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And where they nothing hare to do but please: An happy place: where free and unafraid, Ah! gracious God! thou know'st they ask no Amid the How'ring brakes each coyer creature other fees.

stray'd. But now, alas! we live too late in time : But in prime rigor what can last for ay? Our patrons now even grudge that little clnim, That soul-enfcebling wizard Indolence, Excep' to such as sleek the soothing rhyme ; I whilom sung, wrought in his works decay : .Indyet, forsonh, ihey wear Vacenas'vaine: Spread far and wide was his curs d influence; Poor sons of puft-up vanity, not fame. Of public virtue much lie dulld the sense, Enbroken spirits cheer! sull, still remains Even much of private ; ate our spirit out,

The eternal patron, Liberty ; whose Hanc, And fed our rank luxurious vices; whence While she protects, inspiresihe noblest strains. The land was overlaid with many a lout; The best, and sweetest fat, are tvil-created yains. Noi, as old fanie repris, wise, gen'roas, bold, Whenasthe knight had franı'din Britain-land

and stout. A watchless form of glorious government, A rage of pleasure madden'd ev'ry breast, In which the sov'reigii lane alone command, Down to the lowest lecs the ferment ran : Laws 'stablish'd by the public free consent, To his licentious wish each must be bless'd, Whose majesty is to the scepire lent: With joy be fever'd ; snatch it as he can. When this great plan, with cach dependentart, Thus vice the standard rear'd; her arrier-ban Was sctiled firni, and to his heart's content, Corruption callid, and loud she gave the word,

Then sought he fron the toilsome scene to part, “Mind, mind yourselves! why should the And let life's vacant ere breathe gniet thru' the

“ vulgar man, heart.

" The lacquey be niore virtuons than his lord: los this he chose a farm in Deva's vale, Enjoy this span of life! 'uis all the godsatiord." Where his long alleys peep'd upon the main ; The rilings reach'd to where, in quiet hall, In this calın seat he drew the healthca gale, The good mld knight enjoy'd well-eam'd repise. Here mir’dthechief, the patriot, and theswain. “Come, come, Sir kinight! thy children of The happy monarch of his sylvan train,

“ thee call ; Here, sided by the guardians of the fold, “ Come, save us vet, ere ruin round us close; He walk d his rounds, and cheer'd his blest “ The demon Indolence thy toil o'erthroa's." domain:

On this the noble color stain'd his cheeks, Ilis days, the days of unstain'd nature, rollid, Indignant, glowing thro' the whitening show's Replete with peace and joy, like patriarchs ofold. Of venerable eld; luis eye fult speaks [breaks.

Witness ye lowing herds, who gave him milk; His ardent soul, and from his couch at olice he Witness, ve flocks, whose woolly vestments far I will (he cried), so help me, God! destmy Exceed soft India's cotton, or her silk; (car, That villain Archimage. — His page theu Witness, with autumn charyd, the nodiing Ile to him callid, a fiery-footed bov, (stright That homeward came beneath sweet evening's Benempt Dispatch. “My steed be at the gate, Orof Septeinber moons the radiance mild. [star; Mybardiatrend ; quick,bring the netoff'ate.“ O hide thy head, abominable war!

This net was twisial by the sisters three: Of crimes and ruffian idleness the chill! Which when once casi o'er harden'd wscich, From heaven this life ysprung, from hell thy

too late glories wild !

Repentance comes : replery cannot be Nor from his deep retirement banish'd was From the strong iron grasp of vengeful destiny. The musing care of rural industry.

He came, the bard, a little druid wight, Still as with grateful change the seasons pass, Of wither'd aspect; but his eye was keen, Newscenes arise, new landscapes strike thceye, With'sweetness mix'd. In russet brown 1 And all the enliven'd couutry bcantify: As is his sister in the copses green*, (dight, Gay plains extend where marshes slepi besore; He crept along, unpromising oi mien. O'er recent meads the exulting streamlets tły ; Gross he who judges so. His soul vras fair, Dark frowning heaths grow brigher ithi Ceres' Bright as the children of yon azure sheen. store,

[the shore.
True comeliness, which nothing can impair

, And woods embrown the steep, or wave along Dwells in the mind: all else is vanity and glare.

As nearer to his farm you marle approach, Come (quoth the knighi), a voice has reachd He polish'd nature with a finer hand :

mine car: Yet on her beauties durst not art encroach ; The demon Indolence threats overthrow "Tis art's alone these beauties to expand. To all that to mankind is good and dear : In graceful dance immingled, o'er the land, Come, Philomelus ; let us instant go, Pans, Pales, Flora, and Pomona play'd : O’erturn his bowers, and lay his castle low. Here tuo, brisk gales the rude wild common Those men, those wretched nien, who will fann'd,

be slaves,


The Nightingale.

doch spy

Must drink a bitter wrathful cup of voe: In witching vise, as I before have said,

Butsome there be, thy sony,asfrontheirgraves, But when he saw, in goodly gecr atray'd, Shull raise. Turice happy he! why without The grave majestic knight approaching nigh, rigor saves.

And by his side the bard so sage and staid, I suing forth, the knight bestrode his steed, llis count'nance full; vet oft his auxious cre Ofanlent bay, and on whiuse front a siar

Mark'd them, like wily fox who ruosted cock Shwe blazing bright: sprung from the generous breedt

Nathless, with feign'd respect, he badegive back Thar whirl vi active day the rapid car, The rabble-rout, and welcom'd them full kind; He pranc'd aluny, disdaining gule or bar. Struck with the nobletwain,theywercnot slack Meantime, the bardon milk-whitepalfreyrode; His orders to obey, and fall behind. An honest suber beast, that did not mar Then he resum'd his song; and unconfin'd His meditations, but full sotily trole: Pour'd all his music, ran thro' all his strings: And much they moraliz'd asthusifere they yode. With magic dust their eyne he tries to blind,

They talk'd of virtue, and of human bliss; And virtue's tender airs o'er nature flings. What else so fit for man to setile well? What pity base his song who so divinely sinus ! Aud still their long researches met in this, Elate in thought, he counted them his own, This truth of truths, which nothing can refel: They listen d so intent with fix'd delight i “ From virtue's fount the purest joysout-well, But they instead, as if transmew'd to stone, Swiet rills of thonght ihat cheer the con- Marvell he could with such sweet art unite “ scious soul;

The lights and shades of manners, wrong and " While vice pours forth the troubled streams right. “ of hell,

Meantime, the silly crowd the charm devour, The which, howe'erdisguis'd, atlast withidole Wide pressing to thie gate. Swift on the knight “ Will through the tortur'd breast their tiery He darted fierce, to drag him to his bower, " torrent roll."

Who back’ning slunn'd his souch, for well he At length it dawn'd, that fatal valley gay,

knew it's power. O'er which high wood-crown'd bills their As in throng'd amphitheatre of old, summits rear.

The weary Retiarius * trapp'd his foe ; On the cool height awhile our paliners stay, Ev'n so the knight, returning on hiun bold, Andspite even of themselves their ser.sescheer; At once involved him in the net of woe, Then to thewizard'swormethcirstopstheysteer.

Whereof I mention made not long ago. Like a green isle, it brood beneath then spread, Enrag'd at first, he scorn'd so weak a jail, With gardens round, and wandering currents And leap'd, and few, and founced to and fro; clear,

But when he found that nothing could avail, And tufted grores to shed the meadow bed, He sat hiin felly down, and gnaw'd his bitter nail. Sweet airs and song: and without hurry all Alarm'd, the inferior demons of the place seem'd glad.

Rais'd rueful shrieks and hicieous yells around; “ As God shalljulge nie, knight, we must for- Black stormy clouds deform’d the welkin's face, (The half-erruptur'd Philomelus cried) (give And from beneath was heard a wailing sound, • The frail good man deluded here to live, As of internal sprights in cavern bound; “ And in these groves his inusing fancy hide. A solemn madness ev'ry creature strook,

Ah! nought is pure. li cannot be denied, And lighınings flash'd, and horror rock'd the •• That virtue still some tincture has of vice, ground;

[mish'd look, “ And vice of virtue. Whatshould then beride, Huge crowds on crowds out-pour'd with ble

But that our charity be not too nice? As if on time's last verge this frame of things “ Cone, let us those we can to real bliss entice." hac shook.

“ Ay, sicker (quoth the knight) all flesh is frail, Soon as the short-liv'd tempest was yspent, “ To pleasant sin and joyous dalliance bent; Steam'il from the jaws of vex'd Avernus' hole, “ But let not brutish vice of this avail, And hush'd the hubbub of the rabblement, “ And think to 'scape deserved punishment. Sir Industry the first calm nioment s:ole : “ Justice were cruel weakly to relent; “ There must (he cried) anid so vast a shoal Fronı mercy's self she got her sacred glaive: “ Be some who are not tainted at the heart, “ Grace be to those who will, and can repent: Not poison'd quite by this same villain's “ But penance long, and dreary to the slave, « bowl :

[part : “ F'ho must in foods of fire his gross foul spirit “Come then, my bard, thy heavenly fire in“ lave."

“ Touch soul with soul, till forth the latent Thus, holdinghighdiscourse, theycametowhere spirit start." The cursed carle was at his wonted trade, The bard obey'd ; and taking from his side, Still tempring heedless nicn into his snare, Where it in scenily sort depending hung,

• A Gladiator, who made use of a net, which he threw over his adversary.



His Brizzlı harp, its speaking strings he tried, “ With brother brutes the human race had

The which with skilful touch he desily strung, “graz'l;
Till tinkling in clear symphony they rung. “ None e'er had soard to fame none honor'd
Then, as he felt the Muses coine along,

“ been, none prais'd. Lighto'er the cords his raptur'd hand he flung, i Great Homer's song had never fir'd the breast And play'd a prelude to his rising song :

To thirst of glory and heroic deeds ; The whilsi, like midnight mute, ten thousands

“ Sweet Maro's Muse, sunk in inglorious rest, round him throng.

“ Had silent slept amid the Mincian reeds : Thus ardent burst his strain

“ The wits of modern tiine had told their “ Ye hapless race,

“ bearis, 5. Dire-laboring here to smother reason's ray, * And monkish legendsbeentheir only strains " That lights our Maker's image in our face, “Our lilton's Eden had lain wrapuin weeds, “And gives us wide o'er earth unquestion'd Our Shakspeare stroll'd and laugh`d with “sway;

" Warwick swains ;

[plains. "What is the ador'd Supreme Perfection, say? Ne hadıny master Spenser charmd his Mulla's “What, but eternal neier-resting soul, “ Dumb too had been the sage historic Muse, “ Almighty power, and all directing day;

And perish'd all the sons of antient fame; “ By whom each atom stirs, the planets roil;

Those starry lights of virtue that diffuse “ Who fills, surrounds, informs, and agitates

Through the dark depth of time their vivid " the whole!

“ Hanc, “ Come, to the beaming God your

bearts “ Hadall been lost with such as have no name, ** unfold!

[:donc " Who then had scorn'd his ease for other's « Draw from its fountain life! -"Tis bience

good ? “ We can excel. Up from unfeeling mold, “Who then had toil'd rapacious men to tame? "To seraphs burning round the Almighty's “Who in the public breach devoted stood, “throne,

“And for his country's cause been prodigal of “ Lite rising still on life, in higher tone,

· blood ? “ Perfection forms, and with perfection bliss.

“ But should 10 fame your hearts unfeeling be, “ In universal nature this clear shown,

If right I read, you pleasure all require; “Not needeth proof: to prove it were, I wis,

Then hear how best may be obtain'd this "To prove the beauteous world escels the

• fec, “ brute abyss.

“ How best enjoy'd this nature's wide desire. “Is not the field, with lively culture green, « Toil, and be glad ! let industry inspire A joyous sight more than the green morass? • Into your quicken'd fimbs her buoyant “ Do not the skies, with active ether clean,

« breatli! “ And fann'd by sprightly zephyrs, far sur- “ Who does not act is dead : absorpt entire “ pass

[mass, “In miry sluth, no pride, no joy he hath ; “ The foul November fogs, and slumb'rous “ O leaden-heartect men, to be in love with death! “ With which sad Nature veils her drooping

Ah! what avail the largest gifts of Heaven “ face?

[glass, " Does not the mountain-stream, as clear as

When drooping health and spirits go amiss?

“ How tasteless then whatever can be given! "Gay dancing on, the putrid pool disgrace?

“Health is the vital principle of bliss, “ The same in all holds true, but chief in hu

“And exercise of health. 'In proof of this, “ man race.

“ Beholil the wretch, who slugs his life away, “ It was not by vile loitering in ease Tart, "Soon swallow'd in disease's sad abyss ; " That Greece obtain'd the brighter palin of While he wliom toil has brac'd, or manly "That soft yet ardent Athenslearn'd to please, play, “To keen the wit, and to sublime the heart, " Has light as air each limb, each ihonghias clear “In all supreme complete in every part ! “O) who can speak the vigorous joys of healthi? “ It was not thence majestic Rome arose, L'inclogg'd the body, unobscurd the mind; “And o'er the nations shook her conquering “The morning risesgay; with pleasingstealth, “dart :

The temperate evening falls serene and kind “ For sluggard's grow the laurel never grows; alth the wiser brutes true gladness find " Renown is not the child of indolent repose. See! how the younglings frisk along the “ Had unambitious mortals minded nought,

“ meads, “But in loose joy their time to wear away

As May comes on, and rrakes the balmy “ Had they alone the lap of dalliance sought, Rampant with life, their joy all jay exceeds “ Pleas'd on her pillow iheir dull heads to lay, Yet what but high-strung health this daucing “Rude nature's statc had been our state to- "pleasaunce breeds? “day ;

• But here, instead, is fostered every ill, “No cities e'er their tow'ry fronts had rais'd, " Which ordistemper'd miuds or bodiesknow “ No arts had made us opuleni and gay; Come then, my kindred spirits! do not spill

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" say)

" Your talents here. This place is but a show, Th' awaken'd heaps, in streamlets from on “ Whose charms delude you to the den of woe: Rous'd into action, lively leap away, [high, “Come, follow me, I will direct you right, Glad-warbling through the vales, in iheir new " Where pleasures roses void of serpents

being gay. grow,

[kuight, Not less the life, the vivid joy serene, " Sincere as sweet ; come, follow this good

That lighted up these new created men, “And you will bless the day that brought hini

Than that which wings th' exulted spirit clean is to your sight.

When, just deliver'l from this fleshy den, i Some he will lead to courts, and some to It soaring seeks its native skies agen. (pow'rs, camps ;

How light its essence! how unclogg'd its To senates some, and public sage debates, Beyond the blazon of my moral pen! “ Where, by the solemn gleam of midnight Even so we glad forsook'these sinful bowers, " lamps,

[states: Even such enraptur'd life, such energy was ours. i The world is pois'd, and manag'd iniglity To high-discovery sone, that new-creates

But far the greater part, with rage enflam'd, “ The face of earth; some to the thriving

Dire-mutter'd curses, and blasphem'd high

Jove, " mart;

“ Ye sons of hate! (they bitterly exclaim'd) “ Some to the rural reign, and softer fates ;

• What brought you to this seat of peace “ To the siveet Muses some, who raise the

" and love? « heart:

" Whilewith kind nature, hereamid the grove, “All glory shall be yours, all nature and all art.

“ We pass'd the harmless sabbath of our “ There are, I see, who listen to my lay, “ Who wretched sigh for virtue, bui despair. " What'to disturb it could, fell men, emove “ All may be done, (methinks I hear them

“ Your barbarous hearts ? Is happiness a [fair : " crime?

sublime. “ Even death despis'd by generous actions - Then do the fiends of hell rule in yon

heaven “ All, but for those who to these bowers reTheir very power dissolv'd in luxury, (pair,

“Ye impious wretches," quoth the knight To quit of torpid sluggishness the lair,

in wrath, " And from the powerful arms of sluth get

". Your happiness, belold !" — Then straight “ free


a wand "! "Tis rising from the dead - Alas! – It cannot

He wav'd, an anti-magic power that hath,

Truth from illusive falsehood to command. “ Would you then learn to dissipate the band "* Of these nuge threatening dificulties dire,

Sudden, the landscape sinks on ev'ry hand; “ That in the weak man's way like lions

The pure quick streams are marshy puddles found;

(stand; “ stand, " His soul appal, and damp his rising fire ?

On baleful heaths the groves all blacken'd Resolve, resolve, and to be men aspire.

And o'er the weedy soul abhorred ground,

Snakes, adders, toads, cach loathsome creature Exert that noblest privilege, alone

crawls around. “ Here to mankind induig:d : control desire : “Let godlike Reason, froin her sovereign

And here and there', on trees by lightning " throne,

[is done.

scathid, "Speak the commanding word - I will: -andit Unhappy wights who loathed life yhung: “ Heavens! can you then thus waste, in

Or, in fresh gore and recent murder bath'd, " shameful wise,

They weli'ring lay; or else, infuriate flung “Your few important days of trial liere?

Into the gloomy Hood, while ravers sung “ Heirs of eternity! yborn to rise

The funeral dirgę, they down the torrent “ Through endless states of being still more


These, by disteinperd blood to madness stung, “ To bliss approaching, and perfection dear;

Hlad doom'd theinselves; whence oft, when “Can you renounce a fortune so sublime,

night control'd

showlid. “ Such glorious hopes, your backward steps. The world, returning hither their sad spirits

[and slime?

Meantime a moving scene was spen laid ; “ And roll, with vilest brutes, tlmough mud That lazar house, I whilom in mv lay "No! no! - Your heaven-touch'd hearts dis- Depainted have, its horrors deep display'd, “ dain the sordid crime !"

And gave unnumber'd wretches to the day, "Enough! enough!" they cry'd — straight Who tossing there in squalid misery lay.. froin the crowd

Soon as of sacred light the unwonted smile The better sort on wings of transport fly, Pour'd on these living catacombs its ray, As when amid the lifeless summits proud Through the drear caverns stretching inang Of Alpine cliffs, where to the gelid sky,

á mile, Snows pild on snows in wint'ry torpor ly, The sick uprais'd their heads, and dropp'd their The rays divine of vernal Phabus play

woes a while.
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"O heaven!

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"O heaven! (they cried) and do we once The fear supreme around their soften'd beds,

Sone holy man by prayer all «p'ning Heaten “ Yon blessed sun and this green earth so fair? dispreds. “ Arewefronnoisomicamp-ofpest-house free? Attended by a glad acclaining train, “ And drink our souls the sweet ethereal air? Of those he rescued hud fruin gaping hell, “Othou! or Knight, or God! whoholdestthere Then anru'd the Knight, and, to his hail again “ That fiend, oh keep him in eternal chains ! Sort-pacing, sought of Peace the inossy cell: “ But what for 11s, the children of despair, Yet down his cheeks the gens of piy tell, Brought to the brink of hell, what hope to see the helpless wretches that remain’d, “ remains ?

[pains. There left thro' delves and desirts dire to yell; « Repentance does itself but aggravate our Amaz'd, thcir looks with pale disinay wife

The gentle Knight, who saw their rueful case, stain'd, Let fall adown his silver beard some lears. And spreading wide their hands they meck re“ Certes (quoth he) it is not even in grace

pentance feignu. “T'undo the past, and eke your broken years: But, ah! their scorned day of grace was past: “ Nathless, to nobler worlds Repentancercars, For horrible to tell!) a desart wild [iast ; “ With humble hope, her eve; to her is given Before tliem stretch'd, bare, comfortless, and A pow'r the truly contrite heart thatchects; With gibbets, bones, and carcases detild. “ She quells the brand by which the rocks There nor trin field, nor lively culture smil'd; " are riven;

Norwaving shade was seen, nor fountain fair

; " She more than merely softens, she rejoices But sands abrupt on sands lay loosely pild, " Then patient bear the sufferings you have Thrò' which they Aoundering wild with “ earn'd,

rainful care, !! And by these sufferings purify the mind : Whilst Phæbus smote them sore, and fir'd the • Let wisdom be by past niisconduct learn'd; cloudless air. Or pious die, with penitence resign'd; Then, varying to a joyless land of bags, “And in a life more happy and relind, The sadden'd country a grey waste appeard ; “ Doubt not, you shall new creatures yet arise. Where nought' but putrid streams and noi. " Till then“you may expect in me to find

some logs "s One who will wipe your sorrow from your For ever hung on drizzly Auster's licard;

Or else the ground by piercing Caurus sear’d, Hi Oire who will soothe your pangs, and wing Was jagg’d with frust, or heap'd with glazed

you to the skies." They silent heard, and pour'd their thanks in Thru' these extremes a ceaseless round they

[lone) sicer'd, " For you (resum'd the Knight with sterner By cruel fiends suill hurried to and fru, " Whose hard dry hearis th' obdurate demon Gaunt Bersary, and Scom, with many hellfears,


hounos nine, “ That villain's gifts will cost you many a The first was with base dunghill rags yclad! * In colorous mansion long you must bemoan Tainting the gale, in which they flurer'd light, “ His fatalcharms, and weep yoursiainsaway: Of morbid buc his features, sunk and sad; “ Tul sofi and pure as infant goodness grown, Ilis hollow eync shook forth a sickly light:

“ You feel aporiect change: then, whocan say, And o'er his lank jaw-bune, in pircons plight. " What grace may yet shine furth in keare's His black rough beard was waited, rank, and " eternal day?"

vile; This said, his pow'rtul and he war'd anew; Direful to see! and heart-appalling sight! Instant a glorious angel-train descends, Meantiine foul scurf and bloiches bim defile; The Charities, 19 wit, of rosy hue ;

And dogs, where'er he weni, still barked all the Sweet love their looks a gentie radliancelends; while. And with seraphic fiame compassion blends. The other was a fell despightful fiend : At once, delighted, to their charge they fly : Hell holiis none worse in baneful Low'r below: When, lo! a goodly hospital ascends;

By pride, and wis, and rage, and rankorkecu'd; In which they hade cach lenient airl be nigh, of an alike if yoou or bad the foe : That couid the sick-bed snigothe of that sad With nose up-turn’d, he always made a show company.

As if he smelt soine nauseous scent; his eyes It was a worthy cdifying sight,

Wascoldand keen, likeblast from borealspoir; And gives to human kind peculiar grace, And taunts he casten forth most bitterly. [fry.

To see kind hands attending day and night, Such were the twain that off drove this ungodly With tender ministry, from place to place. Even sothrough Brentford town,atownofiuud, Some prop the head; some from the pallid face An herd of bristly swine is prick'd along; Wipe off the faint cold dews weak nature sheds: The filthy beast, that never chew the curi, Soule reach the healing draught: the whilst, Still grunt and squeak, and sing their troublous to chase


“ eyes ;

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