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above mentioned, and to enable both Clergy and Laymen
to possess a treasure of real excellence, at a time when
the Church of England requires the best exertions of her
sons, is the great object of the present undertaking.

It would indeed be discreditable to an age, in which the

works of so many Authors have been reprinted in a form

combining both economy and convenience, if those of the

great ornaments of our Church should be withheld from

an extended circulation. It has been determined there-

fore to publish a series in which the following plan will

be observed.

Each Work will be preceded by a Biographical Memoir

of its Author, comprising a general account of the times in
which he lived, with a particular reference to the state of
religious opinions.

An Argument or concise Summary of Contents will be

prefixed to every Sermon, Tract, or Disquisition, con-

tained in each Volume ; so that not only direct access may

be had to any portion required for perusal or consultation,

but the Summary of each Sermon may be considered as a

Skeleton, well calculated to assist the young Divine in


Notes and observations will be added wherever they

may appear necessary or useful; and at the end of each
Author will be given an Index of passages in Scripture,
which have been commented on in such Author.




The illustrious prelate with whose works we begin our series, was a younger son of Dr. William SHERLOCK, Master of the Temple, and Dean of St. Paul's, a divine who, having passed the greater part of his life in the excitement of polemics, became celebrated in his day for the multiplicity of his controversial writings, but is more advantageously known to posterity by his admirable Treatise on Death. After living to see his son Thomas, who is the subject of this Memoir, rapidly advancing in a course honorable to himself and useful to mankind, he died at Hampstead, June 19, 1707, and was buried in his own cathedral, leaving a very considerable property to his surviving family, which consisted of two sons and as many daughters.

Bishop SHERLOCK was born in London, A. D. 1678. Of his infancy and childhood I find no traces, nor can I discover that he showed any precocity of intellect, though his genius soon distinguished him at Eton, a school well



VOL. 1.

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