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TITLES, AUTHORS' NAMES, &c. of the Publi

cations reviewed in this Volume.

N. B. For REMARKABLE PASSAGES, in the Criticisms and

Extraits, see the INDEX, at the End of the Volume.



BERDSEN, Colleges of, Col. AMERICA, Publications relative lection of Papers relative


38, 43, 75, 489 to,

329 AMERICAN States, Plan of a new ABRIDGMENT of a Plan. See Constitution for the, 489 Poor.

Anderson's Medical Remarks, of Howe on Self

172 dedication, &c.

174 ANDREWS's Defence of the Stadtof the Bible, 242 holdership,

368 ABSTRACT of the Gospel Hifto- ANCLING, Treatise on, ry,

Answer to Captain Inglefield's ACADEMY for Grown Horse Vindication,

503 men,

389. ANTICIPATIONS, &c. 153 Royal, Discourse be- APOSTOLICAL Conceptions of fore, 203 God,

507 ACCOUNTS, Public. See Re- ARCHDALL's Monafticon HiberniPORTS.


285 ADAIR's Medical Cautions, ad ARDELIA, a Poem, 326 Edition,

171. Aristotle's Poetics. See ADAns's Posthumous Works, 334 Cooke. ADDINGTON's Sermon on Mr. ARNOLD on Insanity, Vol. II. Olding's Death, 335

304 ADDRESS to the First Lord of the Arnor's Collection of Criminal Admiralty,


Trials in Scotland, 213 to the Manufacturers, ARTEAGA-le Revoluzioni del &c. of Great Britain, 406 Teatro Musicale Italiano, 545

to the Candidates for Asiatic Miscellany, 170 Orders,

419 ATKINSON's Sermon at Leeds, ADVENTURES of M. Provence,

176 192

Poetical Essays, 242 of Jonathan Corn. ATTERBURY's Correspondence, cob,

Vol. IV.

Advice to Mothers, &c. 327
AIR-PUMP, an improved one, ACON's History of Henry VII.
Description of,

308 AGRICULTURAL Society(Royal) BADDELEY, Mrs. her Memoirs, in France, their Memoirs, 581

83 Aller's Sermon for the Humane Barnes's Sermon at Manchester, Society, 512


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tions on,

BARRY's Sermon at St. Giles's, CAROLINE, or the Diversities of


162 BARTON's' Observations on Na- CARTWRIGHT's Retaliation, 326 tural History,

329 Casaux, Marquis de, Seconde Suite Belchier's Essays,

33? des Confiderations, &c. 127 BELL's Surgery, Vol. V. 218

Troisieme Suite, BELLENDENUS, Remarks on the CASSANDRA's Letter to the Bishop new Edition of,

of London,

167 BERKELEY's Sermon at Cancer. CHAMPION's Reflections on the bury,

State of Great Britain,

313 Berlin--Memoirs of the Royal Chastellux's Travels in North Academy of Sciences at, for America,

38 1784,


Remarks on, 43 Best's Treatise on Angling, 164 CHAVANNES-Esai sur l’EducaBIOGRAPHIA Evangelica. See tion Intelle&tuelle,


CHEMICAL Essays, by the Bishop BIOGRAPHY, Sacred. See Hun- of Landaff, Vol. V. 469

Chess, Treatise on. See Twiss. BLANCHARD

Short-hand CHRISTIANITY, one great ArWriting,

84 gument for the Truth of, 266 Blood, and Bleeding, Observa- ChesterFIELD, Earl of, and Dr.

327 Johnson, comparative View of BOETHIUS, Translation of, 196 their Writings,

457 Bonnet's Interesting Views of CHRONOLOGY. See Burton. Christianity,

509 CLARENDON's State Papers, Vol. Booker's Highlanders, a Poem, III.

50 439 CLERICAL Misconduct, Sermon Bowes, A.R. Trial of, 164 upon,

421 BRAMAH on the Construction of Climates, different TemperaLocks,

406 ture of. See KIRWAN. Brand's Strictures on Foote's COLMAN'S (Sen.) Pieces in Prose Observations on Hunter, 241 and Verse,

273 BRITISH Merchant, for 1787, 405

(Junior) Inkle and YaBrown's Dying Advice to his rico, Congregation,

334 COMMISSIONERS of Accounts, BRYANT, John Frederick, Verses Lane's Reports of, Vol. III. 85 by,

159 CONSIDERATIONS on the Cam. BUNBURY's Academy for grown bridge Oaths,

505 Horsemen,

389 on the Connection between Burns's Poems, ad Edition, 491 Morality and Politics, 586 BURTON's Analysis of two Chro. Cooke's Edition of Aristotle's nological Tables, 412 Poetics,

I Butler's Justification of the Roc Cooper's one great Argument man Catholic Religion, 414

for the Truth of Christianity,

266 NADOGAN's Charity Sermon, COPLAND's Essay on the Christian 335 Character,

175 CAGLIOstro's Life. By a Lady, CORRESPONDENce with the

Reviewers, 88, 176, 256, 336, CALONNE --Requéte au Roi, 362

4.22, 512 CARICATURE Anticipations, &c. COUNTRY Parson's Letter to 153 Priestley,

419 CRAM







CRAMMOND'S Outlines of Human DIAMOND cut Diamond, a Farce, Life, 498

78 CROFT's Sermons at Bampton's Disdin's Harvest Home,

245 Lecture,

269 DictioNARY, Spelling. See Croft on the Wines of Portugal, Scott.


Italian. See Grace Crown, Land Revenue of. See ST. JOHN.

DILLON's Cafe,

503 Crown Lands, Manors, Tene- Dion. See HARWOOD.

ments, &c. held by Leafe, Ac. DISORDERS in the Netherlands, count of,

Sketch of,

413 Woods, Forefts, DISTRESSED Poet,

191 &c. Report of the Commis. Done's Sermons,

49 Goners of Inquiry concerning, Dore's Letters on Faith,

332 414

DULAURENS—Esai sur les Eta. CUMBERLAND's Descriptive Cao blissemens des Hopitaux, 541

talogue of Pi&tures in the Pa- DU MITAND's new System of lace at Madrid,


242 Cumyns's Introduction to Geo- DUNCAN's View of the Prography, &c. 323 phecies,

510 CUTHBERTSOx, on an improved Air-pump,


AST-BOURNE described, 504

EDUCATION, Intellectual, ALGLEISH's Sum of Christi

Essay on,

543 anity,


ECKERMANN's Version of the DALRYMPLE's Inquiry relative Prophecy of Joel, 585

to Gibbon's Account of Chris- EDWARD and Sophia, a Novel, tianity, 253

496 DARBY's Visitation Sermon, 511 ELECTRICITY, Medical. See Davies's Sermon at Bristol, 254

Dawson's Translation of Part of Elliot, Dr. John, Narrative of

his Life,

168 Deacon's Ordination, Sermon, ELIZABETH, Queen of England, and Charge at,

331 History of, by Mademoiselle de DEBATE on the Repeal of the Keralio,

561 Test Act,

155 ELUCIDATION of the Unity of DEE, River. See MANLEY. God, DEFENCE of the Stadtholdership, EMBER Day's Exercise, 85

368 Essay on the Gift of Tongues, De Poe's History of the Union

510 between England and Scot- EUROPE, political Survey of, 324

land, new Edition, 459 EXAMINATION of Pite's Plan for De Hymnis Veterum Græcorum, diminishing the Public Debts, &c. 587

321 De Lolme on the Union of

Scotland with England, 501 ABLES. See TapNER. D'OHSSON, M. announce of his

See WALLBECK. Tableau général de l'Empire FALK's Russian Travels, Vols. 2d Orboman,

and 3d,

586 DIALOGUES, on the Writings of FINAL Farewell,

373 the Earl of Chesterfeld and FuZGERALD's Riddle,

79 Dr. Johofon, 457 PLEAIAD, a Poem,

410 9




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