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Editors of the Observatory, 1893

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Page 33 - THE VISIBLE UNIVERSE. Chapters on the Origin and Construction of the Heavens. By JE GORE, FRAS, Author of" Star Groups,
Page 281 - I resolved to examine every star in the heavens with the utmost attention and a very high power, that I might collect such materials for this research as would enable me to fix my observations upon those that would best answer my end.
Page 281 - as containing several stars, three of which (now known to be four) are very near together. " With this small stock I begun, and in the course of a few years' observations have collected the stars contained in my catalogue.
Page 55 - It thus appears that a long extended group of meteor-particles must accompany the comet in its periodical revolution, preceding it to a distance of 300 millions of miles in front, and following it to a length of 200 millions of miles in the rear of its actual position, or occupying, if there is no reason to suppose this elongated meteor-current discontinuous, fully 500 millions of mües in its observed length along the comet's path.
Page 196 - ATLAS OF CLASSICAL GEOGRAPHY. A New and Enlarged Edition. Constructed from the best materials, and embodying the results of the most recent investigations, accompanied by a complete INDEX OF PLACES, in which the proper quantities are given by T.
Page 425 - These strata of increased density will in projection be made manifest in the form of luminous and nearly concentric arcs whose greatest brilliancy will, in general, be near the most advanced part of each stratum, and gradually diminish in brightness as they curve away to form the comet's tail. 6. The coronal matter, owing to its retardation, grows so dense that it also becomes visible, and with the comet's atmosphere, is finally driven into the tail by the repeated bombardment of unretarded following...
Page 130 - Considerable air movement, even in the middle of summer, which promotes evaporation and tempers the solar heat ; (7) The presence of a large amount of atmospheric electricity. Thus the climate of...

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