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198. The Holy Spirit is compared to the wind or air, which is necessary to life and health; to water, which cleanses, refreshes, and fertilizes; to fire, which warms, melts, and refines...

199. The fruits of the Spirit are obvious and visible, but the manner of his operation on the mind is mysterious and incomprehensible.

200. Voices, visions, sudden impulses, and unaccountable impressions, are the work or rather wild-fire of an overheated imagination. Divine grace works by the word, first convincing of sin, and then filling the soul with joy and peace in believing

201. The heart is God's temple. Let no unhallowed fire, no infernal passions, burn in his Sanctuary.

202. Beware of quenching or grieving the Holy Spirit.

On Conscience.

203. Conscience is an exact recorder, that writes every man's history; an inward witness, that will sooner or later speak the whole truth;

an impartial judge, whose sentence will acquit or condemn.

204. Scourges, racks, and flames, can inflict no pains to be compared with the stings and tortures of a guilty conscience.

205. Wicked men by specious errors and intoxicating pleasures contrive to lull conscience into a slumber; but when it wakes, its voice is louder than thunder, and its strokes keener than flashes of lightning.

206. The impenitent man who adds sin to sin, and guilt to guilt, is laying up fuel to consume his own soul, Rom. ii. 5..

207. There cannot be a good conscience without these three things: peace, purity, and tenderness.

208. The first acts of sin may disturb, but long habits of wickedness sear the conscience.

209. Evil thoughts and evil affections, as sprightly and ærial as they seem to be, leave a stain upon the conscience, as breathing upon glass sullies it.-Bishop Hopkins. :

210. He that has no other measure of right and wrong than custom, talks as absurdly about principle, as a blind man of colours, or a deaf man of music.

211. A good conscience will fear the least sin when temptation lures, but face the greatest danger when duty calls.

212. Who follows Christ and flees from sin, Has peace with God and


within. 213. He who gives the workers of iniquity a favouring smile, or an encouraging word, will not need much entreaty to lend them a helping hand, especially if he has any hope of sharing the spoil.

214, Liberty of conscience is sometimes made a shelter for men of no conscience.

215. He who sacrifices every sacred principle, or like Ahab sells himself to work wickedness, has after all but a poor recompence. Let him take possession of his vineyard, but the grapes will be pressed out in the wine-press of the wrath of God.

215. Calumny may fasten upon your character, but if you have a good conscience you may unhurt shake it off, as Paul shook off the viper.

216. The Emperor Vespasian, when a person spoke ill of him, said, While I do nothing that merits reproach, these lies give me no uneasi


217. All the world's honey will not serve to allay the envenomed stingings of conscience.-Bishop Hopkins.

218. Would you keep a conscience void of offence towards God and men, apply to the blood of sprinkling by faith, seek the Holy Spirit by prayer, and guard against the approach of temptation by watchfulness."

219. If you would not yield to sin, be careful not to walk by, or sit at the door of the occasion.-Gurnall. 1

220. What you are afi aid to do before men, you should be afraid to think before God Sibbs.

221. He who has slight thoughts of sin, had never great thoughts of God.--Dr. Owen.

222. Do not step out of the path of duty, either to shun the cross which Christ lays for you, or to snatch the garland which Satan offers.

223. When convenience points one way, and conscience another, confer not with your feelings, but follow the unerring guidance of divine truth.

224. You had better throw the best earthly things overboard, than make shipwreck of faith and of a good conscience.

On the Holy Scriptures.

226. The Bible is the statute book of the King of Kings, and all its laws, commands, and ordinances bear the stamp of his authority, and the evident marks of his holiness and majesty.

227. All good men have ever highly valued and diligently read the scriptures.

228. I'have esteemed the words of thy mouth more than my necessary food. Job xxiii. 12. Temporal food can only supply and sustain the body, but God's word gives refreshment and strength to the soul. Jer. xv. 16.

229. Thy word have I taken as my heritage for ever. Ps. cxix. 111. This inheritance contains mines of wealth, unfailing springs of comfort, and unwithering fruits of heavenly love. Yet, how many choose to wander through the barren ground of heathen authors, rather than take and enjoy this sacred and inestimable gift!

230. Precious Bible, what a treasure

Doth the word of God afford,
All I want for life and pleasure,
Food and medicine, shield and sword.

John Newton.

231. He who neglects the scriptures and seeks

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