The Temple of Fame: A Vision

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Bernard Lintott, 1715 - 52 pages

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Page 22 - The figur'd games of Greece the column grace; Neptune and Jove furvey the rapid race : The youths hang o'er their chariots as they run; The fiery fteeds feem ftarting from the ftone ; The champions iu diftorted poftures threat; And all appear'd irregularly great.
Page 11 - So Zembla's rocks (the beauteous work of frost) Rise white in air, and glitter o'er the coast ; Pale suns, unfelt, at distance roll away, And on th' impassive ice the lightnings play ; Eternal snows the growing mass supply, Till the bright mountains prop th' incumbent sky ; As Atlas fix'd, each hoary pile appears, The gather'd winter of a thousand years.
Page 43 - And follow still where Fortune leads the way ; Or if no basis bear my rising name, But the fall'n ruins of another's fame ; Then teach me, Heaven ! to scorn the guilty bays, Drive from my breast that wretched lust of praise ; Unblemish'd let me live, or die unknown ; Oh, grant an honest fame, or grant me none !" 159 THE FABLE OF DRYOPR FROM OvID'S METAMORPHOSES, BOOK IX.
Page 24 - In act to speak, and graceful stretch'd his hand. Behind, Rome's genius waits with civic crowns, And the great father of his country owns.
Page 15 - Whom sceptred slaves in golden harness drew; His hands a bow and pointed jav'lin hold, His giant limbs are arm'd in scales of gold.
Page 31 - And gathering scandals grew on every tongue : From the black trumpet's rusty concave broke Sulphureous flames, and clouds of rolling smoke : The poisonous vapour blots the purple skies, And withers all before it as it flies.
Page 38 - There various news I heard of love and strife, Of peace and war, health, sickness, death, and life, Of loss and gain, of famine and of store, Of storms at sea, and travels on the shore, Of prodigies, and portents seen in air, Of fires and plagues, and stars with blazing hair, Of turns of fortune, changes in the state, The falls of favourites, projects of the great, Of old mismanagements, taxations new : All neither wholly false, nor wholly true.
Page 28 - Studies pale, with- midnight Vigils blind ; But thank'd by few, rewarded yet by none, We here appeal to. thy fuperior Throne : , On Wit and Learning the juft Prize beftow, For Fame is all we muft expect below.
Page 10 - Nor was the work impair'd by ftorms alone, But felt th' approaches of too warm a fun ; For Fame, impatient of extremes, decays Not more by Envy, than excefs of Praife.

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