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Extracts from the Court Martial Book of previous Convictions against No.


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N.B.-Acts of Drunkenness to be inserted in Red Ink.

No. IX.

, the

day of

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Form, (p. 215.) PROCEEDINGS of a General Court Martial held at

one thousand eight hundred and in pursuance of an order of

commanding her Majesty's Forces at

dated the thousand eight hundred and

day of


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or by virtue of a Warrant from , bearing date the

day of one thousand eight hundred and







Name. Regt.


Name. Regt.

2. 4. 6. 8. 10. 12. 14.


Rank. Name. Regt. Deputy Judge Advocate. (1) The numbers show the order of the Members, according to seniority (p. 215.)

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At o'Clock, a.m. the Court opens. (pp. 175, 214.)
Rank. No. [if a N. C. O. or soldier p. 152] Name. .

Regl. appears a prisoner before the Court. (pp. 187, 214.)

The Order for assembling the Court, the Warrants appointing the President and Deputy Judge Advocate, are read. (p. 216.)

The Members are called over and severally answer to their names. (p. 215.) Question to Prisoner...Have you any exception to any of the

Officers now appearing to sit on this

Court ?
Answer ............ (see pp. 216, 229.)

The President, Members, and Deputy Judge Advocate are
duly sworn. (p. 229.)
Arraignment ......... The court proceeds to the trial of Rank.
(p. 235.)

No. Name. Regiment. upon

the following Charge, viz. : Charge

(Charge how framed pp. 151-156.) Plea ...................To which charge the prisoner pleaded.

(p. 235.) All persons required to give evidence are directed to withdraw. (p. 246.) Publication of proceedings may be forbidden. (p. 214.) Prosecution ............Rank. Name. Regiment

appears as Prosecutor, and proceeds, by permission of the Court, to deliver the

following statement, diz. (p. 246.) 1st Witness for Prosecution...Name, fc. (The Prosecutor) being

duly sworn, deposes :-(p. 247) “I," &c. Cross-exam ...... Quest... (p. 250.)

Question by Court..(p. 252.)


o'Clock, p. m. (p. 174.) The Court adjourns until

inst., at o'Clock, a.m.

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SECOND DAY, (date.) o'Clock, a.m. The Court meets pursuant to adjournment : present, the same Members as on

, except (absence accounted for by evidence, p. 230.)

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Continuation of the Examination of Witnesses, ge.
Second Witness ......... A. B. is duly sworn.


Cross-exam... Quest. ...

Re-examin ...Quest

Question by Court

The Prosecution is closed.

The Prisoner is placed on his Defence, (p. 252) and requests to be indulged with days, to be enabled to prepare it. The Court grants the request, and, in consequence, (it being

o'Clock) adjourns until at o'Clock.

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THIRD Day, (date.)


o'Clock, a. m. The Court meets pursuant to adjournment: present the same Members as on

The Prisoner enters on his Defence, and reads the following Address (or not, as it may be. p. 252, et seq.)

The Prisoner proceeds to produce evidence. (p. 253.) First Witness for De

A. B. is duly sworn. fence..

........ S


Answ..., Cross-exam...Quest....

Answ.... Re-examin"... Quest...

Answ.... Question by Court

Answ...( Witness as to characler. p. 427.) The Prisoner closes his Defence by the following Address or Remarks, fc. as it may be. (p. 253.)

The Prosecutor in reply, &c. &c. &c. (p. 257.)

The Court having closed, proceeds to deliberate, &c. (sec pp. 273-290.)




The Court, having maturely weighed and considered the evidence in support of the charges against the Prisoner, A. B., his Defence, and the evidence adduced in sup

port of it, is of opinion, that, &c. (The Sentence

Court having found a verdict of guilt, re opens to receive evidence as to other desertions, previous convictions, or as to character, p. 290,) and does therefore, &c. (see pp.

304-387.) Signed the day of 184 . (p. 385.)


Rank- and President. Name-Rank.

Officiating Judge Advocate.
The Court having passed judgment, begs leave to recommend
to mercy; to obserce on the conduct of the parties before it ; on
the manner in which a particular witness has delivered his
testimony, fc. &c. pp. 287-289.)


Rank.-and President.
Officiating Judge Advocate.
The Court (having found the prisoner guilty) re-opens, the
parties to the trial appear in court. (p. 290.)
First Witness ........... B. is duly sworn.
Question ...Have you given the prisoner notice of the


intention to produce evidence of previous

convictions ?
Answer ..................I warned him myself. (p. 168.)
By the Court

Produce the evidence as to previous

convictions. Answer1

The book I now produce is the Court

Martial book of the regiment. The prisoner before the Court is the soldier described as 121 John Atkins, in the trials recorded at page



and page

(1) Whenever a certified extract is received under the provisions of the War Office Circular, 772, 23rd July, 1834, it should appear on the face of the proceedings that the production of the Court Martial book will be attended with public inconvenience; and further that the signature (if the extract be so certified) is authentic.

The Court on inspecting the Court Martial book, find that the prisoner was convicted on of by ; and on of.

The Court having closed, proceeds to deliberate on the sentence. SENTENCE.

The Court having found the prisoner

guilty of the whole of the charges preferred against him, or of part of the charges preferred against him, viz. :

and taking into consideration the

previous convictions recorded against him, and also bis general

character, do now sentence him, the prisoner. Rank. No. Name. Regiment to (wording of sentence,

p. 375, 8c.)
Signed the day of 184


President. If previous acts of drunkenness (p. 367) be the subject of enquiry, the evidence may be somewhat in the following terms : (pp. 292-293.) Answer .......... The book I now produce is the Defaulters

book of the

regiment, and the prisoner before the Court is the soldier described, in the entries made at pages

as 121 private John Atkins. The Court on referring to the Defaulters' book, find that the prisoner was convicted by his Commanding Officer, on of

of ; and on of

; on

On enquiries as to general character, the examination may be somewhat as follows: First Witness, as to } 4. B. is duly sworn. Question ..... ........ Do you know the prisoner? If so, how

long have you known him, and what is your estimation of his general

character ? Answer........................ ( see p. 290.)

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