring, or fend in writing, with bis band fubfcribed thereunto, the Names of all fuch Perfons within his Parish, as he shall think fit to be prefented to the Bishop to be confirmed.


Or Laying on of Hands upon thofe that are baptized, and come to Years of Difcretion.

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Upon the Day appointed, all ¶ Then fhall the Bishop fay, that are to be then confirmed,

being placed and flanding in Dye here, in the pre

order before the Bishop; be, or fome other Minifter appointed by him, fhall read this Preface following:


O the end that Confirmation may be miniftered to the more edifying of fuch as fhall receive it, the Church hath thought good to order, that none fhall be confirmed, but fuch as can say the Creed, the Lord's Prayer, and the Ten Commandments; and can also answer to fuch other Questions, as in the fhort Catechifm are contained: Which Order is very convenient to be observed; to the end that children, being now come to the years of difcretion, and having learned what their Godfathers and Godmothers promised for them in Baptism, may themselves, with their own mouth and confent, openly before the Church ratify and confirm the fame ; and also promife, that, by the grace of God, they will evermore endeavour themselves faithfully to obferve fuch things as they, by their own confeffion, have affented unto.

this Congregation, renew the fence of God, and of folemn promise and vow that ye made, or that was made in your name, at your Baptism; ratifying and confirming the fame; and acknowledging yourselves bound to believe and to do all those things which ye then undertook, or your Sponsors then undertook for you?

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UR help is in the Name
of the Lord;
Anfw. Who hath made

heaven and earth.

Bishop. Bleffed be the Name

of the Lord.

Anfw. Henceforth world

without end.

Bishop. Lord hear our

come unto thee.
Bishop. Let us pray.

Anfw. And let our cry


LMIGHTY and evervouchfafed to regenerate these living God, who hast thy fervants by Water and the Holy Ghoft, and haft given


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unto them forgiveness of all thy Name; Thy Kingdom their fins; ftrengthen them, come; Thy Will be done on we beseech thee, O Lord, with Earth, as it is in Heaven: the Holy Ghoft, the Com- Give us this day our daily forter; and daily increase in bread; And forgive us our them thy manifold gifts of trefpaffes, as we forgive those grace; the fpirit of wifdom who trespass against us; And and understanding, the fpirit lead us not into temptation; of counsel and ghoftly ftrength, But deliver us from evil. the spirit of knowledge and Amen. true godliness; and fill them, O Lord, with the spirit of thy holy fear, now and for ever. Amen.

Then all of them in order kneeling before the Bishop, he fhall lay his Hands upon the Head of every one feverally, faying,

EFEND, O Lord, this thy Child, [or, this thy Servant] with thy heavenly grace; that he may continue thine for ever, and daily increafe in thy Holy Spirit more and more, until he come unto thy everlafting Kingdom.

Then fhall the Bishop fay,
The Lord be with you.
Anfw. And with thy fpirit.

And all kneeling down, the
Bishop fhall add,


Let us pray.
UR Father, who art in
Heaven, Hallowed be



¶ And this Collect.

LMIGHTY and everliving God, who makest us both to will and to do thofe things which are good, and acceptable unto thy Divine Majefty; we make our humble fupplications unto thee for these thy fervants, upon whom, after the example of thy holy Apoftles, we have now laid our hands; to certify them, by this fign, of thy favour and gracious goodness towards them. Let thy Fatherly hand, we beseech thee, ever be over them: Let thy Holy Spirit ever be with them: And fo lead them in the knowledge and obedience of thy Word, that in the end they may obtain everlasting life, through our Lord Jefus Chrift; who, with thee and the Holy Ghoft, liveth and reigneth ever one God, world without end. Amen.

O Almighty

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