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But in thy dreadful book 'tis writ,

Against the judgment day. And must the crimes that I have done

Be read and published there; Be all expos'd before the sun,

While men and angels hear? Lord, at thy foot asham'd I lie,

Upward I dare not look ; Pardon my sins before I die,

And blot them from thy book. Remember all the dying pains

That my Redeemer felt; And let his blood wash out my stains,

And answer for my guilt. O may I now for ever fear

T'indulge a sinful thought; Since the great God can see and hear,

And writes down ev'ry fault !

14. Heaven and Hell.

There is beyond the sky

A heav'n of joy and love;
And holy children, when they die,
Go to that world above.

There is a dreadful hell,

And everlasting pains ; There sinners must with devils dwell,

In darkness, fire, and chains.
Can such a wretch as I

Escape this cursed end ?
And may I hope, whenc'er I die, ,

I shall to heaven ascend?
Then will I read and pray,

While I have life and breath ; Lest I should be cut off today,

And sent t'eternal death.

15. The Advantages of early Religion. HAPPY the child whose youngest years

Receive instructions well;
Who hates the sinner's path, and fears

The road that leads to hell.
When we devote our youth to God,

'Tis pleasing in his eyes :
A flower, when offer'd in the bud,

Is no mean saorifice. "Tis easier work if we begin

To fear the Lord betimes ;


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While sinners that grow old in sin

Are hardend in their crimes. 'I'will save us from a thousand snares,

To mind religion young; Grace will preserve our following years,

And make our virtue strong. To thee, Almighty God, to thee,

Our childhood we resign; 'T'will please us to look back, and see

That our whole lives were thine. Let the sweet work of pray’rand praise

Employ my youngest breath ; Thus I'm prepared for longer days,

Or fit for early death.

16. The Danger of Delay. Why should I say, 'Tis yet too soon

To seek for heav'n or think of death? A flow'r may fade before 'tis noon,

And I this day may lose my breath. If this rebellious heart of mine

Despise the gracious calls of Heav'n, I may be harden'd in my sin,

And never have repentance giv'n.

What if the Lord grow wrath and swear

While I refuse to read and pray, That he'll refuse to lend an ear

To all my groans another day? What if his dreadful anger burn,

While I reject his offer'd grace; And all his love to fury turn,

And strike me dead upon the place ? 'Tis dang'rous to provoke a God !

His pow'r and vengeance none can


One stroke of his almighty rod

Shall send young sinners quick to hell. Then 'twill for ever be in vain,

To cry for pardon or for grace; To wish I had


time again,
Or hope to see my Maker's face.


17. Examples of early Piety. What blest examples do I find

Writ in the word of truth, Of children that began to mind

Religion in their youth! Jesus, who reigns above the sky,

And keeps the world in awe, Was once a child as young as I,

And kept his Father's law.

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