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was without change on Friday, Glasgow was against 36,654 grs. English, 73,320 qre. foreign for down 1s. to 1s, 6d. per qr.

the same period in 1861., showing that the foreign The second Monday had twice the quantity of arrivals were more than double. The exports in English showing on the previous week, and another four weeks were 75 qrs. wheat, 2,452 cwts, flour. heavy foreign supply, more than half from Canada The arrivals in August for the kingdom 1,000,080 and the United States. Notwithstanding the good qrs. wheat, 782,005 cwts, flour. gupply, as the weather had not been universally

The flour trade, like that of wheat, has been slow, fine, rates were not further reduced, the show this with prices declining, Norfolks being reduced from morning from Kent and Essex being only mode- 398. to 378. per sack, with little doing at the rerate. Fine qualities went off slowly without change duction. American supplies being very abundant, of value; but the bulk, consisting of parcels not in and of common and inferior quality mostly, have good condition, hung on hand. Prime foreign was also given way, till 259. to 26s. have been good not altered, though the demand was limited, and prices, but the best sorts are scarce, and would obthe American arrivals were most of them in suchtain 28. to 38. more. Town millers have not, howpoor condition as to require being taken to granary.

ever, changed their quotations, the top price comThere were many arrivals off the coast, and sales mencing and closing at 515. per sack, and the were at barely the former currency. This week alleged reason for this unaltered state of things is there was more the appearance of agreement in the that former rates lost money in consequence of the country markets ; but Birmingham, which did not high rates paid for fine foreign wheat, which was yield at all previously, now gave way 18. per gr., so required to keep up their quality. The imports for did Boston and a few other places. "Liverpool four weeks were, in country sorts 47,619 sacks, in found a better trade at rather less money on Tues- foreign 9,856 sacks 138,232 barrels, against 52,440 day, but there was no subsequent change. Edin sacks country, 6,351 sacks 81,598 barrels foreign burgh and Glasgow obtained former rates for fine in 1861, showing a large increase this year, quality, but the latter gave way 1s. per qr. on low American. The native grain showing at Dublin

As respects malting barley the trade can hardly was damp, and sold at irregular rates, while foreign be said to have commenced, the qualities of the was dull but unaltered.

new crop not attracting maltsters; we have there, The third Monday had a very heavy foreign sup to 38. per qr.,

and the quality

generally is but poor,

fore seen a decline on the first quoted prices of 28. ply, and a fair arrival of home growth. The morning's show from Kent and Essex was not large, but Foreign sorts for malting and distillation have also more than sufficient for the demand, especially as

given way, and the high rates quoted for such now much was out of condition. The best samples at Hambro' are quite above the English markets, were fully 1s. per gr. lower, and anything below say, 348., Chevalier being quoted 386., weighing this quality was fully 2s. per gr. down, with great 53lbs. per bushel. Grinding sorts have not, howdifficulty in placing at the reduction. In the foreign ever, much given way, 248, having been paid for arrivals a large proportion was from Danzic and Egyptian, which a few months ago was selling at America, and these sorts being in demand lately,

20s., and even less. It is expected, however, that prices were reduced 18. to 28. per qr.,

a large proportion of the English crop will be fit off the coast were not cheaper. The country mar-only for feeding, and prices may therefore be rekets this week again evinced a retrograde movement, duced. When, however, the malting season fully some exceeding even the decline of London, as begins, there may be a brisk demand for anything Chesterfield, which was 3s, per gr. lower ; Newark, really fine, at full rates. The imports for the four Barnsley, Gainsborough, and Market Rasen, being weeks were in British qualities only 2,099, in down 28. to 38.

, but more generally the reduction foreign 30,125 qrs., against 5,283 grs, British, 3,876 was 28., wbile many were only reduced 18. to 28.;

grs, foreign_in 1861. It is not, therefore, the Gloucester and a few other places quoting only a quantity of English, but the quality which has sent reduction of ls, per qr,

prices down, The fourth Monday had another heavy foreign The malt trade has been quiet for the month : supply, but the English arrivals rather fell off

. and prices have not been changed. The morning's show of samples from Kent and

The oat trade, with only half the supplies of last Essex was also only moderate; but the continuance month, has constantly been heavy, and prices de of splendid weather, and the quantity of foreign, clining. This may be attributed to the favourable produced almost a perfect stagnation in trade. accounts of the English crop, some samples of New English was offered at 2s. per gr. abatement, which have been of great weight, and arrivals have but at the close of the market very little was sold, been already so plentiful as to influence foreign and so little was doing in foreign, that some factors sales. New qualities have given way 1s. to 18, 60, were indisposed to quote lower rates, though sales per qr., but the scarcity of really fine fresh corn would generally have been gladly made at a reduc- has about kept rates as they previously were. Intion of is. to 28. per qr. on all sorts. Very little ferior Russian sorts have given way 6d. to 1s. per also was doing in arrivals off the coast, though gr. The crop in the Baltic being good, free arprices were nominally the same. Hull this week rivals of new may be expected before winter, and was 38. to 48. per qr. down, but the average re- perhaps lower rates. The imports into London for duction of the country markets was little over 18. four weeks were 16,478 qrs. English, 115 grs, to 2s. per qr.

Scotch, 640 qrs. Irish, and 86,294 qrs. foreign, The arrivals into London for the four weeks against 22,747 qrs. English, 596 qrs. Scotch, 583 were 19,063 qrs. English, 181,611 qrs, foreign qrs, Irish, 164,973 grs. foreign in 1861. This



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70s. to 728.

shows the month's supplies little more than half

IMPERIAL AVERAGES. what they were last season.

FOR THE LAST 81x Wheat. Barley., Oats. Rye. Beans. Pess.

9. d. 8. d. s. d. s. d. The bean trade has been dragging, without much



57 10 82 6 25 3 38 1141 quotable change in value. Very few of the new Aug. 16, 1862...

3 25 337 2 418 390

Aug. 23, 1862.. crop have yet come to market, and these, notwith

32 4 26 3 37 3 42 7 38 9 Aug. 30, 1862....

0 24 11 35 442 8 38 7 standing that the crop is generally well spoken of, Sept. 6, 1862..

25 136 8 42 0 40 1

24 7 35 941 have been very poor, say 48. per qr. below last Sept. 2. 1862.. year's quality. The foreign supplies have been re

Aggregate Average 57 7

Same time last year 51 11 33 3 24 9 36 3 1 43 gular; but as Alexandria has lately given way in price, quoting only 228. to 25s. per qr., f.o.b., we

PRICES OF SEEDS. may see some declension in the rates, more especi


MUSTARD, per bush., white................ 98. to 10g. 6d. ally if any quantity of new English should be

CORIANDER, per cwt.......

................ 148. 168. pressed on the market in poor condition. The im- CANARY, per qr......... ports into London for four weeks were 1,703 of

TARES, winter, new, per bushel.............. 8s. 89. 6d,

TREFOIL home growth, 5,080 qrs. foreign, against 1,910 qrs. LINSEED, per qr., sowing -8. to 748...crushing 58s. English, 9,090 grs. foreign in 1861.

LINSEED CAKES, per ton...

£9 10s. to £10 10s.

RAPES EED, per qr .................... In peas there has been very little change, new

RAPE CAKE, per ton ......

.......£5 10s. to £6 Os. English going off slowly at former rates all through the month, but there having been a free

HOP MARKET. import from Canada of white feeding sorts, these

Mid and East Kents 140s, 160s. choice 200s,
Weald of Kents

130s. 150s. 172s. have given way fully 1s. per qr., with but a slow


1263. 147s. 1658, sale. Foreign Mazagan and Egyptian beans interfering with the sale, rates have been 358. to 378.;

POTATO MARKETS. but boilers, though not much in demand, have

BOROUGH AND SPITALFIELDS. obtained full prices, the quantity yet exhibited being

Kent and Essex Regents 80s. to 110s per ton.

60s. to 80s, small. The quality of such this season is not very


708. to 85s. fine, the size being small; but duns and maples York Regents .

80s. to 110g. were a better sample, and steadily placed at full French...

558. to 70s. rates. The imports for the four weeks into Lon- COUNTRY POTATO MARKETS. -DONCASTER (Saturdon were 1,865 grs. English, 6,642 qrs. foreigo, day last.): A large quantity of potatoes were brought to marmostly from Canada, against 1,533 qrs. English, ket, and many lots remained unsold : 86, per load, retail 9d. 2,805 qrs. foreign in 1861.

per peck. --LEEDS (Saturday last): A large supply of potaOf linseed the arrivals have continued quite be- (Saturday last): Potatoes 6s. to 10s. per 252lbs.-YORK

toes : 7d. to 8d., retail 90. to 10d. per 21lbs.-MANCHESTER low the wants of crushers and the feeding demand. (Saturday last): There was a plentiful supply of round potaForeign markets, from the Baltic and Black Sea to toes, which sold at from 8s. to 9s. per tub of 280lbs., and 7d. India, all note an unfavourable yield and high to 8d. per peck retail. The "days” of kidney potatoes are prices; so that rates here have advanced to 746.

numbered." per qr. for Bombay seed, and cakes have risen

ENGLISH BUTTER MARKET. 58. to 10s. per ton. High as prices are, there Dorset, fine

1128. to 1146. per cwt. Middling

Dominal, seems no prospect of any reduction till a new and


106s, to 1088. plentiful crop be gathered, and till then trade must


128. to 141, per doz. Ibs. be limited. The cloverseed trade has been without interest.

The crops, though not well reported in the south

Per sack of 240 lbs.
Fleeceg-Bouthdown Hogs

£18 10 to £19 0 of France, and not promising here, have left prices Do. Half-bred Hoga

19 10 20 10 much the same, the bitter experience of last sea- Do. Kent....

19 10

Do. son keeping the dealers and speculators on the re

Southdown Ewes & Wethers 18 0

Leicester do............... 17 10 serve both as respects red and white seed.

Sorts Clothing, picklock..

............ 19 0 Canaryseed has been rather dearer. The low Do. Prime and picklock.......... 17 10

Do. Choice......

16 10 rates and small breadth grown in this country have

17 0 Do. Super

16 0 hardened prices.

Do. Combing-Wethermatching.. 20 O White mustardseed has been declining seriously.

Do. Picklock

Do. Common Crushers not liking the quality of the new crop,

................ 15 10

Do. Hog-matching rates have gone down from 118. to 8s. per bushel,

Do. Picklock matching
Do. Super do......

15 10 with but a slow trade at the decline.

16 10 New winter tares have found a fair enquiry, at FOREIGN AND COLONIAL WOOL MARKETS.

Per lb.

8. d. from 8s. to 88. 6d. per bushel; but larger quantities

German, 1st and and Elect............ 3 23 to 4 6 appearing at the month's close, they finished with Saxon, Prima ...................... 2 2.

and Secunda prices scarcely sustained.

....................1 103 Prussian. Tertia ...................... ! 6

1 10 Other seeds much as last quoted.


8 Scoured do.

2 3


Locks and Pieces............. 0 10 From last Friday's Gaz. s. d. From Gazette of 1861. 8. d.

Slipe and skin .............. ! 3 Wheat ...... 73824 qrs. 55 10 Wheat ...... 104987 qrs. 54

PORT PHILIP-Lambs................. Barley 36 7 Barley


Scoured do..................
24 7

Unwashed.................. O 10
Rye ........

9 Rye

Locks and Pieces............10

Printed by Rogerson and Tuxford, 246, Strand, London, W.O.


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8. d.

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