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appellant and to the complainant, and to the Local Committee whose decision is the subject of the Appeal, notice in writing of the date and place fixed for the hearing of the appeal.

37. On the hearing of the appeal, the Appeal Tribunal may dismiss the appeal, and confirm the decision of the Local Committee, or may vary the decision as to them seems just, and may declare the price which would yield a reasonable profit, and require the seller to repay to the complainant any amount paid by the complainant in excess of such price.

38. The decision of the Appeal Tribunal shall be forthwith communicated in writing to the appellant, and to the complainant, and to the Local Committee against whose decision the appeal has been made.

39. A record of the decision of the Appeal Tribunal on each appeal shall be entered in a register of appeals to be kept for the purpose.


Ministry of Health,

Whitehall, S.W.1,

10th September, 1919.

Sir, I am directed by the Minister of Health to state that he is desirous of obtaining particulars of the staff of the local authority engaged in medical, sanitary and housing work, and that he will therefore be obliged if you will furnish him, as early as practicable, with the particulars set out on the accompanying form in respect of such officers employed by your Authority. The classes of officers who should be included in the return are:

All medical men and women employed by the local authority. All sanitary inspectors and inspectors of nuisances and their assistants, male and female.

The staff of the Surveyor's Department.

Housing Inspectors designated under the Housing (Inspection of District) Regulations, 1910.

Any other officers appointed at a yearly salary, whose duties are concerned with the public health.

I am to draw special attention to the footnotes to Columns 5 and 7 of the form.

It will be convenient if you will indicate, in sending in the return, whether there is a scale of war bonuses which applies to all employees of the local authority, and, if so, what is the scale.

I am, Sir,

Your obedient Servant,


Assistant Secretary.

The Clerk to the Authority.


It is not considered necessary to reproduce the form of return referred to.]

* U



Ministry of Health,

Whitehall, S.W.1,

15th September, 1919.

Sir, 1. I am directed by the Minister of Health to refer to paragraph 14 of the Local Government Board's circular letter of the 4th December last, and to state that the Ministry of Pensions have been in further communication with the Minister in regard to the question of examining and reporting upon cases of discharged men suffering from tuberculosis.

2. The Minister agrees with the Ministry of Pensions that it is desirable that Tuberculosis Officers should act in the capacity of Medical Referees to the Ministry of Pensions in all such cases, and that reference should be made to the appropriate Tuberculosis Officer in the case of a discharged man suffering from tuberculosis whenever a certificate is required for any of the following purposes :

(1) On an appeal for re-assessment of pension.

(2) On an appeal as to attributability or aggravation of disease.

(3) On an application for alternative pension.

(4) On an application for vocational training.

(5) Where the evidence of tuberculosis is clear, on an application under *Article 9 of the Royal Warrant.

3. When a certificate is required for any of these purposes, the man will be referred to the Tuberculosis Officer by the Local War Pensions Committee for examination and report, and the report will be made on the appropriate Form supplied by the Committee. The fee payable to the Tuberculosis Officer for his report will be 5s. in each case, except when a certificate is required on an application for alternative pension, in which case the fee will be 10s. 6d. In addition, mileage fees may be paid by the Local War Pensions Committee in accordance with Circular 135 issued by the Ministry of Pensions, a copy of which is enclosed.

*This Article provides that if a man after discharge from the Army suffers from a disablement which is certified as either attributable to or aggravated by military service during the present war, such disablement not being due to the soldier's serious negligence or misconduct, he may be granted a disablement pension or a gratuity or temporary allowance under Article 1 of the Warrant as if he had been discharged as medically unfit for further service upon the date from which his claim is established.

4. The Minister will be glad if the Council will give instructions to their Tuberculosis Officers so as to secure the efficient working of these arrangements.

5. The Minister has also been in consultation with the Ministry of Pensions in regard to the relation of Tuberculosis Officers to the Ministry of Pensions Medical Boards established by the Ministry of Pensions. The main function of these Medical Boards is to undertake the periodical re-survey of the pensions granted to discharged disabled men, and it is felt to be very desirable that the Medical Boards should be able to refer any such man who is suffering, or suspected to be suffering, from tuberculosis to the appropriate Tuberculosis Officer for his opinion. The Tuberculosis Officer will be asked to supply a brief report upon each case so referred to him and a fee of 5s. will be payable to him for his report.

6. The Minister trusts that the Council will agree to their Tuberculosis Officers rendering assistance in these cases and will give instructions accordingly. In some areas it may be found desirable that the Tuberculosis Officer should serve on the Ministry of Pensions Medical Board for the purpose of assisting in the re-survey of the pensions of tuberculous ex-service men, and the Minister sees no objection to this being done if arrangements are made to secure that the Tuberculosis Officer only attends those sessions of the Medical Board at which tuberculous cases alone are under consideration. It will however probably be inexpedient to call upon the Tuberculosis Officer to serve on the Medical Board except in those cases in which the area covered by the Medical Board is wholly comprised within the area of one Administrative County or County Borough.

7. The Minister has arranged with the Ministry of Pensions that in future the Ministry of Pensions Medical Boards shall not make recommendations for treatment in any case of tuberculosis, but that they shall merely notify the appropriate Insurance Committee direct of all such cases coming before them. It will then rest with the Tuberculosis Officer, acting as Medical Adviser of the Insurance Committee, to recommend the appropriate form of treatment for each


8. The Ministry of Pensions have found that the absence of a complete medical history of pensioners referred for examination and report to Tuberculosis Officers by the Ministry of Pensions Medical Boards has been a handicap to all the Medical Officers concerned with such cases. To obviate that difficulty, it has now been arranged that a record card giving a complete medical history of each man examined by a Medical Board will be kept by the Deputy Commissioner of Medical Services of each area. A specimen of the card is enclosed herewith.

In the case of men examined by a Medical Board and referred for examination and report to Tuberculosis Officers, it is proposed to forward the pensioner's record card to the Officer in question.

The Tuberculosis Officer should, therefore, see that the appropriate card reaches him in every such case. On the card, space is provided for the Tuberculosis Officer to enter his findings and recommendations (which should be dated and signed). After he has inserted these particulars, the card should be returned to the Area Deputy Commissioner of Medical Services, whose address will be found inside the envelope provided for the card.

I am, Sir,

Your obedient Servant,

The Clerk of the Council, or

The Town Clerk.


Assistant Secretary.

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