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mending his fences or tending his flocks, sowing his seed or reaping his harvest.

137. In the industrious husbandman you see, What the true Christian is or ought to be.


138. He who is not usefully employed,

Will be by the tempter constantly annoyed.

139. Difficulties are diminished by promptitude, but doubled by delay.

140. Order in planning and perseverance in executing are the two grand secrets of dispatch. -



On Piety in general.

141. PIETY is the brightest ornament and the best safeguard of youth.

142. As under the law the first fruits were to be consecrated to God, so ought the first and best years

of life.

143. Early religion lays the foundation of happiness both in time and eternity.--Dr. Doddridge.

144. True piety is light in the understanding, peace in the conscience, purity in the affections, and consistency in the life.

145. Persons may go far in religion, but not far enough; they may be convinced but not converted; like Saul, they may have another heart, but not a new heart.-Jay.

146. Religion would have no enemies, if it was not an enemy to vice.-- Fenelon.

147. Some receive the form of yodliness to take away their reproach, but not the power of it to take away their sins.-Henry.

148. It will avail nothing to change your religion if your religion do not change you. --- Mason.

149." Let God be your end, Christ your way, and the Holy Spirit your guide."

150. Creatures are broken reeds and empty cisterns, but God is a firm rock, on which you may rest; a fountain of living waters, from which you may draw grace and peace.

151. “ 'Tis religion that can give

Sweetest pleasure while we live;
'Tis religion must supply
Solid comfort when we die.”

152. “ From thee, great God, we spring, to

thee we tend, Path, motive, guide, original and end."

153. As enmity to God and his law marks the carnal mind, so love to God and delight in his law, are the distinguishing traits of the spiritual or renewed mind.

154. If the heart be not right with God, all must necessarily go wrong.

155. Divine grace touches all the powers and movements of the soul. Love and hatred, hope and fear, desire and aversion, joy and grief, are the springs and wheels which it influences, rectifies, and governs.

155. Do not spend your time about nice and needless distinctions, to the neglect of weighty doctrines and necessary duties, or foolishly strain out a gnat and swallow a camel.

156. Behold, from realms of light descend, : The friend of him who has no friend,

Religion ! Her almighty breath
Rebukes the winds and waves of death,
She bids the storms of frenzy cease,
And smiles a calm and wbispers peace.


157. Among many things that the 'excellent Beza in his last will and testament gave God thanks for, this was the first and chief: That he had at the age of sixteen years called him to the knowledge of the truth, and so prevented many sins and sorrows that would otherwise have overtaken him, and made his life less happy.

On Repentance.

158. Let neither the tears of natural tenderness, nor the sudden terrors of conscious guilt, be mistaken for genuine repentance.

159. Godly sorrow is a stream flowing from the fountain opened in a regenerate heart.

160. True repentance, says an old divine, consists in the heart being broken for sin, and broken from sin

161. He that covereth his sins shall not prosper, but he that confesseth and forsaketh them shall find mercy. Prov. xxviii. 13. One covers his sins with the fig-leaf apron of vain excuses, another with the filthy rags of self righteousness, and a third with the flimsy arguments and wretched quibbles of infidelity.

162. Sin in its ordinary progress first deceives, next hardens, and then destroys.

163. As impenitence shuts Christ out of the soul, so Christ will shut the impenitent out of heuven. Luke xiii. 5.

164. Many seem to think a few confessions and tears will merit acceptance with God; but repentance is not the price, but a part of salvation.

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