The Journal of Geology

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Thomas Chrowder Chamberlin
University of Chicago Press, 1913
Vols. for 1893-1923 includes section: "Reviews."

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Page 573 - Cambrian Geology and Paleontology. II. No. 10. Group Terms for the Lower and Upper Cambrian Series of Formations. [Smithsonian Miscellaneous Collections, Vol.
Page 586 - As the components of a system there are to be chosen the smallest number of independently variable constituents by means of which the composition of each phase participating in the state of equilibrium can be expressed in the form of a chemical equation.
Page 207 - Rosenbusch,4 which has been developed 1 Published with the permission of the Director of the US Geological Survey.
Page 586 - We shall therefore define the number of degrees of freedom of a system as the number of the variable factors, temperature, pressure, and concentration of the components, which must be arbitrarily fixed in order that the condition of the system may be perfectly defined.
Page 66 - Rev., 3, pp. 81, 177; 1895. distance of 2 cm. The results of the measurements on platinum are given in the following table: From the above table it will be seen that if the temperature of a platinum surface is measured with a polarizing pyrometer large errors may result if the effect of polarized light is neglected. Thus, if the surface be viewed at an angle of 50° with the normal, two readings may be obtained differing from one another by 80° C. at...
Page 635 - In this example the tail is also pointed and graduated. About seven of the outer primaries of the wing are shown with great distinctness, and two others can be easily made out The third primary is the longest; the second is slightly shorter; the first and fourth are about equal. There are also in the collection three detached contour feathers of small size, but whether pertaining to the same species as the other specimens cannot, of course, be determined.
Page 276 - The former demand the assumption of great horizontal diminution of the space covered by the disturbed strata, and suggest lateral pressure as the immediate force concerned; the latter involve little horizontal diminution, and suggest the application of vertical pressure from below.
Page 5 - The Table I comprises typical analyses4 of the waters from zinc mines both in Europe and in America, and of the waters from wells in the zinc district of Joplin, Mo. The figures given are all in parts per million. On inspection of these data, it will be noted that sulphur in all cases...
Page 586 - Findlay ('04, pp. 8-18) will assist in gaining some of the general ideas involved in this subject: A heterogenous system is made up of different portions, each in itself homogeneous, but marked off in space and separated from the other portions by bounding surfaces. These homogeneous, physically distinct and mechanically separable portions are called phases.
Page 276 - ... commonly by faulting, exceptionally by flexure. In the latter, few eruptive rocks occur ; in the former, volcanic phenomena abound, and are intimately associated with ridges of upheaval. The regular alternations of curved...

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