Sketches from Nature: Taken, and Coloured, in a Journey to Margate. Published from the Original Designs, 2. köide

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J. Dodsley, 1790

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Page 134 - ... is no more than this, — that it is our duty, and our intereft, to bear, with patience, that which it is not in our power to alter ! — The emotions of nature muft fubfide, before the foothing voice of reafon can be heard ! — ISABELLA, after giving way to the firft tranfports of paflion, affumed a fortitude, and refignation, which her piety alone could infpire.
Page 152 - Remains, purfuant to her own define, were depofited by the fide of thofe of her Sifter, with all that folemnity due to her high rank and office. — A monument was erected near to the place, where they were interred, with their figures kneeling, hand in hand, before a crofs, — and beneath it, a plate of brafs, recording their unfhaken friendlhip.
Page 141 - Ctuated on the border of the Ifle of Thanet;) but the advance of night, and a thick fog, prevented them from difcerning exactly, whereabout they were.
Page 136 - the time that the united felicitations of you, " and my uncle, prevailed on me (though reluc" tantly) to abfent myfelf from you, my foul hath ^ been agitated between hope and difappointment! " I will truft the fallacy of the world no more; ** the remainder of my days mall be pafled with *' you ; and we will end life as we began it, in an " infeparable union. Your converfe, and the fo" litude of a cloifter, can alone reftore tranquillity *' to the mind, of your ever faithful, and difconfo
Page 148 - Pray for the re. pofe of my foul; and lay me in the tomb which you have allotted to be your own, that one grave may in death hold our Remains, who in life had but one heart.
Page 139 - ... BRADSTOW, or BROAD-STAIRS, in the ifle of THANET (part of which chapel is at this day remaining) ; — and in which, her image was efteemed to work fuch great miracles, that Pilgrims came from parts very remote, to vifit it; — and it was held in fuch veneration, that all fhipspafiing within fight of itj are reported to have conftantly lowered their top-fails, to falute it...

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