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“ FRANKLIN had at once genius and virtue, happiness and glory. His life, always felicitous, is one of the best justifications of the laws of Providence. Not only great, he was good ; not only just, he was amiable. A sage full of indulgence, a great man full of simplicity, so long as science shall be cultivated, genius admired, wit relished, virtue honored, and liberty prized, his memory shall be one of the most respected and most cherished.” MIGNET.

“Not half of Franklin's merits have been told. He was the true father of the American Union. It was he who went forth to lay the foundation of that great design at Albany ; and in New York he lifted up his voice. Here among us he appeared as the apostle of the Union. It was Franklin who suggested the Congress of 1774; and but for his wisdom, and the confidence that wisdom inspired, it is a matter of doubt whether that Congress would have taken effect. It was Franklin who suggested the bond of the Union which binds these States from Florida to Maine. Franklin was the greatest diplomatist of the eighteenth century. He never spoke a word too soon ; he never spoke a word too much ; he never failed to speak the right word at the right season.”— BANCROFT.

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