The Love Letters of Abelard and Heloise

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J. M. Dent and Company, 1908 - 132 pages

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Page 123 - And yet there are not three eternals, but one eternal. As also there are not three incomprehensibles, nor three uncreated ; but one uncreated, and one incomprehensible. •So likewise the Father is Almighty, the Son Almighty, and the Holy Ghost Almighty. And yet they are not three Almighties, but one Almighty.
Page 105 - And love th' offender, yet detest th' offence ? How the dear object from the crime remove, Or how distinguish penitence from love ? Unequal task ! a passion to resign, For hearts so touch'd, so pierc'd, so lost as mine ! Ere such a soul regains its peaceful state, How often must it love, how often hate How often hope, despair, resent, regret, Conceal, disdain, — do all things but forget ! But let Heaven seize it, all at once 'tis fir'd: Not touch'd, but rapt ; not waken'd, but inspir'd ! Oh.
Page 131 - Renouncement,' though the likeness is accidental : — 1 1 must not think of thee ; and, tired, yet strong, I shun the thought that lurks in all delight— The thought of thee — and in the blue heaven's height, And in the sweetest passage of a song. Oh, just beyond the fairest thoughts that throng This breast, the thought of thee waits, hidden, yet bright ; But it must never, never, come in sight ; I must stop short of thee the whole day long. But when sleep comes to close...
Page 104 - In these lone walls (their days eternal bound) These moss-grown domes with spiry turrets crown'd, Where awful arches make a noon-day night, And the dim windows shed a solemn light; Thy eyes diffus'da reconciling ray, 145 And gleams of glory brighten'd all the day.
Page 101 - And truths divine came mended from that tongue. From lips like those what precept fail'd to move ? Too soon they taught me 'twas no sin to love : Back thro' the paths of pleasing sense I ran, Nor wish'd an Angel whom I lov'da Man.
Page 100 - Nor prayers nor fasts its stubborn pulse restrain, Nor tears, for ages taught to flow in vain. Soon as thy letters trembling I unclose, That well-known name awakens all my woes.
Page 105 - But o'er the twilight groves and dusky caves, Long-sounding aisles, and intermingled graves, Black Melancholy sits, and round her throws A death-like silence, and a dread repose: Her gloomy presence saddens all the scene, Shades ev'ry flow'r, and darkens ev'ry green, Deepens the murmur of the falling floods, And breathes a browner horror on the woods.
Page 108 - To light the dead, and warm th' unfruitful urn. What scenes appear where'er I turn my view ? The dear Ideas, where I fly, pursue, Rise in the grove, before the altar rise, Stain all my soul, and wanton in my eyes. I waste the Matin lamp in sighs for thee, Thy image steals between my God and me, Thy voice I seem in ev'ry hymn...
Page 103 - Still on that breast enamour'd let me lie, Still drink delicious poison from thy eye, Pant on thy lip, and to thy heart be prest; Give all thou canst - and let me dream the rest.
Page 103 - Not on the cross my eyes were fix'd, but you : Not grace, or zeal, love only was my call, And if I lose thy love, I lose my all. Come ! with thy looks, thy words, relieve my woe ; Those still at least are left thee to bestow.

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