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German Empire : Associations Act. 19th April, 1908

Notification relating to the employment of women in fruit preserving factories.

Ist May, 1908

Notification relating to the establishment and management of works where the

manufacture of electric accumulators from lead or lead compounds is carried on.

6th May, 1908

The Accident Insurance Department of the Imperial Insurance office to the

governing bodies of the Industrial Trade Associations and to the Hanoverian,

Westphalian and Rhenish Agricultural Trade Associations. 25th January,


Prussia : Decree of the Minister of Public Works addressed to the Royal Railway

Boards issuing regulations respecting systematic periods of work and rest for

employees in the railway service. 31st December, 1906

Decree respecting precautions to be taken for the protection of workmen employed

on buildings. 17th July, 1907

Decree respecting permits for foreign workmen. 21st December, 1907, and

16th January, 1908

Decree respecting the construction and use of hoists (lifts).' 17th March, 1908

Decree respecting the manufacture, storage and use in manufacturing processes

of sulphuric ether. 24th March, 1908

Decree respecting the Police Order relating to the establishment, management

and supervision of works where electric currents are used. 25th March, 1908

Decree respecting lead-poisoning in fringe-knitting establishments. 30th March,


Decree respecting the employment of stokers. 8th April, 1908

Bavaria : Royal Decree relating to the administration of the accident insurance laws.

14th July, 1907

Wurtemburg : Instructions amending the instructions for the enforcement of the

Industrial Code of 26th March, 1892, and the instructions for the enforcement of

the Protection of Children Act of roth December, 1903. 12th September, 1905

Instructions relating to industrial inspection. 13th November, 1905

Notification relating to the classes of persons insured under the Invalidity In-

surance Act. 4th January, 1906

Instructions relating to establishments where painting, decorating, plastering,

coopering or varnishing is carried on. 11th January, 1906 .

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