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Baines, Mr. Edward, on the condition

of New Lanark, i. 101
Baines, Mr., African traveller, i. 405
Baker, Mr., of Kew, ii. 13. See note
Baker, Professor James H., of Denver

High School, ii. 155
Balfour, Professor, A. R. Wallace calls

on, ii. 405
Balfour, Right Hon. A. J., on the land

question, ii. 254 ; séances at, ii. 334
Bali, i. 356
Ball, Sir Robert, on “Cause of the Ice

Age,” ii. 216, 387
Baltimore, A. R. Wallace lectures at,

ii. 113, 114
Banda, i. 357, 369
Banka, A. R. Wallace goes to, i. 376
Banner of Light, Boston, A. R. Wallace

writes letter to, ii. 340
Barking, A. R. Wallace takes a house

at, i. 416 ; ii. 90
Barra, Brazil, A. R. Wallace's expedi-

tion to, i. 281
Barrett, Professor, ii. 34 ; paper on

thought reading at the meeting of
the British Association, ii. 49 ; founds

Psychical Research Society, ii. 49
Barry, Mr., his designs for Houses of

Parliament, i. 189
Bartholomew's “Specifications for

Practical Architecture,” i, 189
Bartlett, Mr., i. 384
Barton-in-the-Clay, William and A. R.

Wallace land-surveying at, i. 106;

description of, i. III, 118
Batavia, i. 376
Batchian, A. R. Wallace's residence at,

i. 365, 367, 395
Bates, Henry Walter, entomologist, A.

R. Wallace's first meeting with, i.
237 ; extracts from correspondence
with, i. 254, 256 ; undertakes an
expedition to Brazil with A. R.
Wallace, i. 264, 266; the voyage
out, i. 267; nurses Herbert Wallace
with yellow fever and catches it him-
self, i. 282; collecting on the
Amazon, i. 326 ; letters from A. R.
Wallace to, i. 349-354, 358, 373,
377 ; on mimicry in animals, i. 407;
becomes assistant secretary of the

Royal Geographical Society, i. 415 ;
visits Darwin, ii. 1; consulted by
Darwin on colouring of caterpillars,
ii. 3; first meeting with Herbert
Spencer, ii. 23; urges Wallace to
investigate spiritualism, ii. 282 ; is
assistant examiner in Physical Geo-

graphy, ii. 406
Bateson, Mr., A. R. Wallace criticizes,

ii. 213; on Utility, ii. 215
Bay of Biscay, storm in the, i. 267
Beacon, The, on “Bad Times," ii.

Beacons, the, in Brecknockshire, i.

160 ; account of, i. 162-165, 249 ;
walk to, i. 251-253
Beal, Professor, of Michigan, ii. 186
Beane, river, i. 34, 35
Beau Brummell, i. 7
Becca de Nona, excursion to, i. 413
Beddgelert, excursion to, ii. 403, 404
Bedford, i. 117, 118, 129
Bedfordshire, William and A. R. Wal-

lace land-surveying in, i. 106-117
Beecher, Henry Ward, ii. 122
Bees' cells, Mr. Haughton on, ii. 87 ;

A. R. Wallace on,
Beetles, collecting, at Bukit Tima, i.

338 ; at Sarawak, i. 351 ; collected
in three and a half years, i. 360 ;

difficulty in obtaining, i. 379
Bell, Arthur J., A. R. Wallace on the

works of, ii. 37, 38
Bellamy, Mr. E., reference to Social-

ism of, ii. 199 ; his “Looking Back-

considered, ii. 266; his
Equality” considered, ii. 268-271
Bellew, Mr. J., ii. 318, 324
Belt, Mr., on protective leaves, ii. 65,

Bencoolen, i. 376
Bengeo, picturesque village, i. 35
Beni, river, i. 320
Bennett, A. W., his paper on “The

Theory of Natural Selection from a
Mathematical Point of View," ii.

ii. 390


Bennett, Mr. E. T., ii. 277
Bentham, Jeremy, co-shareholder with

Robert Owen, i. 98
Berkhampstead, i. 135

i. 329

ii. 174

Bermuda, ii. 100

Boisduval, Dr., his book on butterflies,
Bernheim, Dr., on Lourdes, ii. 307
Berry, Mrs. Catherine, ii. 277

Bombay, i. 383
Berwyn mountains, R. A. Wallace and Bonaparte, Prince Lucien, “Conspec-
Mr. Mitten's walk to, ii. 402

tus Generum Avium" by, i. 327, 355
Bessir, i. 371

Bond, Dr., Lord Grimthorpe's letter to,
Bethnal Green, museum at, A. R. ii. 357, 358

Wallace applies for directorship of, Borneo, i. 341, 350, 359; Sir James
i. 415, 422 ; ii. 90

Brooke's return to, ii. 52
Bettws-y-Coed, North Wales, ii. 404 Borrer, Mr. William, botanist, ii. 404
Bevan, Mr., civil engineer, i. 136 Borrow, George, author of " Lavengro,"
Bierstadt, ii. 124

quoted on Welsh mutton, i. 159, 161;
Biological Section of the British Asso on Welsh literature, i. 168; quoted

ciation, A. R. Wallace president of, on Pistill Rhaiadwr waterfall, ii.
ii. 49, 98

Bird, Miss, her account of Lake Tahoe, Boston, A. R. Wallace stays at, ii. 108;

first lecture at, ii. 109 ; occupation
Birds of Brazil, described, i. 274 ; search at, ii. 110, 115, 116; A. R. Wallace

for umbrella-bird, i. 281, 283 ; um. describes séances at, ii. 337-341
brella-bird, i. 314, 315; of Malacca Botany, A. R. Wallace's first interest
described, i. 339; exhibition of, from in, i. III; his studies in, i. 192-
New Guinea, i. 364 ; collection of, 197 ; first literary effort in, i.
from Batchian, i. 367; narrative of 199
search after birds of paradise, i. 387 Boulton and Watt, Messrs., i. 133
394 ; writings of A. R. Wallace on, Bouru, i. 395 ; paper by A. R. Wallace
i. 394, 395 ; discussion on the flight on the birds of, i. 396
of, ii. 25, 26; migratory, discussed, Boutleroff, the biologist, visits at Grays,

ii. 392, 394
Birmingham, i. 131, 133 ; new railway | Bowman, Mr. Robert, A. R. Wallace
to, i. 140

stays with, ii, 112
“Birth of the Solar System, The," Boyd-Kinnear, Mr. J., A. R. Wallace
discussed, i. 427

stays with, at Guernsey, ii. 256,
Bishop of Georgia (Dr. Elliott), Colum 257

bia College, established by the, i. 14, 'Boy's Own Book," i. 64

Brackett, Mr. E. A., author of
Blackdown, near Haslemere, Tenny “ Materialized Apparitions,” ii. 337 ;
son's residence at, ii. 298

séance with, ii. 339, 340
Blackheath Park, residence of John Bradgate Park, rambles in, i. 237
Stuart Mill, ii. 236

Bradley, Professor, of University of
Blackie, Professor J. Stuart, his con California, ii. 165

nection with A. R. Wallace, ii. 257 Brady, Sir Antonio, ii. 90
Bland, Mr. Hubert, as socialist, ii. Branner, Dr., A. R. Wallace stays

with, ii. 145, 146. See note ii. 167,
Bland, Dr. T. A., editor of The 168
Council Fire, ii. 129

Brassey, Sir Thomas, his connection
Blatchford, Robert, his opinions on with the Industrial Remuneration
military expenditure, ii. 223; “Merrie Conference, ii. 250 ; A. R. Wallace's
England” by, ii. 268

correspondence with, ii. 395
Bloomington, Indiana, A. R. Wallace Brazil, collections from, i. 264
lectures at, ii. 145

Brecknockshire, W. and A. R. Wallace
Bluecoat School at Hertford, i. 42 land-surveying in, i. 160-167

ii. 93

i. 130

ii. 51

Brecon, A. R. Wallace's long walk to, Wallace a Civil Service Pension,
i. 160, 178, 249

ii. 378
Brewster, Sir David, his letters on Buckingham, James Silk, as lecturer,

Home's manifestations, ii. 287–290 ;
quoted, ii. 349

Buffon, the naturalist, Samuel Butler's
British Association, Sir Charles Lyell's exposition on doctrines of, ii. 83, 87

presidential address to, i. 417; Mr. Builth, i. 148
A. W. Bennett's paper on

“ Natural Buitenzorg, i. 376
Selection” read to, ii. 7; A. R. Bugis, language of Celebes, i. 356
Wallace's reminiscences of meetings Bukit Tima, French mission at, A. R.
of, ii. 45-50

Wallace stays at, i. 337, 348
British Museum, i. 265, 313, 328 ; A. Bull, Mr. William, his annual exhibition

R. Wallace studies at, i. 386 ; its of orchids, ii. 206
method of payment, ii. 376, 377 Bunbury, Sir Charles, i. 435
Brooke, Captain, disagreement with his Bunyan, John, connection with the
uncle, Sir James Brooke, ii. 51

Tinker of Turvey, i. 123
Brooke, Charles, Rajah of Sarawak, Burdett-Coutts, Lady, A. R. Wallace's

acquaintance with, ii. 51, 52
Brooke, Sir James, Rajah of Sarawak, Burnett, Mrs. Hodgson, A. R. Wallace

i. 326 ; courtesy to A. R. Wallace, meets, ii. 119
i. 341 ; sketch of, i. 345-347 ; A. R. Burnett, Mr. John, his connection with
Wallace's visits to, ii. 51

the Industrial Remuneration Con-
Brooks, Rev. J. G., his address on ference, ii. 250

"What Socialists Want," ii. III Burney, Fanny, “Evelina" by, i. 75
Brooks, Dr. W. K., zoologist, ii. 114 Burt, Mr. Thomas, his connection with
Brougham, Lord, present at Home's the Industrial Remuneration Con-
séance at Cox's Hotel, ii. 287–290

ference, ii. 250
Brown, Mrs., ii. 51

Butler, A. G., his observations on cater-
Brown, Mr., agent to Earl de Grey, pillars, ii. 6
i. 107 ; nephew of, i. 129

Butler, Mr. Samuel, A. R. Wallace's
Brown, Mr. Curtis, suggests to A. R. reminiscences of, ii. 83-87, his attitude

Wallace the plan for “Man's Place towards spiritualism, ii. 296, 297
in the Universe," ii. 232

Butterflies of Brazil, described, i. 287;
Brown, Dr. John, eloquent preacher, A. R. Wallace on,!i. 400-403 ; W.

H. Edward's collection of North
Browne, A. G., A. R. Wallace stays

American, ii. 139
with, ii. 107, 108, 125

Byron, Lord, verses on, quoted, i.
Bruce-Joy, Mr. A., cures Dr. Wallace's 112, 113

asthma, ii. 229, 230
Brunig, excursion to, ii. 214
Bryn-coch, life at, i. 179, 189, 194,

205 ; A. R. Wallace revisits, i. 253
Buccleuch, Duke of, made President of

the British Association, ii. 48, 49 Cader Idris, A. R. Wallace and Mr.
Buckland, Dr., i. 134

Mitten's excursions to, ii. 402, 404
Buckle, Henry Thomas, “History of Cadoxton, W. and A. R. Wallace
Civilization ” by, ii. 31

make survey of, i. 178, 188
Buckley, Miss Arabella, afterwards Cairo, described, i. 334
Mrs. Fisher, i. 433, 435; ii. 15, Cajeli, i. 375
83; her interest in spiritualism, Calaveras Grove of big trees, ii. 163,
ii. 296; helps to procure A. R. 164

i. 240



“ Caleb Williams," by W. Godwin, i. “Caterpillars and Birds,” letter to The

Field by A. R. Wallace, ii. 4-6
California, John Wallace went to, i. Caterpillars, colouring of, discussed,

15; John Wallace settles in, i. 263 ii. 3-7; injury done by, ii. 71,
Cambridge, meeting of the British 384
Association at, ii. 46

Cawood, Mr. John, deputy to report
Cambridge Natural Science Club, A. on the condition of New Lanark, i.

R. Wallace reads paper on Zoological
Regions to, ii. 211

Celebes, Dutch Settlement, i. 326; A.
Cambridge, U.S.A., museums of, ii. R. Wallace's expedition to, i. 357,

367, 395, 403
"Can Telepathy Explain?" by Rev. Celtic literature and language, i, 167-
Minot J. Savage, ii. 337

Canada, A. R. Wallace lectures in, Ceram, i. 369, 375
ii. 125-128

Chadwell Spring, described, i. 37
Carpenter, Edward, as socialist, ii. Chamber's " Biographical Dictionary,”

estimate of Charles Mackay in, ii.
Carpenter, Dr. W. B., i. 411; ii. 34; A. 259

R. Wallace's reminiscences of, ii. Chambers, Dr. Robert, his letter to A.
42, 43; opposes Professor Barrett's R. Wallace, ii. 285, 289
paper on thought reading, ii. 49 ; his

Chamouni, i. 325
attitude towards spiritualism, ii. 278, Champery, Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Wallace
285 ; quoted, ii. 349

stay at, i. 412
Carpenter, Mr. William, referee for Chapman, Mr., ii. 154

Mr. Hampden in the flat-earth tests, Charles Allen at Alexandria, i. 334 ;
ii. 365-370, 376

his occupations, i. 338 ; account of,
Carrington, Lord, his experience in
small holdings, 1. 154

Charnwood Forest, A. R. Wallace's
Carroll, Lewis (C. L. Dodgson), A. R.

visit to, i. 267
Wallace's pleasure in the books of, Chatsworth, A. R. Wallace's visit to,
i. 225

i. 267
Carruthers, William, is assistant ex Chauncey's “History and Antiquities
aminer in Physical Geography, ii.

of Hertfordshire,” i. 5

Chelmsford Assizes, John Hampden
Carter, Mr., owner of the inn at Silsoe,

indicted at, ii. 372
i. 129

Chepstow, epitaph on Mark Sanderson
Carter, President, A. R. Wallace enter-
tained by, ii. 111

Cheyenne, ii. 156
Cartwright, Sir Richard, A. R. Wallace Chicago, ii. 184 ; A. R. Wallace's
goes to tea at, ii. 187

impressions of, ii. 185
Case, Henry, epitaph on, quoted, i. 7 Chichester, epitaph on Henry Case at,
Casey, Mr. Comerford, his translation

i. 7
of an epitaph quoted, i. 9; Latin Christian Socialist, The, discussion

speech translated by, ii. 102, 202 on “ Interest" in, ii. 244 ; A. R.
Cassell and Co., Messrs., new publishers Wallace's article on “ The Morality

of the “ Industrial Remuneration of Interest," quoted, ii. 244-249
Report," ii. 250

Church of England, disestablishment
Cassiquiare, i. 316, 317; fruits of, ii. 71 of, discussed, i. 431, 432
Castle Howard, ii. 50

Church's picture of "Niagara,” ii. 124
“Causes of War and the Remedies," Cimarron, A. R. Wallace stays at,

the article by A. R. Wallace, ii. 220

i. 340

at, i. 8

ii. 177

Cincinnati, U.S.A., ii. 136; A. R.

Wallace stays at, ii. 141 ; lectures

at, ii. 145
“Cityless and Countryless World,” by

Henry Olerich, ii. 267
Clarion, The, ii. 221 ; letter on

“ Militarism” by A. R. Wallace

printed in, ii. 223
Clark, Dr. G. B., interest in land

nationalization, ii. 240
Clarke, Rev. James Freeman, ii. 116
Clarke, Rev. R. F., “Lourdes and its

Miracles,” by,
Clarke, Sir James, Queen's physician,

ii. 305

ii. 259

Clear Creek Valley, ii. 177, 184
Clephan, Mr., architect, i. 114, 130
Cleveland, President, A. R. Wallace

visits, ii. 133
Clifford, Rev. John, as socialist, ii. 272
Clifton Forge, A. R. Wallace stays at,

ii. 138
Clutterbuck's “ History of Herts," i. 5
Clydach river, i. 186
Coalburgh, West Virginia, residence of

Mr. Edwards, i. 265; ii. 136, 139
Cole, Sir Henry, of the Science and

Art Department at South Kensington,

Combe, George, Constitution of

Man,” by, i. 234
“Compendium of Geography and

Travel," A. R. Wallace writes the

volume on Australia, ii. 101, 210
Coneysthorpe, ii. 65
Consistency,” tract by Robert Dale

Owen, i. 88
“Conspectus Generum Avium," by

Prince Lucien Bonaparte, i. 327, 355
Constantinople, Russian designs, i. 347
“ Constitution of Man," by George

Combe, i. 234
Constitutional, The, Radical newspaper,

i. 112, and note, 113
Contemporary Review, The, "A Repre-

sentative House of Lords," by A. R.
Wallace in, ii. 212 ; “How best to
model the Earth,” by A. R. Wallace
in, ii. 214; A. R. Wallace on Irish

landlordism in, ii. 240
Contributions to the Theory of

Natural Selection,” by A. R.

Wallace, i. 400 ; ii. 384
Cook, Mr., A. R. Wallace stays with, at

Michigan, ii. 185
Cook, Miss Florence, medium, ii. 323,

327, 331
Cook, Miss Kate, séances with, as

medium, ii. 327, 328
Cooper, Fenimore, novels of, read by

A. R. Wallace, i. 74
“Co-operative Commonwealth," by

Gronlund, ii. 267
Cooper-King, Major, is assistant ex-

aminer in Physical Geography, ii.

Cope, Professor, ii. 110; “ The Origin

of the Fittest,” by, ii. 132, 133 ;
Primary Factors of Evolution,” by,

i. 415

Coleman, Mr., on Sir David Brewster's

statements about Home, ii. 288
“ Collected Essays," by Huxley, ii.

College Hill, A. R. Wallace lectures

at, ii. 145
Collen, Abbot of Glastonbury, i. 161
Collir od, J. F., is assistant ex-

aminer in Physical Geography, ii.

Collings, Mr. Jesse, his interest in land

nationalization, ii. 256
Colorado river, ii. 156
Colorado Springs, ii. 176, 179
Colours of Animals and Sexual

Selection, The,” by A. R. Wallace,

ii. 386
“ Colours of Animals," lecture by A.

R. Wallace, ii. 105, 106, 11, 126,

145, 148, 151, 158, 186
Columbia College, Georgia, Fanny

Wallace went to, as teacher, i. 14

ii. 215

Corcoran Art Gallery, Washington, ii.

Corelli, Miss Marie, A. R. Wallace in-

troduced to, ii. 259
Corwen, North Wales, A. R. Wallace

and Mr. Mitten stay at, ii. 401, 402,

“Cosmos," by Humboldt, i. 255
Cosmos Club, Washington, reception at,

ii. 119

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