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Here the Minifter shall examine bim concerning his Faith, and rebearfe the Articles of the Creed, Doft thou believe in -God, &r.·

by the fraud and malice of the devil, or by his own carnal will and frailnefs. Confider his contrition; accept his repentance; and forafmuch as

And the Criminal shallanficer, he putteth his full truft only All this I ftedfastly believe in thy mercy, impute not

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Then the Minifter fhall fay,.

unto him his former fins, but Then fhall the Minifler exa- ftrengthen him with thy blefmine whether he repent him fed Spirit; and when thou art truly of bis fins, exhorting him pleafed to take him hence, to a particular Confeffion of the take him unto thy favour: fin for which he is condemned; This we beg through thy meand upon Confeffion, he shall rits, O Lord, our Saviour and inftruct him what fatisfaction our Redeemer. Amen. ought to be made to those whom he has offended thereby; and if be knoweth any combinations in wickedness, or any evil practices defigned against others, let him be admonished to the utmost of his power to difcover and prevent them. After bis Confeffion, the Minifter fhall declare to him the pardoning mercy of God, in the Form which is used in the

Communion Service.

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O God

Father of mercies and God of all comfort'; we fly unto thee for fuccour in behalf of this thy fervant, who is now under the fentence of condemnation. The day of his calamity is at hand, and he is accounted as one of those who go down into the pit. Bleffed Lord, remember thy mercies; look upon his infirmities; hear the voice of his complaint; give him, we beseech thee, patience in this his time of adversity, and fupport under the terrors which encompass him; fet before his eyes the things he hath done in the body, which have juftly provoked thee to anger; and forafmuch as his continuance appeareth to be fhort amongst us, quicken

After which shall be faid the Collect following, Holy Jefus, who of thine infinite goodness, didft accept the converfion of a finner on the crofs; open thine eye of mercy upon this thy fervant, who defireth pardon and forgivenefs, though in his latest hour he turneth unto thee. Renew in him whatsoever hath been decayed him fo much the more by thy


grace and holy Spirit; that ¶ Then the Minifter fhall fay, he, being converted and re

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conciled unto thee, before Almighty God, who T is a most strong tower thy judgments have cut him to all those who put their trust off from the earth, may at the in him; to whom all things hour of his death depart in in heaven, in earth, and under peace, and be received into the earth, do bow and obey; thine everlafting kingdom, be now and evermore thy dethrough Jefus Chrift our fence: and make thee know Lord. Amen. and feel that there is none other name under heaven given to man, in whom and through whom thou mayest receive falvation, but only the name of our Lord Jefus Christ. Amen.

Adding this.

Saviour of the world, who by thy crofs and precious blood haft redeemed us, fave us and help us, we humbly befeech thee, O Lord.

Then the Minifter, fanding,
Shall fay,


N the midft of life we are in death: Of whom may we feek for fuccour, but of thee, O Lord, who for our fins art juftly difpleased?

Yet, O Lord God moft holy, O Lord most mighty,



And after that shall fay, NTO God's gracious mercy and protection we commit thee: The Lord bless thee and keep thee: The Lord make his face to fhine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee: The Lord lift up his countenance upon thee, now and evermore. and give thee peace, both

O holy and moft merciful Sa-¶ At the time of Execution, beviour, deliver us not into the bitter pains of eternal death.

Thou knoweft, Lord, the fecrets of our hearts: Shut not thy merciful ears to our prayers; but fpare us, Lord moft holy, O God moft mighty, O holy and merciful Saviour, thou most worthy Judge eternal, fuffer us not, at our

laft Hour, for any pains of

death to fall from thee.

fides all, or fuch parts of the foregoing Office as the Minifter fhall judge proper, shall be faid the Commendatory Prayer for a Perfon at the point of Departure, as it is in the Vifitation of the Sick. The Collect for the Communion

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we beseech thee to have mer-A Prayer for Imprisoned cy upon this thy fervant, who Debtors. for his tranfgreffions is ap- OST gracious God, pointed to die. Grant that look down in pity and he may take thy judgments compaffion upon these thine patiently, and repent him afflicted fervants, who are . truly of his fins; that he re- fallen under the mifery of a covering thy favour, the clofe reftraint. Give them fearful reward of his actions always a deep fenfe of their may end with this life; and fins, and of thy fatherly love whenfoever his foul fhall de- and correction; and the more part from the body, it may be without fpot prefented unto thee, through Jefus Chrift our Lord. Amen.

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their confinement preffeth hard upon them, the more let the comforts of thy grace and mercy abound towards them.. Give to their Creditors tendernefs and compaffion, and to them a meek and forgiving fpirit towards all thofe who have confined them, and a full purpofe to repair which others have fuftained all the injuries and loffes by them. Raife them up friends to pity and relieve them; give them the continued comfort of thy countenance here; and fo fanctify their afflictions, that they may work for them an eternal weight of glory, through the merits and mediation of Jefus Chrift thy Son our

ERILY, verily, I fay unto you, He that heareth my word, and believeth on him that fent me, hath everlafting life, and fhall not come into condemnation; but is paffed from death unto life. Lord. Amen.

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To Almighty God, for the Fruits of the Earth, and all the other Bleffings of his merciful Providence; to be used yearly on the First Thursday in November, or on fuch other Day as shall be appointed by the Civil Authority.

The Service fhall be as ufual, except where it is hereby other wife appointed

Among the Sentences at the Beginning of Morning Prayer hall be the following:

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ONOUR the Lord with thy fubftance, and with the first fruits of all thine increase: So fhall thy barns be filled with plenty, and thy preffes fhall burft out with new wine. Prov. iii. 9, 10.

The Lord by wisdom hath founded the earth; by understanding hath he established the heavens. By his knowledge the depths are broken up, and the clouds drop down the dew. Prov. iii. 19, 20.

The eternal God is thy refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms. Deut. xxxiii. 27.

Ifrael then fhall dwell in fafety alone; the fountain of Jacob fhall be upon the land of corn and of wine, alfo his heaven fhall drop down dew. Deut. xxxiii. 28.

Happy art thou, O Ifrael; who is like unto thee, O peo

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RAISE ye the Lord; for it is good to fing praises unto our God; for it is pleafant, and praife is comely.

The Lord doth build up Jerufalem; he gathereth together the outcafts of Ifrael.

He healeth thofe that are broken in heart, and bindeth up their wounds.

He covereth the heaven with clouds, and prepareth rain for the earth; he maketh the grafs to grow upon the mountains.

He giveth to the beaft his: food; and to the young ravens which cry.


Thanksgiving for the Fruits of the EARTH.

Praise the Lord, O Jerufa- Lord; to whom, with thee Jem: Praise thy God, O Sion. and the Holy Ghoft, be all For he hath ftrengthened glory and honour, world withthe bars of thy gates; he hath put end. Amen.

bleffed thy children within The Collect to be ufed infead


He maketh peace in thy borders, and filleth thee with the fineft of the wheat.

Then fhall be faid or fung one of the Selections, or fome other • portion of the Pfalms, at the difcretion of the Minifter.

The First Leffon fhall be,
Deut. viii; and the Second
Leffon fhall be, 1 Theff. v.

12 to 24.

After the General Thankfgiving, shall be faid this which followeth :

OST gracious God, by MOST

whole knowledge the depths are broken up and the clouds drop down the dew; we yield theeunfeigned thanks and praife, as for all thy mercies, fo especially for the returns of Seed-time and Harveft, and for crowning the year with thy goodness, in the increase of the ground and the gathering in of the fruits thereof. And we beseech thee, give us a juft fenfe of this great mercy; fuch as may appear in our lives, by an humble, holy, and obedient walking before thee all our days, through Jefus Chrift our


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of that for the day. Moft merciful Father, who haft bleffed the labours of the husbandman in the returns of the fruits of the earth; we give thee humble and hearty thanks for this thy bounty; befeeching thee to continue thy loving kindness to us; that our land may ftill yield her increase, to thy glory and our comfort, through Jefus Chrift our Lord. Amen.

The Epiftle. St. James i. 16. D brethren: every good

O not my beloved

gift and every perfect gift is from above; and cometh down from the Father of Lights, with whom is no variableness, neither fhadow of turning. Of his own will begat he us of the word of truth, that we fhould be a kind of firft fruits of his creatures. Wherefore, my beloved brethren, let every man be fwift to hear, flow to fpeak, flow to wrath for the wrath of man worketh not the righteoufnefs of God. Wherefore lay apart all filthiness and fuperfluity of naughtiness, and receive with meeknefs the engrafted word which is able to

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