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If there be any serions object sought, to be established in the pages we have just perused and we confess, that in all our reading, we seek something of that sort-it would seem to be to controvert the popular belief, that there exists such a thing as a natural instinct, which, aside from habit and education, prompts the mutual love of parents and children. Perhaps that belief is erroneons, yet it is consoling; and if the work before us were of sufficient consequence, we would here attempt to argue the point. But the strictures of novel writers are ephemeral, while the popular opinion we have alluded to, is deeply rooted in the hearts of men, and will endnre long after the book in question, and its authors, together with this review and the reviewer, are lost sight of and forgotten.


and arranged for family reading ; with explanatory notes. By E. W. Lane, Esq. From the second London edition. Illustrated with six hundred wood-cuts by Harvey, and illuminated title by our Jones. 2 vols. Harper Brothers.


It is probable that these world-renowned romances have, in their effect upon the imagination, produced more influence directly and indirectly upon the fortunes of the world than almost any other work of fiction. The ideas imbibed by the youthful mind in relation to the splendor of the East are with difficulty thrown off" in after life, and the imagi; nation is with reference to the Asiatic world always tinged with the fictitious wealth and supernatural agency which has enchained the youthful mind and enchanted the senses. Much of English enterprize in Asia may be traced to a stimulus from this source, and the ideas of eastern glory that beset the early career of Napoleon were doubless consequent upon the strong impress his mind had received. Certain it is that declining age loves fondly, after disappointed hopes and crushing reverses, to recur to the gorgeousness which the Arabian Nights lent to his early thoughts. The new edition of the Messrs. Harpers is superb, and illustrated in characteristic style, forming altogether the most beautiful as well as the cheapest edition.

THE REPUBLIC OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA; Its duties to itself, and its responsible

relations to other countries. Embracing also a review of the late war between the United States and Mexico, its causes and results; and those measures of government which have characterized the Democracy of the Cnion. D. Appleton & Co., 200 Broadway, N. Y.

This is an important work, and should be in the hands of every citizen. It is in duodecimo form, of 332 pages, and is a most clear and able exposition of democratic principles as identified with the welfare and progress of the country as a nation, and of its inbabitants as citizens of the first Republic of the world. It gives a most succinct and clear account of the late war, its causes and origin, and of the great principles involved in free trade and constitutional currency. Duff's North AMERICAN ACCOUNTANT; Embracing single and double entry Book-keep

ing, practically adapted to the inland and maritime commerce of the United States. By P. Duff, merchant. Harper Brothers.

This is a very able and practical work, and has the advantage of most works of the kind in clearness of diction. LAYS AND Ballads. By Thomas Buchanan Read. D. Appleton & Co., 200 Broadway.

This is a beautiful collection of considerable merit; we pupose át a future time a longer notice, more in accordance with its worth. THE FIRST OF THE KNICKERBOCKERS. A Tale of 1673. George P. Putram, 155 Broadway.

This work is. by the author, as befits its name. dedicated to Washington Irving. Exq. It is a well-conducted and lively tale of the first settlers, the scene being laid on Manhattan Island in the time of Charles II., when the province was about passing into Enguish possession, and the interest is well sustained. A History of Virginia from its discovery to its settlemen: ły Europeans to the present

time. By Robert R. Howison. 2 vols. Drinker & Morris, Rclinond, Va.

The early history of the several states that formed, in thet ir lenecdent character, our glorious Union, has been much neglected boʻby writers and dats, ami tte Batral for forming correct and ampie details of their eazy progress in faining into c?!".. It is with the greatest gratification, therefore, that we encoreer woran eke this of Mr. Howion, which combines mach ranable it tortat-03. ent-ded iron mircea boten3 daily less accessible to the many, in relation to be early trea of 2.2 *H€ vi ? has acted so important a part in our lati cal career, and wbra 1910re"[

td character to terieral institutions, as wedi as to the ot the sami -W ***esin, AW? many of them have migra'-d. The bisory of 14: onkie ene, as 5-1 y Mr. } son, is a key to the work g of our inaint Es ist berec. which ought to receive more attention from our

otte bbc: republies in the old world, the sale of was baie a*** future progress thau the condition atxim remeas v1 P52872f this Resc. We shall take occasion to make a more extéis e revi*w of Wu.K. THE SHIPMASTER'S ASSISTANT AND COMMETAL DISE57: Cuir crratset. Dexy

for merchants, owners and masiers of steps. Br Joose; bizi at iai. Harper Brothers.

Although this is a work necessary to the basses of the Ez241) ia rritse it is no less so to the statesinan and the lawyer. 1: eis an entire to commercial matters, of use as matter of releresse to an wurs engage in pat sea it should form a part of every bbrary. THE WORKS OF WASHINGTOS IRTISG-Lite sed tagages of Columbus. Sew etra

revised. George P. Putnam, 155 brvan way.

In accordance with the desigt merisi's cu rad. Mr. Pitam sa the thirdi volume of this standari sisa 1:****

76w: the ihird of the set and first of the L fer?


ce La for Jamiary 1, with the maps. It is K***a ( the title In? around the i vest details. aid wie it - Lek. of ihat wonderful miod of Cans S05:55 interest becomes intense. even to those intre cry. pleased to learn, sougat after with an aviaty i zaxate: *De ste spre seppuenty of the gifted auibor.

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