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Page 5 - The inhabitants of the town of Newburyport shall continue to be a body politic and corporate, under the name of the City of Newburyport, and as such, shall have, exercise and enjoy all the rights, immunities, powers and privileges, and shall be subject to all the duties and obligations now incumbent upon, and appertaining to, said town, as a municipal corporation.
Page 70 - All incidental questions of order arising after a motion is made for the previous question and pending such motion, shall be decided, whether on appeal or otherwise, without debate.
Page 71 - When any member is about to speak in debate, or deliver any matter to the House, he shall rise from his seat, and respectfully address himself to "Mr. Speaker," and shall confine himself to the question under debate, and avoid personality.
Page 11 - The city clerk shall also be clerk of the board of aldermen, and shall be sworn to the faithful performance of his duties. He shall perform such duties as shall be prescribed by the board of aldermen; and he shall perform all the duties and exercise all the powers, by law incumbent upon, or vested in the town clerk of the town of Worcester.
Page 6 - President be, and he is hereby, authorized, as soon as may be after the passage of this Act, and...
Page 25 - Illegitimate children shall follow, and have the settlement of their mother at the time of their birth, if she then has any within the state ; but neither legitimate nor illegitimate children shall gain a settlement by birth in the place where they may be born, if neither of their parents then has a settlement therein.
Page 15 - The city council shall have power to make all such salutary and needful by-laws as towns, by the laws of this Commonwealth, have power to make and establish, and to annex penalties, not exceeding twenty dollars, for the breach thereof...
Page 15 - Lynn, shall, until they shall expire by their own limitation, or be revised or repealed by the city council, remain in force, and all fines and forfeitures, for the breach of any by-law or ordinance, shall be paid into the city treasury.
Page 8 - Council shall organize itself in the manner herein before provided, and may proceed to business in the same manner as if the Mayor were present; and the oath of office may...
Page 70 - When a question is under debate, no motion shall be received but to adjourn, to lay on the table...

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