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Copy of Sis. Winefrid Thimelbys lre.



I know not how in conscience I can thanke you, for the last bounty of yr letter, since it tyes faster those knotts of love, to somethinge I must leave when I dye; which, by age, can not be far of, yet farther than I wish, if it be but till to morrow. This may seem great presumption, in one so ill prepared; yet for my part, I thinke it none, sence tis mercy onely is my trust; and without that, life is more dangerous then death, because twod but increase future evells. I repent what I have sayd, fearing twil make your partiality take fals measure of me every way. I am too gross a desembler, if I confess not, yr corispondence has a better relish with my appetite, then any other; but

this secures not but it may be unwholsom; not by its owne nature, but my intemperance.

Really, I would faine love nothing but God, but all you at Bellamour are notorious theefs; yr selfe the captain, and steal, or rather openly rob of that poor interest, I should pay only to Heaven. Whensoever, therfore, you write to mee, pray for mee, that I may not sincke in that stream of pleasure; but that it may cary me on to the maine ocean, wher we all may hapily drowne together. Your little god-daughter thrives by yr blessing, not to greatnes, but goodnis. She has a great corage in a little body, and needes a bridle, but no spurr. She is all activity, and thinckes she is able to do all she sees in order dune. I hope her father will grant her petition of taking the scholers habit, for her desires are proved constant by the rake of delay, and I shall take care she doe nothing above her streangth. I expect his order which shall be my rule, as becoms

Yr most affectionat sister,



For Bellamor.

MY DEAR CHILDREN, GIRLS AND BOYS, EVER since my jubily, I have long'd for opportunity to convay thes little things wear gi ven me then; because I expect none so fine agen. I hope you understand me well enough, to know, that when I send you nothing, tis because I have nothing I thinck you will car for; or els for want of opportunity. However, I have one way of convaying kyndnis, which can never mischary; and dayly make use of itt. Yet perhaps you will not receive it, till the day of eternity. Then youl see my cares, my prayers, my neer concerns for each of you. Gatt, I rejoice in thy health, and ability to serve thy father, and assist thy brothers, and sisters. Tig a hapines, I hope, dear Franck will share in

shortly. But I have some aprehension Franck, that thou wilt want Doctor Conquest in the country. I will thanck him for the good he has done thee: be sure thou leavest of greif for my good lady. Thou must not bee such a stranger to heaven as to thinck itts gaine, your losse. We have all indevored to speed her flight to that b. eternity. God bless sweet Mall, Wat, and Hab, and all of you. I forgot to tell thee Gatt, I never had that letter yr father tells me you ritt; but Franck I had both of yours, and sent a little purs, and christall, to thee, by one Mr Digby; but I doubt he ner delivered it, tho he promised fare. Now I send all together, agree among yourselves, as I know you will: but what ever your father lyks best, know for certayne, that is designed for him, ́ ́

From your most intirely loving aunt,

W. T.

VOL. 11.

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YR brother Jack tells me you kyndly thinck it long, since you hard from me. I perceive ther has been miscariage of yr letters, for certainely had I received any, I shuld have aunswered them; though I confess, twas my design to wean both my self and you, from that satisfaction for now my age tells me, I have not long to live, therfor my dear sweet chillderen, I wod have you remember me, onely in your prayers. Ile doe the same by you: yet if a letter com from you, I owne twill be a pleasant distraction; and I will be sure to give you another: but this will pass. Lett our constant labour bee, who shall runn swiftest towards the happy eternity. For nothing in this world but may advance our speed, if we know how to make right use of itt. As long as your father

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