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indeed, might compare with the lovely, lengthy Rose- was a disgrace to the breed, 80 that one has a greater dale, who shows so well now that one would petition she curiosity to see in what force they can come. Will any should not be ruined by over-forcing hereafter. But better proof of this be offered at Lincoln ? There were there were other offenders in this way at Stamford; for fewer and at the same time worse pigs than we ever reMr. Baker's second in the two-year-old class was as

member seeing at any public show, Mr. Deacon's two fat as she could possibly be, having been exhibited as a small whites being alone worthy of the premiums butcher's beast at Birmingham last Christmas, and kept awarded-it would have puzzled the judges in some on ever since. She was not an animal of very high stamp, other instances to have said “what for.” nor did any of the Cottesmore Shorthorns rank with But there were other judges yet more fairly puzzled, some other entries, for fine thorough-bred appearance. although on a very different showing. After going The yearlings ran to twenty; but they were not all sent, elaborately through every class as they stood to their Mr. Bankes Stanhope being commended merely for a

numbers, without having one lot out! Messrs. Woods, clever, true-made one, with a fine touch, but the one Paine, and Rateliffe at length ordered the hunters of fatal deficiency of not being quite made up enough for five years old and upwards into the ring. And there for inspection !

a long hour or more they stood with seventeen wonderBut Mr. Stanhope was more appreciated in the bull fully good-looking horses parading around them, and classes, where his three-year-old was not only pro- apparently without any very definite intention of doing nounced the first of his own rank, but the winner of anything further. As for Mr. Ratcliffo, he was the Lord Lieutenant's cup as the best bull in the yard. known to be a rare good judge of a cart-borse, One of his chief opponents was Mr. Topham's four-year- and so he looked on in silent admiration. Mr. old-an animal of great depth and substance, but pinned Woods, too, bad been cbosen

for his in his hocks, and with only a middling head. He, proficiency amongst the “ Boxers” and “ Bowiers;" and however, has been a winner, ere now, while another Market Harborough Paine seemed to feel that his work competitor for the Championship was Mr. Marjoribanks' was cut out for bim. Around the ring, too, every other Whipper-in, the best of the yearlings at Battersea, and man had a different fancy. There was Mr. Brandford's a young bull of great merit and promise, but with a great, big, wbite-legged Pollard horse, up to any weight slack place or two to fill up. When in the stall, either at a certain pace-or Mr. Percival's varmint, brown, of these bad as many friends as Mr. Stanhope's ; but to with a deal more “go' about him-or the plain, deep, settle it the judges very properly ordered them short-legged Jeweller, who went better and better the into the ring, and here George the First did certainly more you pressed him-Mr. Sharman's pretty mare soon settle it. With great length, short legs, and Mr. Higgins'blood-like chesnut-Mr. Elliott's deceivingfamous flesh-deep, heavy, and kindly to touch-this looking Ugly Buck horse—or, if you like, Mr. Gilford's Royal George has the walk of a race horse. We handsome and good Vanderdecken horse, the very scarcely ever saw a bull move with so much graceful model of a hunter when you come to wake bim up a bit. freedom, and Mr. Tallant, who was watching the for. Would that the people who still hang to cocktail staltunes of Bushey, reluctantly admitted that must beat lions could have been at Burleigh on Wednesday, to see

Although passed in the general commendation at how the Shire farmers breed their nags from such sires Battersea, the Revesby bull was the best at Brigg last as Meteor, Bretby, King of Kelton, Vanderdecken, year, while he would seem to bave more character about Vortex, The Ugly Buck, Velox, Pollard, Theon, him than to rest content even with such honours as Catesby, Birkenhead, Tadmor, Nutwith, Cotherstone, these. Mr. Pawlett's second best was also the second St. Lawrence, Alonzo, and so on. There was scarcely best calf in London ; but he has now just got out of a hunting horse in the entry but was by a thorough-bred his in fancy ; and Mr. Marjoribanks' admirable pair of sire, and, as a legitimate consequence, it was one of the beifers were made up of the first, and a highly com- best shows of the sort we have ever seen. And a plain mended at Leeds. Bushey here took its revenge, and agriculturist would calmly refuse your offer of two bunMr. Stanhope's two had no chance against them. dred for the five-year-old, and have tbree. But still

Mr. Fletcher's cross-bred cow, the first of her class at breeding riding stock does not pay! as how can it by Birmingham, and still feeding very evenly, was the first the use of such under-bred stallions as the Council of again here, and the pure Duchess of Gloucester, terribly the Royal Society recognize and encourage in tbeir " gone" behind, was her second. Mr. Bennett had a prize sheet: The list of the Northamptonsbire Society couple of excellent Welsh beasts that look good enough will tell that Mr. Gilford ultimately owned the best for a place in the Islington Hall next Christmas, and hunter in a horse that also beat a large field at Mr. John Shaw a very sweet Hereford ox, though with Oakham in December, three or four others being hardly enough of him for higher honours hereafter. commended, and some five or six being very

This same Mr. Shaw had quite his fair share of success in close to the winner for actual merit. The younger other ways, taking " no end" of prizes and commenda- hunting horses were neither 80 many nor so good; tions for bis longwools, and the President's Cup for his

but still they made up a very creditable class ; the prize Dorkings. His Leicesters have been bred very horse, indeed, with care promising to grow and fashion carefully for some years from the Holme Pierre- | into something very superior. The hackneys were a pont flock; but many of the others looked as if they mixed lot, but with “ the exceptions” nicely distinwanted Robert Smith back again amongst them guished by Mr. Paine and his “lay brothers, while at Burley to keep the high-bred Leicester up these two gentlemen had really very little to do in their to bis fine type. The Huosbury Hill theaves were own proper sphere amongst the cart horser. There the pride of a over strong sheep show, were very few of them, and very few good ones. Mr. Mr. Burdett's old longwool being a handsome Bradshaw's was a great fine active mare, and Mr. “ taking” ram to look at, but with more blubber than Wallis challenged the bays and browns with two or flesh on him. With such a Meeting in their immediate three chesnut Suffolks, over which Mr. Taylor, of vicinity, it was an omission not to make up a class of Peterborough, who was on the ground, might have Lincolns, whereby the strength of this section might made another speech, although with another point to it. have been materially increased, and the real merits of The show

horses at Stamford was a deal such sbeep better illustrated. At a recent wool fair, pot worse than ever it was at Dereham. To be sure the prize far from Stamford, one of the speakers emphatically de- stallion Sampson did not appear, a certificate of his inclared that the entry of Lincoln long-wools at Battersea disposition being sent in his stead. But the thorough




1) sets

bred horse Dagobert was in his place, looking wonder. | of 5l., J. Topham, Welford (Rex). Highly commended : Earl fully well, and a far better horse for his purpose than the Spencer, and J. Abbey, Wellinborough Grange (Gold Nuge heavy-shouldered flash.going Ellington. If the North- get). Commended : T. Robinson, Castle Ashby (Baron Lind), ampton show is still to be held so far in July, it would

and R. Wyche, Crowland (Augelo). be as well to have the stallions before the judges at the Marjoribanks, Bushy Grove, derts (Whipper-in). Second of

Bulls under 2 years of age.- First prize, 151., Stewart time of the meeting, as this would considerably increase

51., T. E. Pawlett, Beeston, Beds (Hopewell). the attractions of the day, while it would be as well to

Cows of any breed.-First prize, 107., Lady E. Pigot put up two

on the bench. It was only with (Empress of Hindostan), Second of 51., Marquis of Exeter very great difficulty that the “judges of all work ” on

(Vapour). Highly commended: Earl Spencer. The class Wednesday got them through their labours.

commended. The implement show was confined chiefly to exhibi- Pairs of Shorthorn Heisers, in-calf or in-milk, above 2 and tors from this and the adjoining county; Ashby and

under 3 years old.-Prize of 201., Stewart Majoribanks (Rose Company-better known as Smith and Ashby-making of Busbey and Blushing Bride). the strongest stand on their own ground, Ball

Best Heifers of any breed, above 3 and under 4 years old.and the Hornsbys were also represented, with Michel- Southwick). Second of 31., J. Lyon, Church Farm, Stroxton

First prize, a Silver Cup. value 51., Lady E. Pigot (Pride of son, Amies and Barford, Hayes, Bankes, and others, (Luck's All). Highly commended : 1. Chapman, Whitwell. many of whom exhibited, as agents, the manufactures Heifers of any breed, above 2 and under 3 years old.-First of more famous firms. Par afield, however, Fowler, prize, 51.

, J. Lyun, Church Farm (Pride). Second of 81., the Howards, and the Hornsbys were at work on their W, H. Baker, Cottesmore. own accounts, showing bow ploughing should be done Heifers of any breed, above l and under 2 years old. by horse or steam power. But a long three miles off First prize, 31., Lady E. Pigot (Rosedale). Second of 21., R. thioned the attendance, and the objection of the occu

E. Oliver, Sholebrooke Lodge, Towcester (Campanula). Com. pier to allow the land to be broken up at more than

mended: J. B. Stanhope, M.P. (Lady Banka). three inches and a-half deep materially interfered with

HORSES. the value of the trials. Then the soil was thin, stony, JUDGES.-J. Paine, Market Harborough. and shallow ; and the Howards, it was said, were not

R. Ratliffe, Wolverton. provided with their tackle, but had to borrow of Mr.

T. Woods, Wytchley Warren, Stamford. Hatfield. The horse-ploughing was not much more Open to all England: Stallions for agricultural parposes.successful, although Purser, the Bedford champion, and Prize of 101., John Manning, Orlingbury (Samson). Brown, of Hornsby's, competed in the open class, with.

Open to all England: Thorougb-bred Stallions

best adapted out earning any especial notice from the judges. It was

to improve the breed of hunters.-- Prize of 201., W. C. Bland, clearly a mistake to have these proceedings enacted at

Boston (Dagobert, by Ion). such a distance from the Show itself, as it was scarcely Irens, Eydon (Chance). Commended: John Shaw, Hunsbury

Mares and Foal for hunting purposes. - Prize of 201., John possible to embody the two rival attractions in one day's Hill, and John Wood, Market Overton. work,

Open to all England: Mares or Geldings, 5 years old and Nearly six hundred ladies and gentlemen sat down to upwards, adapted for hunting purposes. - Prize of 201., W. dinner in a well-arranged tent in the park, with Lord Gilford, North Luffenbam (gelding by Vanderdecken). Highly Burghley in the chair. Lady Burghley, Lord Exeter, commended : J.M. K. Elliott, Heathercote ( The Jeweller), and Lord and Lady Euston, Lord Lyveden, and a whole Mark Sharman, Wellingboro'. Commended: H. Higgins, bevy of M.P.s, were also present; but the great question Northampton. of agriculture was only incidentally touched upon, and

Mares or Geldivgs, above 3 and under 5 years old, adapted the different addresses would be read with little interest

for hunting purposes, bred within the county of Northampton. beyond the county circle.

-Prize of 201., S. Gale, Leighton Lodge, Kimbolton (gelding by King of Oude). Commended: Owen Wallis, Overstone

Grange (mare by Ugly Buck), and Capt. F. Bowman, Belmont PRIZE LIST.

House, Duddington, Stamford (mare by Pollard).

Colts or Fillies, under 3 years old, adapted for riding purCATTLE.

poses.—Prize of 5l., Capt. Brown, Uppingbam (colt by Prior). JUDGES.-E. Lythall, Rudford Hall, Leamington.

Hackneys (Mare or Gelding), under 7 years old. First R. Smith, Emmett's Gravge, South Molton. prize, 101., S. Gale, Leighton Lodge (by Theon). Second of R. Stratton, Wall's Court, Bristol.

51., R. Searson, Craumore House, Deeping St. James (by FAT STOCK.

Quicksilver). Highly commended : Rowland Wood, Clapton, Open to all England: Oxen of any breed. — First prize, Thrapoton (by The Hero). 101, J, Shaw, Hunsbury Hill (Hereford). Second of 51.,

Mares for agricultural purposes. --First prize, 101., R. L. Earl Spencer, Althorp Park (Shortborn). Highly commended:

Bradshaw, sen., Tiowell. Second of 5l., T. Gregory, DudW, H. Baker (Shorthorn).

dington. Commended : Sir W. de Capel Brooke. Open to all Eogland: Steers of any breed. First prize,

Cart Geldings, above 2 and under 3 years old.—Prize of 201., W. H. Baker, Cottenmore (Short horn). Second of 51.

, 5., Rd. Trimms, Braunston, Rugby. J. Abbey, Wellingborough Grange (Shorthorn).

Cart Fillies, above 2 and under 3 years.-- Prize of 51., T. H. Open to all Eogland: Fat Cows or Heifers of any breed or

Bland, Dingley Grange. age.--First prize, 101., W., Fletcher, Radpanthwaite (Short

Pairs of Cart Hories for agricultural purposes. First prize, horn cross). Second of 51., Lady E. Pigot, Branches Park 72., Hy. Burgess, Middleton, Rockingbam, Second of 51., (Sborthoru, Duchess of Glo'ster). Commended : Sir W. de

Owen Wallis, Overstone. Capel Brooke, Bart., Geddington Grange.


Highly commended: Hy. Burgess, Middleton, for an Entire GRAZING STOCK.

Yearling Cart Colt;

and J. Manning, Orlingbury, for half-bred Pairs of Shorthora or Cross-bred Steers.Prize of 51., Sir Stallion (A British Statesman). W. de Capel Brooke.

Pairs of Hereford or Shropshire Steers.--Prize of 5l., G. N. Wetton, Northampton.

JUDGES.-C. Howard, Biddenham, Bedford. Pairs of Welsh Steers,Prize of 51., B. E. Bennett, Mars.

J. Manning, Orlingbury. ton Trussell Hall.

W. Pawlett, Eastfield, Peterborough.

Open to all England: Pens of 20 long-woolled Ewes of

any age, that have suckled lambs to the ]st of June, 1862. Bulls above 2 years old.-First prize, 15l., and the Marquis - The prize of £20, lo John Shaw, Hunsbury Hill. Highly of Exeter's Cup, value 25l., as the best bull in the yard," commended : R. L. Bradshaw, jun., Rookery, Tinwell. Com. J. B, Stanhope, M.P., Revesby Abbey (George lot). Second I mended; John Gillett, Fawler.



Pens of 10 long.woolled Ewes, that have suckled lambs ster, Peakirk, Market Deeping. Second of £3, to J. Shef. to the 1st July. The prize of £5, to Robt. Martin, Uffing- field, Geddington Lodge.

To the Ploughman, as above.–First prize, £1, to Mr. T. Pens of 3 long-woolled Shear Hoggs. First prize, £5, to Culpin, with Mr. T. Woods, Wytchley Warren. Second of C. J. Bradshaw, Alstoe House, Burley-on-the-Hill. Second £3, to R Newborn, with Mr. J. Phillips, of Stamford. of £2 10s., to the Marquis of Exeter. Highly commended ; Third of £2, to G. Todd, with the Marquis of Exeter. John Shaw, Hunsbury. Commended : John Shaw.

Fourih of Al, to J. Clarke, with Sir W. C. de Brovke, Pens of 3 cross-bred Shear Hoggs. First prize, £5, to Geddington Grange. Mrs. Sarah Treadwell, Upper Winchendon. Second of £2 To the Ploughman, as above.- First prize, £2 10s., to J. 10s., to Mrs. Treadwell.

Bellairs, with Mr. T. Smith, of Burley-on-the-Hill. Second Pens of 5 Long-woolled Ewes, that have suckled Lambs of £1 10s., to John Pinder, with Mr. Pinder, Litile Casterto the 1st June, 1862.–First prize, £5, to C. J. Bradshaw. ton. Third of £l, to J. Garford, with Mr. G. Blythe, SouSecond of £2 10s., to Thomas Bird, of Bilton. Highly thorpe. commended : T. Bird. Commended : Colonel Lowther, Bar- CHAMPION CLASS.-Open to all England: To the Ploughleythorpe Hall, Oakham.

man, who shall plough as above.—The prize of £5, to T. Pens of 5 Long-woolled Theaves. First prize, £5, to J. Dorn, with Mr. W. Stafford, of Branston Lodge, Graniham; Shaw. Second of £2 10s., to C. J. Bradshaw. Highly and the prize of £10, to Mr. Stafford, as owner of ihe commended: J. Shaw, Commended; R. Wright, Nocton team.-Highly commended: C. Newton, with Mr. J. Cooke, Hea h.

Lincoln. Pens of 5 Cross-bred Ewes.--The prize of £5, to Mrs.

STEAM PLOUGHING. Sarah Treadwell, Upper Winchendon.

JUDGES.-Harcourt Clare, Twycross, Atherstone. Pens of 5 Cross-bred Theaves.-First prize, £5, to Mrs.

T. E. Eye, Peterborough. Sarah Treadwell, Upper Winchendon. Second of £2 10s., ENGINEER.—Harrison, Northampton. to the Marquis of Exeter.

Open to all England: To the exhibitor of the best Steam Shearling Long-woolled Tups.-First prize, £10, to J. Plough.—The prize of £20, to Fowler, of the Steam Plough Lynn, Church Farm.-Second of £5, to S. Wallis, Barton Works, Leds ( exhibited by Mr. Watts). Seagrave. Highly commended: J. Lynn, J. Gillett, and S. STEAM CULTIVATOR.-Open to all England : To the exWallis.

hibitor of ihe best Steam Cultivator.—The prize of £20, to Long-woolled Tups of any age, that have proved Stock Fowler, of Leeds. Geiters.--First prize, 420, to T. Burdett, Pytchley. Second

COLLECTIONS OF IMPLEMENTS. of £5, A. Braiford, Tickencote Farm, Stamford.

First prize, £20, Messrs. Amies and Barford, PeterboPens of 5 Long.woolled Wether Lambs.-The prize of £3, to J. Slaw. Commended : R. L. Bradshaw,"junior, rough. Second of £8, Messrs. Ashby and Ashby, Stamford. Tinwell.

Pens of 5 Long-woolled Ewe Lambs.—The prize of £3, to R L Bradshaw.

A RULE FOR ESTIMATING A WHEAT Pens of 5 Short-woolled or Half-bred Wether Lambs.

The prize of £3, to J. Beasley. jun., Thorpelands.
Pens of 5 Short-woolled or Half-bred Ewe Lambs.The

Şir,-I find by practical calculation, that 12 lineal yards prize of £3, to 8. Treadwell. Commended : J. Beasley, jun. (omitting tractions) of a 7 fe: t 4 inches stetch of lund com

Pens of 10 Long.woolled Ewe Lambs, bred within 15 monly furrowed, is equal to 1 square rod, or 30 square yards miles of Stamford. -The prize of £3 3s. No entry. (omitting fractions) of land not in stelches and furrows, is

also equal to 1 square rod. Commended : J. Johnson, Westborough, Grantham for 2

Rule-Let all the ears oft' one of such lineal or square Tups ; and John Shaw, for 1 Theuve.

yards at a fair part in any field or crop of wheat, just before

its being harvested, be cut and thrashed, and ihe sound PIGS.

grains counied. If the said lineal yard contains 300 good, JUDGES.-C. Howard.

bad, and indifferent ears, or the said square yard 120, which T. Manning.

is equal thereto, and 20 sound grains are found to be conW. Pawlett.

tained on an average in each ear, it will give 72,000 grains Boars of any breed.-First prize £3, to Mr. Richardson, Hibaldstowe, Kirton-in-Lindsey (white). Second of £1, to

on a square rod, pole, or perch, which is all I myself calcu

late that possibly can under present appearances be exthe Marquis of Exeter (black). Breeding or Suckling Sow - First prize, £3, to D. E. pected as an average crop of 1862; at least in my own

neighbourhood and those adjacent, a loss susiained and Simpson, Stamford (black and white). Second of £1,to D.

occasioned by the sad laie ani still prevailing severe blight, E. Simpson (white). Boars of a Small Breed.—Prize of £3, to S. Deacon, Almighty God, that He of his infinite goodness may

which I humuly pray, and may all implore the mercy of Herne Lodge, Oundle (white).

speediiy avert it. Thus reckoning 18,000 grains in a quart, Best Sow of a Small Breed.-Prize of £3, to S. Deacon

which of ordinary samples it will be found to contain, will (white).

give just 2 qrs. per acre. Of course, if only half this BUTTER.

quantity can in some cases be obtained, as is quite proJUDGE.-T. Lytton, Newgate Market, London.

bable, viz., only 10 grains in each car, only half this quan. Twelve Pounds of Butter, made up in two pound Lumps.tity, or 6 bushels will be the produce; or if double ihis --First prize £3, 10 W. G. Duncan, Bradwelī, Stony Strat- quantity, 40 grains in each ear should perchance be obford. Second of £2, to Mrs. Allatt, Manor House, Glinton.tained, it will give twice the quantity, viz., 5 qrs. per acre; Commended : R. S. Swingler, Ketton.

but this, I am doubtful, will be but rarely the case. So in Six Pounds of Butter.- First prize, £2, to Mrs. Pick, proportion,

more or less, according to the number of ears Witham-on-the-Hill

. Second of £1, to Mrs. Walton, Exton and grains as are contained in such lineal or square yards, Park Farm, Oakham. Commended : Mrs. Allatt, with 10s.

correct estimation can be readily solved on any crop hy to the dairymaid.

rule of three. RED WHEAT. Five Quarters of Red Wheat, Grown within 15 miles of

If 300 grains in a lineal yard of a 7 feet 4 inches stetch, Stamford.--First prize £5, Messrs. Sefton and Cooper, or 120 grains on a square yard, give 20 grains in each ear, Uffington. Second of £2 2s., W, Wright, Ryhal).

what will 30 grains in each ear produce ?
JUDGES.-R. Attenborough, Sawtry, Hunts.

T. Close, Barnack, Stamford.
T. Wagstaff, Chesterton, Hunts.

20) 60,0 Open to the County: To the Farmer's Son or Agricul

[per acre. tural Pupil, for ploughing in the best manner half an acre


.30 bushels, or 3 qrs. 6 bushels of land.–First prize, a piece of plate, value £7, to R. Web- Maldon, Essex, July 14th, 1862.





[blocks in formation]

Bates and no surrender” has been the Shorthorn Cornell came to the rescue with 10 gs., and said : motto with the breeders on the Speke side of Liverpool “ You may get an Englishman to put on ten more," for many a long year. It has headed one of their latest but she had slipped her last calf, and her breeding was catalogues, and stood the ring-test well on Tuesday, July thought so doubtful, that it was with the greatest diffi15; but still, as the prices of Third Grand Duke and a few culty that she was run up to 36 gs. Mr. Strafford had others proved, the biddings were not thoroughly up to the also to complain of the sadly “costive” spirit when he mark. The sale followed so quick upon the purchases introduced Fidget 4th ; and Music 2nd, a great, fine, of the Cherry Duchesses and Grand Duke 5th, and the deep-middled cow, went terribly cheap at 35. Cherry final clearing out of the Springfield herd, that people Duchess 3rd introduced a little more life—"thirty," could hardly see the drift of it, and hence a certain flat- then "fifty," and so by fast five-guinea bids up to a ness pervaded the whole proceedings. However, if they hundred, when Mr. Torr was declared the purchaser. did fancy it “a draft sale," and miss bargains, it was Mr. Robarts's agent first showed his band for Lady their own fault, as the “ without any reserve” clause Barrington 4th, and to the Lillingston Dayrell herd she was carried out in its strictest integrity; and of this went at the absurdly low sum of 36 gs. Over Roan Third Grand Duke's price is the most cogent proof. Heiress the bidders were equally troublesome, and all There is however, perhaps, another reading of the but ran the glass out between each bidding; but Alla matter, and that is that some of the bidders may have Gwynne was at fifty at once, and then just when she was understood each other, and worked the oracle accord- going, after a pause, at fifty-six, Mr. Fawcett came ingly. Much speculation was afloat as to the destina- with a winning rush and a guinea from behind. tion of the Duchess females, but it transpired gradually Old Moss Rose, who has been the pride of Speke for that Mr. Hegan, of Dawpool (wbo had nine lots in the many a long month, was received with silent respect, sale), was the principal sharer in this daring purchase, which did not develope itself into bidding till the and that the ten will leave Springfield in a few days for “ Take her away" came, and with it a first offer. She their new Cheshire pastures, along with Grand Duke 4th ; is getting so universally large behind, that her girth although it is not improbable that the latter may be ex- suffers, and although she has had a calf she was thought changed with Mr. Atherton for Second Lord of Oxford. a speculative bargain at 46. Over Lady Barrington 5th, Such is the solution of the Duchess sale, which has and the wbite Cherry Blossom the crowd were again ad. produced so much and varied speculation in the Short- jured not to be slow; but Finella 3rd with her deep horn world. The purchase-money, according to rumour, snug foreband fairly waked them up. The biddings ran was very large.

so fast, that Mr. Strafford “was carried away in the A slight drizzle in the morning was succeeded by a flood," and the laugh was regularly against him, when most beautiful day, and the attendance was good and he said in his ardour “200-I mean 120.” Mr. Stewart thoroughly business-like. We counted from thirty of Southwicke, who had taken up his station in the to forty owners, or agents of owners, of well-known back part of the waggon, had gone well in front, racing Shortborn berds; and even for those who waver in their against Mr. Saunders, with five guinea strokes all the allegiance between a roan and a chesnut "Butterfly," way, up to 155, when in his anxiety to get her, and the Liverpool races spread their net in vain. The young fancying that the Nunwick champion was still hanging heifers, beaded by Lady Barrington 6th, were all turned on his flank, he bid five more upon himself.

Mr. out into a field behind the house, where many a levee Saunders and Mr. Kearney, who stood almost side by was beld over them ; and the Second Duke of Airdrie, side, had a sharp thing for Wild Fire, and the former who was excluded from competition at Battersea, owing was again second. Mr. Cornell had an ineffectual turn to his not having served the required number of cows in at Wild Eyes 21st, a good Finella 4th, “supposed to England, gave audience along with the Fifth and the Sixth have lost her calf in the winter,” accompanied Nanny in a stable. Third Grand Duke was the first on which the to the Isle of Man, and thus the first 20 accomplished a visitor's eyes rested as they entered the yard, but he was 50-guinea average, with seven guineas over. not looking his best ; and the whole of the herd were hardly in their May bloom. The lunch, with Mr. guineas of her calf-hood, and then Mr. Drewry and Mr. Strafford in the chair, was of a most elegant kind, and Smith on behalf of Colonel Pennant had a grand finish in fact quite a dinner in its appointments; and the duty for Cherry Duchess 6tb, which ended in favour of of proposing Mr. Atherton's health fell to Col. Johnson, Penrhyn. Miriam, always a great favourite of ours, the presideat of the New York Agricultural Society, was a very nice blooming cow, and cheap at 51 guineas, who was present with his friend, Mr. Cornell, of and then Cherry Duchess 7th, of the three Grand Duke Ithaca.

crosses, who was only ten days off calving, stood up Mr. Strafford got to work shortly before two o'clock in gaily and well, and the final response to the “ You're the meadow, but the leading purchasers in the waggon buying two' appeal was 205 guineas from Colonel soon became so chilled by the breezes fresh from the Pennant's agent. Thus four Cherry Duchesses went Mersey, that a large tarpaulin screen had to be extem- for only 461 guineas, and sorrowsuily Mr. Atherporized for the occasion. A parade by the Three Dukes ton shook his head. Fidget Fifth was a clean, clever of Airdrie was the opening ceremony, and then No. 1, heifer, of a beautiful colour, but a little coarse in the Old Newlight, showed. As a milker, she has no peer in horn, and in went Mr. Cornell against Mr. Freeman the berd; and Mr. Bowley, who never loses sight of (on behalf of Mr. Ladd Betts), but the American ran a the dairy, claimed her, with fourteen years on her head, good deal gamer than Umpire and was'nt to be caught. at 35 gs.

Polly Gwynne, who is some three years Lady Barrington 6th, the highly commended yeariing younger, and rather rheumatic in the near hind-leg, de- heifer favourite for Battersea, did not create much com parted to Cannie Cumberland, which bas always petition. She looked well, but she is a little steery on cherished the sort, and then no one would lead off for the top of her neck, and with her red colour all in her Cherry Duchess 2nd. Exhortation was in vain till Mr. favour, she goes to Devonshire, where some of her

The Duchess of Cambridge did not renew the ninety

bort had their location originally. Hannah Gwynne, of Oxford (9047), dam (Novelty) by Second Cleveland Lad who has a beautiful waxy horn, and might be a prize

(3408).-E. Bowly, 35 ge. heifer, barring a little falling off in her hind quarters, Polly Gwynne, red and white, calved November 25, 1858 ; was cheap at 5l, and then came two more Cherry

got by Flying Dutehman (10235), dam (Young Dowager Duchesses, one of which, thanks to the three Grand

Gwynne) by St. Thomas (10777).-J. Hetherington, Car

lisle, 41 gs. Dukes, sold capitally for 140 gs., but still she could Cherry Duchess 2nd, red, calved March 11, 1854; got by only pull up the average for the six of the tribe to

Grand Duke (10284), dam (Brandy Cherry) by Sheldon £116, and with Duchess Nancy, of Wetherby blood (8557).-E. Holland, M.P., 36 gs. on both sides and a capital coat, the 41 females were Fidget 4th, red and white,calved July 9, 1854; got by Fourth told out.

Duke of York (10167), dam (Fidget 2nd) by Dake of At 12 minutes to four the Third Grand Duke was in Northumberland (1940).-Capt. Blaythwayt, 60 gs. the ring, but he was no “sensation bull” that day. Music 2nd, red, calved June 2, 1855 ; got by The Baron Thirty-five" said a man of liberal mind on the op

(13833), dam (Music) by St. Lawreuce (10775).-Blunposite side of the ring to Mr. Strafford's intense dis

dell, Southport, 35 go. gust; at last "a hundred" was bid, but "he's to be Cherry Duchess 3rd, red, calved May 11, 1856 ; got by

Second Grand Duke (12961), dam (Cherry Dachess 2nd) sold' was the only response. Mr. Robinson had two or three bids, which made a little better of matters, and Lady Barrington Àch, roan, calved October 16, 1856 ; got by

by Grand Duke (10284).-W. Torr, 100 gs. by slow degrees he was forced up to 195, where Mr. Kirklevington 3rd (13120), dam (Lady Barrington 3rd) by Clark's nod from below fixed his fate as the future head Weathercock (9815).-A. J. Robarts, Lillingstone Dayrell, of the Lillingston Dayrell herd, at 405 gs. less than the Buckioghamshire, 88 gs. price at which he was said to have been valued by Mr. Roan Heiress, rich roan, calved January 5, 1857; got by Heir Bolden. The roan Grand Duke. 7th, of whom juster at Law (13005), dam (Red Brilliant) by Baron of Ravens. expectations had been formed, was brought in out of his

worth (7811).-A. J. Robarts, 43 gs. order to liven up matters. A hundred was offered in Alla Gwynne, roan, calved October 24, 1857; got by Prince an instant, and three bidders were soon hard at him;

(15081), dam (Maggie Gwynne) by White Cloud (13997). but Captain Oliver had waited his opportunity patiently Moss Rose, road, calved March 19, 1857; by Sixth Duke of

-E. A. Fawcett, Hornsey, 57 gs. on Mr. Strafford's right, and was not to be denied ; and

Oxford (12765), dam (Red Rose 3rd) by The Baronet thus son followed sire into the same district. Grand

(10918).--R. Jeffers00, Preston House, Whitehaven, 46gs. Duke 5th bad not the same colour and looks to com- | *Lady Barrington 5th, roan, calved November 5, 1857; got mend him, and when the next foar had come and gone by Kirklevington 3rd (13120), dam (Lady Barrington 3rdj at all prices, from £75 to £8, the Duke of Airdrie by Weathercock (9815).-A. J. Robarts, 46 gs. was marched up for sentence. To see his massive level *Cherry Blossom, white, calved January 26, 1858 ; got by frame was worth all the journey ; but the crowd sus.

Mac Turk (14872), dam (Roan Cherry) by Heir at Law pected his weight of years and flesh, although bis man

(13005).-R. Sneyd, Esq., Keele Hall, 34 gs. made him show his paces most deftly in the ring, and

Finella 3rd, red, calved April 19, 1858; got by Prince ImpeMr. Robinson got him for almost a beef price, with his

rial (15095), dam (Finella 2nd) by Grand Duke (10284).

M. S. Stewart, Southwick, 155 gs. Champion Cup and his 1,000-dollar prize on his head.

*Bessie Gray, roan, calved September 24, 1858 ; got by Royal Mr. Barber secured a new premier for the Sproatley Duke (15199), dam (Bracelet) by Vanguard (7670).-W. Rise stalls in the Fifth Duke of Airdrie at sixty-three Barrow, Bilbrook House, Wolverhampton, 23 gs. guineas, and age was served with the Sixth Duke, who Wild Eyes 28th, red, calved September 28, 1859; got by goes to spread his Grand Turk blood at Aylesford in Lord of the Valley (14837), dam (Wild Eyes 27th) by Kent. With him the sale closed, and while some Gaiuford 5th (12913).-Felix Leach, The Fields, Standish, breeders went home, and others waited to see the Liver.

Wigan, 40 gs. pool Cap, a few departed across the country to York

Wild Fire, roan, calved November 8, 1858: got by Vocalist shire with Mr. Strafford (whose summer circuit is rather

(13960), dam (Wild Eyes 18th) by Solon (13766).-P. J. a beavy one), to "open the commission” at Siggles- Nanuy, red, calved December 14, 1858; got by Sixth Duke

Kearney, Miltown House, Clonmellon, Ireland, 76 gs. thorne on the Thursday.

of Oxford (12765), dam (Young Nannette) by Brandy The Speke average bad been generally laid at eighty;

(9984). -Evan Gell, Whitehouse, Isle of Man, 24 gs. but still if the six Cherry Duchesses and three Grand Zorab, white, calved March 10, 1859; got by Heic at Law Dukes did not fulfil expectation, others sold well. Mr. (13005), dam (Brilliaucy) by Hudibras (10339).-E. A. Atherton's average was £74 148. 6d. for forty-two Fawcett, Hornsey, 31 gs. animals, which produced £3,138 9s. ; and Mr. Hegan's, *Wild Eyes 21st, red, calved March 15, 1859; got by Lord £32 lls. for nine which made £292 198., and the Stapley (14854), dam (Wild Eyes 19th) by Solon (13766). general average for the united herds amounted to -J. Hetberington, Middle Farm, Carlisle, 26 gs. £67 55. 8d. Taking the whole average strictly from a

Finella 4th, roan, calved April 3, 1859; got by Prince ImpeBates' point of view, it stands thus :

rial (15095), dam (Finella 2nd) by Grand Dake (10284).

Evan Gell, 61 gs. 3 Grand Dukes

£750 15

Dachess 6 Cherry Duchesses

696 3

Cambridge, red and white, calved April 30, 1859 3 Fidgets ..

242 11

got by Second Duke of Cambridge (12743), dam (Fuchsia 3 Duchesses of Cambridge

142 16

2nd) by Weathercock (9815).-T. Lund, Lovely Hall 4 Lady Barringtons

201 12

Blackburn, 41 gs. 6 Wild Eyes..

264 12 Jenny Gwynne, roan, calved May 28, 1859 ; got by Duke of 1 New Light..

York (14461), dam (Polly Gwynne) by Flying Dutchman 1 Ariel 5th

39 18

(10235).-E. A. Fawcett, Hornsey, 39 gs.

Cherry Duchess 6th, red, calved May 16, 1859; got by Third

£2375 2 Grand Duke (16182), dan (Cherry Duchess 3rd) by 2nd or £87 19s. 3d.

Grand Duke (12961) - Hon. Col. Penoant, M.P., 120 gs. Subjoined is a return of the lots.

Miriam, rich roan, calved August 14, 1859; got by Second

Duke of Cambridge (12743), dan (Marian) by Pound COWS AND HEIFERS.

(15072).-A. J. Robarts, 5l gs. (The Figures refer to Coates's Herd Book," and those Lots Cherry Duchess 7th, roan, calved April 1, 1860; got by Third

marked with an (*) are the Property of Mr. Hegan, Grand Duke (16182), dam (Cherry Duchess 3rd) by 2nd Daupool, Cheshire.]

Grand Duke (12961).-Hon. Col. Pennant, M.P., 205 gs. New Light, road, calved April 11, 1850 ; got by Third Duke Bessie Gwynne, roan, calved October 2, 1859; got by Duke

36 15


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