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a short Introduction to Critical Knowledge: illustrated by Passages extracted from the Bible itself. For the Use of those Schools and Private Families where the Scriptures are made the subject of frequent reference and perusal. By the Rev. J. HUSKISSON ROBERTSON, A.B. late of King's College, Cambridge.--Pp. 70. 18mo. bound. Price Sixpence.

Whatever tends to enhance the value of the Scriptures in the esti. mation of the young, or to promote their perusal, cannot fail to meet the approbation of all who are friendly to the sacred volume. The little work before us is a judicious and praiseworthy attempt to recommend the Bible to the attention of the young, on the ground of its critical excellencies. That it possesses these excellencies, even infidels have acknowledged ; for, while they have denied its authenticity, they have consulted its pages in order to improve their taste. That there are other and more cogent inducements to the investigation of the Scriptures, cannot for a moment be doubted; yet it is desirable that the one which this work suggests should not be lost sight of. Those persons who consult the Word of God as a Standard of Taste," may, perchance, be led to a discovery of the infinite importance of the truths wbich it reveals ; and thus, thongh the motive which leads to its perusal may, comparatively speaking, be unworthy, the results may prove beneficial and interesting. Mr. Robertson treats of the sublime, the pathetic, the beautiful, and the eloquent, in the composition of the Scriptures. These points he illustraies by appropriate quotations from various parts of the sacred writings, and many judicions observations of his own. Parents, and the conductors of schools, may place this little book in the hands of youth ; indulging in the expectation, that, while their critical knowledge will be iinproved, they inay be led to a more cordial attachment to the volume of inspiration.- Extracted from The World" Newspaper of Friday, June 27, 1828, No. 67.

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My God, who makes the Sun to know

His proper hour to rise,
And, to give light to all below,
Doth send him round the skies.

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FAMILY PRAYERS for every Morning and


Out of the Mouths of Babes and Sucklings thou hast

perfected praise.—Matt. xxi. 16.



.Price Sixpence.

Evening throughout the Week. To which are added, a Prayer in Sickness, and a Thanksgiving Prayer. Composed expressly for the Use of Christians of every Religious Denomination. By the Rev. J. Huskisson ROBERTSON, A.B. - late of King's College, Cambridge. Pp. 108. 18mo. Price Eighteen-pence.

Notwithstanding the many collections of Family Prayers, oorn. piled or composed by individuals of undoubted learning and piety, there are, it is to be apprehended, but few serious persons who, in the performance of the iinportant duty of family, worship, have not been sensible of the want of a Manual, suited in every respect to their purpose. In the majority of publications of a similar nature to the one before us, the Prayers are chargeable with too great proJixity; the ideas are not sufficiently varied; and, in studying the graces of language, the writers have often beeo led to adopt a style ioo far renioved from the comprehension of the Junior and dependent members of families. In this little volume Mr. Robertson has bappily escaped the errors which we have inentioned. By avoiding tauto. logy and circumlocution, the Prayers, while nothing is omitted which ought to enter into the petitions of a Christian to his Creator, are comprised in a moderate and convenient compass, and are free from the sameness too often visible in such compositions. The language is unarubitious and uuaffected, and, without any approach to a degree of familiarity which might give offence to correct taste and proper feeling, is uniforınly characterised by a simplicity of style calculated to render it intelligible to all capacities. Another pecu. liar merit of these Prayers is, that the writer, by caretully avoiding the introduction of any allusions to those particular doctrines or opinions on which Christians differ, and restricting himself to the great fundamental trutlis of Christianity, has adapted them to the use of religious persons of every deuomination. On the whole, we regard this collection of Prayers as supplying what has long been a desideratum in pious families, to the members of whom it will prove a valuable conipanion, for its conciseness, comprehensiveness, and Christian liberality.


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