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This leaf is intended to represent the 21st and 22nd pages of the MS. Book. They

form a blank leaf, which is of the same paper as that of the other leaves of the MS., and also has, at the lower inner corner, the hole through which the tape ran, by which the MS. was annexed to the Transmiss.

daily throughout the yearg.

A] the begiñing of Morning prayer the Minister shall read with a loud voice some one, or more of these sentences of the Scriptures, that follow. And then heç shall say that which is written after the said sentences.


When the wicked man turneth away from his Ezek. 18. 27. wickednessę, that heç hath comitted, and do th that which is lawfull and right, hee shall save his soul alive. I acknowledge my transgressions, and my sin is Psa? 51. 3. ever before me. Hide thy face from my Singls, and blo) out all Psa? 51. 9. mine iniquities. The Sacrifices of God are a broken Spirij :. a Psa? 51. 17. broken and a contrite heart, O God, thou wilt not despise.

In this collation of the most recent editions of the Book of Common Prayer for Ireland

issued by the Patentees, with the MS. Book preserved in the Rolls' Office, Dublin, the letters U. Pr. denote the University Press nonpareil 24's of 1845, and Q. Pr.

the Queen's Printers' 4to. edition of 1846. Of these books it may be observed, generally, that they differ greatly from the MS. in

the use or disuse of capital letters; in modernising the spelling of many words; in the mode of contraction in the Scripture references; in the introduction of s before Rubrics; and in punctuation: but it has not been thought requisite to particularise such errors except in cases where the sense is perverted or obscured. All instances, however, of the insertion, suppression, or mutilation of Prayers or Rubrics, or of the interpolation or omission of words, are noticed.

1. 1. The 23rd page of the MS. Book commences with The Order". 1. 1. In “ Prayer", an “i" altered into the “y. 1. 3. In “prayer”, an "i" altered into the “y”. 1. 11. In "alive”, the “a” has been retouched; and there is an erasure immediately over that letter.

Joel 2. 13.

Rent your heart, and not your garments, and
turn) vnto the Lord your god : for heç is gracious,
and mercifull, slow to anger, and of great kind-
ness], and repenteth him of the evill.


Dan. 9. 9, 10. To the Lord our God belong mercies, and for

givenessę, though weg have rebelled against him: neither have weg obeyed the voice of the Lord our God, to walk ] in his lawes, which hee

sett before usi Jer. 10. 24 O Lord correct mee, but with Judgment; not in

thine anger, lest thou bring mee to nothing. S. Mat. 3. 2 Repent ye; for the Kingdom) of heaven is all

hand. 8. Luke 15. 18,99. I will arise and goe to my father, and will say

vnto him; father, I have sinned against heaven, and before thee, and am no] more worthy to bel

called thy Son.. Ps. 143. 2. Enter not into Judgment with thy servant, O

Lord; for in thy sight shall no] man living bei

justified. S.Joh. 1.8, 9. If wee say, that we have noe Sin], we] deceive

our selves, and the truth is not in vs. But, if

we) confesse our sins, he] is faithfull and just 1. 5. The 23rd page of the MS. Book has no catch-word. 1. 6. The 24th page of the MS. Book commences with the word “To". In the

head line, in “Prayer", an “i" has been altered into the “y”. 1. 7. In “ against", the dot of the ";" is in darker ink. 1. 11. After “Judgement", comma altered to semicolon.

After “ Lord”, comma altered to semicolon. 1. 22 (margin). The obliteration seemingly covers the figure “2".

1. 20.

U. Pr. 1. 7. forgivenesses.

Q. Pr, 1. 7. forgivenesses.

to forgive vs our sin_s, and to clense vs from all
Dearely beloved Brethren, the Scripture moveth
vs in sundry places, to acknowledge, and con-
fess our manifold sin s and wickedness,


twenty one/

and that weg should not dissemble nor cloake them before the face of Almighty God our heavenly father, but confesse them with an humble, lowly, penitent, and obedient heart, to the end, that weg may obtain] forgivenesse of the same by his infinite goodnessę, and mercy.

And although wee ought að all t/mes humbly to acknowledge our sings before god, yet ought weg most chl.Ay so] to dol, when wel assemble, and meetę together, to render thanks for the great benefits, that weg have received aj his hands, to se ] forth his most worthy praise, to heare his most holy word, and to aske those things, which are requisite, and necessary, as well for the body as the soul. Wherefore I pray, and beseech you as many as are here pesent, to accompany mee. with a pure hearty and humble voice vnto the throne of the heavenly grace, saying after me.

1. 3. “Dearely” written in an engrossing character. 1. 7. The 25th page of the MS. Book commences with the word "and". In the head

line, in “ Prayer", an "i" has been altered into the “y”. 1. 11. In " obtain”, the “a” written in darker ink on an "e". 1. 11. In “forgiveness”, the “e" introduced in darker ink and in another hand, writing.

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