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Nunc mihi, nunc alii. quocirca vivite fortes,


Fortiaque adversis opponite pectora rebus.



preffion well describes the surprize an heir must be in, to find himself excluded by that Instrument which was made to secure his fucceffion. For Butler humourously defines a Jointure to be the act whereby Parents


Their Childrens Tenants, e're they're born.

And Hemsley, once proud Buckingham's delight,
Slides to a Scriv'ner or a city Knight.
• Let lands and houses have what Lords they will,
Let Us be fix'd, and our own masters still. 18

NOTES VER. 187. proud Buckingham's etc.] Villers Duke of Buckingham.

P. Ver. 189. Let lands and houses etc.] The turn of his imitation, in the concluding part, obliged him to diversify the sentiment. They are equally noble: but Horace's is expressed with the greater force.

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RIMA dicte mihi, summa dicende camena,


Spectatum fatis, et donatum jam rude, quaeris,

Maecenas, iterum antiquo me includere ludo.

Non eadem est aetas, non mens. Veianius, armis

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· Herculis ad poftem fixis, latet abditus agro; ;

Ne populum extrema toties exoret arepa.


Est mihi purgatam crebro qui personet aurem;

Solve 8 fenefcentem mature fanus equum, ne

Peccet ad extremum ridendus, et ilia ducat.

NOTES. Ver. 3. Sablath of my days? ] i. e. The 49th year, the age of the Author. VER. 8. Hang their old Trophies o’er the Garden gates,] An

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