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No. 2001.
An Act to provide for the transfer of Victorian Go-

vernment Inscribed Stock or Consolidated
Inscribed Stock or Debentures from London
Registers to Melbourne Registers.

[12th December, 1905.] HEREAS it is expedient that the Governor in Council be Preamble. authorized to give facilities as occasion may require for the

. transfer of any Victorian Government Inscribed Stock or Victorian Government Consolidated Inscribed Stock or Victorian Government Debentures redeemable in London from the London Registers to the Melbourne Registers of such Stock or Debentures : Be it therefore enacted by the King's Most Excellent Majesty by and with the advice and consent of the Legislative Council and the Legislative Assembly and by the authority of the same as follows (that is to say):

1. This Act may be cited as the Stock and Debentures Registers Short title. Act 1905.

2. The Governor in Council may from time to time make regula- Power to make tions for enabling the holders of any Victorian Goverment Inscribed regulations

providing for Stock or Victorian Government Consolidated Inscribed Stock transfer from or Victorian Government Debentures which are redeemable in London Melbourne

London to to have any such stock or debentures if the holders thereof so desire registers. transferred from the registers of such stock or debentures kept in London to registers to be opened and kept in the Treasury at Melbourne and for prescribing the fees chargeable for any such transfers.

3. After

Effect of transfer.

3. After the transfer and registration in Melbourne of any stock or debentures so transferred sucli stock or debentures shall at maturity be redeemable in Melbourne, and all interest falling due thereon after the date of such registration shall be payable at the Treasury Melbourne notwithstanding anything to the contrary printed upon the debentures or interest coupons.

4. Regulations made under this Act shall have no force or effect until the same are published in the Government Gazette.

l'ublication in


By Authority: ROBT. S. Braix, Government Printer.

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No. 2002.
An Act to amend the Drainage Areas Act 1898.

[12th December, 1905.]
E it enacted by the King's Most Excellent Majesty by and with

the advice and consent of the Legislative Council and the Legislative Assembly of Victoria in this present Parliament assembled and by the authority of the same as follows (that is to say) :

1. (1) This Act may be cited as the Drainage Areas Act 1905, Short title and and shalì be read and construed as one with the Drainage Areas Act construction. 1898 hereinafter called the Principal Act.

(2) The Principal Act and this Act may be cited together as the Citation. Drainage Areas Acts.

No, 1583.

section 4 of

2. For sub-section (1) of section four of the Principal Act there Amendment of shall be substituted the following sub-section, namely :

Principal Act. (1) Every petition for the constitution of a Drainage Area Particulars to be shall be in duplicate and shall be accompanied by or shall contain a

petition. map. or a plan in duplicate showing clearly the boundaries of the municipal district or portion thereof proposed to be constituted a Drain

contained in

age Area.

3. Where under the provisions of section four or section five of Payment for the Principal Act any notification or the substance and prayer of any newspapers. petition or counter petition is published in any newspaper circulating in a proposed Drainage Area the cost of such publication shall be borne by the council.

advertisements in

4. In

Amendment of section 7 of Prmcipal Act.

Amendment of section ll of Principal Act.

Fencing of land abutting on drains.

4. In sub-section (1) of section seven of the Principal Act for the words “ After the constitution of a Drainage Area” there shall be substituted the words “ before or after the constitution of a Drainage Area."

5. In section eleven of the Principal Act after paragraph (j') there shall be inserted the following paragraph, narnely: (k) make a separate rate over the drainage area for the

maintenance of any works constructed under the pro

visions of the Drainage Areas Acts. 6. (1) The owner of any land abutting upon any drain may by

notice in writing served by post be required by the council to fence the See No. 1153 s. 71. boundary of the land so abutting with a fence which shall be rabbit

proof fence within the meaning of the Vermin Destruction Act 1890 or any Order in Council made thereunder.

(2) If such owner refuses or neglects within eight weeks from the receipt of such notice to so fence such land when required by the council the council may itself cause such land to be so fenced and the cost of such fencing shall be a debt owing by such owner to the council which may be recovered in any court of competent jurisdiction.

7. (1) In any case within the provisions of the next preceding Comp. No. 1153, section where the owner of any land is unknown or is absent from

Victoria such notice may be served upon the occupier (if any) of the land or if there is no occupier may be put up on some conspicuous part of such land.

(2) Any such notice may be addressed by the description of the "owner” or “the occupier " of the land (naming it) in respect of which the notice is given without further name or description.

Service of notices.

S. 21 & No. 1893, 8. 705.

By Authority: Roby. S. Brain, Government Printer.

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