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Lord Hervey. Fain would he call my vagrant lord again,
But I the kind embaffador restrain;
I fcorn to let another take my part,
And to myself will owe or lofe thy heart.

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Can nothing e'er rekindle love in thee?
Can nothing e'er extinguish it in me?
That I could tear thee from this injur'd breaft!
And where you gave my perfon, give the reft,
At once to grant and punish thy request.
That I could place thy worthy rival there!
No fecond infult need my fondnels fear
He views not Flora with her Pompey's eyes,
He loves like me, he doats, defpairs, and dies.

Come to my arms, thou dear, deferving youth!
Thou prodigy of man! thou man with truth!
For him, I will redouble every care,
To pleafe, for him, thefe faded charms repair
To crown his vows, and fharpen thy defpair.

Oh! 'tis illufion all! and idle rage!
No fecond paffion can this heart engage;
And fhortly, Pompey, fhall thy Flora prove,
Death may diffolve, but nothing change her love.

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Die in folgender, mit vieler Wärme und lebhafter Ems pfindung geschriebenen, Heroide zum Grunde liegende Ges schichte ist aus dem eilften Stücke des Spectator, und der Gellertschen Erzählung bekannt genug. Jener nahm fie

aus Ligon's Nachrichten von Barbados. Man muß sich die unglückliche Variko, da sie diesen Brief an Inkle schrieb, schon von ihm, aus unverantwortlichem Eigennuk, verras then und verkauft denken.



An Epiftle.

ITH falsehood lurking in thy fordid breast, And perj'ry's feal upon thy heart imprest,

Dar'ft thou, o Chriftian! brave the founding wa


The treach'rous whirlwinds, and untrophied gra


Regardless of my woes fecurely go,

No curfe-fraught accents from thefe lips fhall

My fondest wifh fhall catch thy flying fail,
Attend thy courfe, and urge the fav'ring gale:
May ev'ry blifs thy God confers be thine,
And all thy fhare of woe compris'd in mine.

: One humble boon is all I now implore,
Allow these feet to print their kindred fhore.
Give me, o Albion's fon, again to roam
For thee deferted my delightful home:
To view the groves that deck my native scene,
The limpid ftream, that graceful glides between:
Retrieve the fame I fpurn'd at Love's decree,
Afcend the throne which I forfook for thee:



Zerningham. Approach the bow'r

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Where once thy YARICO to thee was dear.

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The scenes the hand of time has thrown be
Return impetuous to my bufy mind:
What hoftile veffel quits the roaring tide


To harbour here its tempeft-beaten fide?
Behold the beach receives the fhipwreck'd

(why ftarts th' unbidden tear?)


,,Oh mark their ftrange attire and pallid hue!


Are thete the Chriftians, reftlefs fons of pride,
By av'rice nurtur'd, to deceit allied?




Who tread with cunning ftep the maze of art,
And mark with placid looks a canker'd heart?
Yet note, fuperior to the num'rous throng,
Ev'n as the citron humbler plants among)
That youth! -Lo! beauty on his graceful


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With nameless charms bids ev'ry feature glow,
Ah! leave, fair ftranger, this unfocial ground,
Where danger broods, and fury stalks around:
Behold thy foes advance my fteps purfue
To where I'll screen thee from their fatal view:
He comes, he comes! th' ambrofial feast prepare,
The fig, the palm - juice, nor th' anâna fpare:
In fpacious canisters nor fail to bring





The fcented foliage of the blufhing fpring:
,,Ye graceful handmaids, drefs the rofeate bow'r,
And hail with mufic this aufpicious hour;
"Ah no! forbear-be ev'ry lyre unftrung,

More pleafing mufic warbles from his tongue;
Yet, utter not to me the lover's vow,



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,,All, all is thine that friendship can bestow:


Our laws, my ftation, check the guilty flame,
Why was I born, ye powers, a Nubian dame?
Yet fee around at Love's enchanting call,


Stern laws fubmit, and vain diftinétions fall:
And mortals then enjoy life's tranfient day,
When fmit with paffion they indulge the fway:


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Yes! crown'd with bliss we'll roam the confcious Jerningham.


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And drink long draughts of unexhaufted love:
Nor joys alone, thy dangers too I'll fhare,
With thee the menace of the waves I'll dare:

In vain for imiles his brow deep frowns invol


„The facred ties of gratitude diffolve,

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See Faith distracted rends her comely hair,
His fading vows while tainted zephyrs bear!

Oh thou, before whofe feraph guarded thro


The Chriftians bow and other Gods difown,
If wrapt in darkness thou deny'st thy ray,
And throud'ft from Nubia thy, celeftial day!orf
Indulge this fervent pray'r to thee addrefs'd,
Indulge, tho' utter'd from a fable breaft:
May gathering ftormes eclipfe the chearful fkies,
And mad'ning furies from thy hell arife:;
With glaring torches meet his impious brow,
And drag him howling to the gulf below!
Ah no! May heav'n's bright meffengers defcend,
Obey his call, his ev'ry wifh attend !

Still o'er his form, their hoy'ring wings display!
If he be bleft, thefe pangs admit allay:
Me ftill her mark let angry fortune deem,
So thou may'st walk beneath her cloudless beam.
Yet oft to my wrapt ear didst thou repeat,
That I fuffic'd to frame thy blifs compleat.
For Love's pure flame I took thy tranfient fires;
We fondly credit what the heart defires.
I hop'd, alas! to breathe thy native air,
And vie in fplendor with the British fair:
Afcend the speedy car enchas'd with gold,
With robes of filk this pearl - deck'd form infold:
Bid on this petty hand the diamond glow,
And chofen rubies iparkle from my brow.
Deluded fex! the dupes of man decreed,
We, fplendid victims, at his altar bleed.

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Jerningham, The grateful accents of thy candy'd tongue,
Where artful flatt'ry too perfuafive hung,
Like flow'rs adorn'd the path to my disgrace,
And bade destruction wear a fmiling face.
Yet form'd by Nature in her choiceft mould,
While on thy cheek her blufhing charms unfold,
Who could oppose to thee ftern Virtu'es fhield?
What tender virgin would not wifh to yield?
But pleasure on the wings of time was born,"
And I expos'd a prey to grinning scorn.
Of low-born traders - mark the hand of fate!
IS YARICO reduc'd to grace the state,
Whofe impious parents, an advent'rous band,
Imbru'd with guiltless blood my native land:
Ev'n fnatch'd my father from his regal feat,
And stretch'd him breathlefs at their hoftile feet?
Ill-fated prince! The Chriftians fought thy fhore,
Unfheath'd the fword, and mercy was no more.


But thou, fair ftranger, cam'ft with gentler

To fhun the perils of the wrecking wind.
Amidft thy foes thy fafety ftill I plan'd,
And reach'd for galling chains the myrtle band:
Nor then unconscious of the fecret fire,
Each heart voluptuous throb'd with foft defire:
Ah pleafing youth, kind object of my care,
Companion, friend, and ev'ry name that's dear!
Say, from thy mind canft thou fo foon remove
The records pencil'd by the hand of love?
How as we wanton'd on the flow'ry ground
The loofe-rob'd Pleafures danc'd unblam'd around:
Till to the fight the growing burden prov'd,
How thou o'ercam'ft and how, alas! I lov'd!
Too fatal proof! fince thou, with av'rice fraught,
Didit bafely urge (ah! fhun the wounding thought!).
That tender circumftance reveal it not,
Left torn with rage I curfe my fated lot:
Left ftartled Reafon abdicate her reign,
And Madness revel in this heated brain:


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