Bulletin of the International Labour Office, 3. köide

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Contains the full text of, or extracts from, all laws and orders concerning the protection of insurance of the working classes, and bibliographies of labor legislation and labor statistics (in v. 1-2, 4-13); the bibliographies in v. 1-2 are paged consecutively with the volumes; in v. 4-13 they are in the form of supplements, which are bound at the end of each volume.

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Page 90 - ... and if served by post shall be deemed to have been served at the time when the letter containing the same would have been delivered in the ordinary...
Page 93 - ... where total or partial incapacity for work results from the injury, a weekly payment during the incapacity after the second week not exceeding fifty per cent of his average weekly earnings during the previous twelve months, if he has been so long employed, but if not, then for any less period during which he has been in the employment of the same employer, such weekly payment not to exceed one pound.
Page 92 - If the workman leaves any dependants wholly dependent upon his earnings at the time of his death, a sum equal to his earnings in the employment of the same employer during the three years next preceding the injury...
Page 160 - Act, convicted of any offence, and ordered to he imprisoned without the option of a fine or to suffer any greater punishment. he shall be disqualified for receiving or continuing to receive an old age pension under this Act while he is detained in prison in consequence of the order, and for a further period of ten years after the date on which he is released from prison.
Page 91 - ... provisions of the scheme shall be substituted for the provisions of this Act, and thereupon the employer shall be liable only in accordance with the scheme, but save as aforesaid, this Act shall apply notwithstanding any contract to the contrary made after the commencement of this Act.
Page 92 - Societies in the event of a difference of opinion. (6) Whenever a scheme has been certified as aforesaid, it shall be the duty of the employer to answer all such inquiries, and to furnish all such accounts in regard to the scheme as may be made or required by the Registrar of Friendly Societies.
Page 283 - The hours of employment, sex, age, qualification, or status of workers, and the mode, terms, and conditions of employment; (c) The employment of children or young persons, or of any person or persons or class of persons, in any industry, or the dismissal of or refusal to employ any particular person or persons or class of persons therein ; (d...
Page 162 - Parliament as soon as may be after they are made, and, if an address is presented to His Majesty by either House of Parliament within the next subsequent forty days on which that house has sat...
Page 284 - By winding-up, either voluntarily under the supervision of the court or by the court, if the court shall so order, on the petition of any member...
Page 282 - means all matters or things affecting or relating to work done, or to be done, or the privileges, rights, and duties of employers or workers in any industry, and not involving questions which are or may be the subject of proceedings for an indictable offence...

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