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The object of this work is to afford useful and entertaining knowledge, not only to youth, but also to those more advanced in years, and who may not have the means to procure, or leisure to peruse more elaborate works. The desire, and constant aim of the Editor will be to render this little publication popular and instructive to every class of readers-a work that the parent may with perfect safety place in the hands of his child—or the tutor present to his deserving pupil as the reward of merit. As a volume it shall not be unworthy a place in the Family Library.

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CONDITIONS. 1. THE REPOSITORY is issued in monthly numbers, of 36 pages each, handsomely printed, on good paper

, with a fair type, neatly stitched in printed covers, and ornamented with En

gravings on wood. %. The price per year is One Dollar and Fifty Cents, payable on

the delivery of the sixth number; or One Dollar and I wenty

five Cents on delivery of the third number. 3. To those who pay for the work at the commencement of the

year, or at the time of their subscribing; or who may purchase

for charitable distribution, the price will be One Dollar, 4. To Subscribers at a distance the work will be regularly for

warded by mail or otherwise, as they may direct, at their expense and risk. The safe transmission of'all numbers paid for in advance will be guaranteed: but no payment will be considered in advance unless made to the Publisher or an authorized Agent within one month after the receipt of the first

Number, 5. Any Agent or other person remitting $3 in advance, and if by

mail, free of postage, will be entitled to Four copies; Seren copies for $5 and Fifteen copies for $10. In all cases where a remittance amounts to $5 or more, the postage will be paid

by the Publisher. 8. Twelve numbers will form a Volume, and will when publish

ed, be considered as one year's subscription. 7. Subscribers who may wish to discontinue their subscriptions,

should give at least one month's notice thereof, previous to the

expiration of the time subscribed for. 10P The first and second volumes, half hound in calf, very neat, or in plain sheep,$1 25 each.

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