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on poor land almost a failure ; and in the wgregate will be Oct. 1861. Oct. 1860. under an average. Turnips grow well, healthy in appearance, Beasts............


26,240 clear of mildew, and promise fully an average weight of bulb. Cows



Potatoes are a light crop, and although disease is spoken of Sheep

121,390 128,250 the complaints are not widely spread. Aftermath and patCalves...........


2,289 ture are good; cattle and sheep seemingly do well, but are 3,650

2,620 not forward for the seasou, whether for holding or slaughterFrom Lincolnsbire, Leicestershire, and Northamptonshire, ing purposes. Mutton is scarce and dear, and will realise the arrivals have amounted to 13,800 shorthorns, &c.; from 8d. per Ib. at the end of the year.-Oct. 28. other parts of England, 3,000 various breeds; from Scotland, 18 Scots and crosses; and, from Ireland, 3,400 oxen and

ISLE OF ELY. heifers. The prevailing distress in the manufacturing districts

We have lately had very rough stormy weather, although compels the breeders of stock in Ireland to forward largely to

no great amount of rain has fallen. It is well for the Middle London in preference to Manchester and Birmiogham, in which Irish stock is largely consumed in periods of commercial pros- discharging its flood waters are yet incomplete. The typhons

Level occupiers that it has been so, as its preparations for perity.

at St. Germains are daily being placed across the dam, and Beef has sold at from 3s. to 48. 8d., mutton 3s. 6d. to 5s. 8d., veal 38, 10d. to 58. 4d., and pork 45. to 5s. per 8lbs., to

the trials made with those already fixed have been almost sink the offal.

more than satisfactory. They will evidently discharge a vast

quantity of water when in full operation, and it is very desirCOMPARISON OF PRICES.

able that every effort should be made to expedite their comOct. 1858.

Oct. 1859.

pletion, as until that time all the low-lying lands in the Level 8. d. 8. d.

8. d. S. d. Beef from...... 2 8 to 4 10

are in jeopardy, for the time of the year has now arrived when 2 10 to 4 10

a flood may very naturally be expected, and it will be well to Mutton........ 2 10 to 5 0

3 0 to 5 4

be prepared for it. The excavations too in Well Creek will be Veal 3 4 to 5 0

3 8 to 5 8

completed ere long we trust, as this cut will doubtless render Pork. 2 10 to 4 4

3 4 to 4 8

essential service to the Middle Level, should the waters rise Oct, 1860.

Oct. 1861,

very high in its internal drains and rivers. We are now dis8, d. 8. d.

8. d. Beef from......

posed to believe that the prospects of an efficient drainage for 2 6 to 4 8

2 10 to 5 10

the coming winter are greatly improved, and we think our Mutton..... 3 0 to 5 4

3 0 to 5 8

Fen farmers may allay their fears and apprehensions, and preVeal 3 8 to 4 10

8 6 to 5 0

pare their lands for wheat as usnal. Wheat sowing has now Pork.......... 4 0 to 5 4 4 0 to 5 2

become general, and much seed has been deposited in as good Fair average supplies of meat have been disposed of in a seed-bed as could well be desired. The rains have prepared Newgate and Leadenhall markets, at the annexed quotations: the ground, and made it work well. The frequent showers Beef from 28. 8d. to 48., mutton 3s. 4d. to 48. 8d., veal 3s, of the last ten days have occasionally impeded work, but hare 10d. to 58. 2d., pork 49. to 58. 2d, per 8lbs. by the carcase. not been too beavy to make land work unkindly. Potatoes

The supplies of rough fat have been moderately extensive, are nearly all taken up. They are generally a heavy crop, and anå the quotations have declined to 2s, 5d. per 81bs. In Octo- the tubers are large, but there is much more disease than a ber, 1861, the price was 2s. 100., and in 1860 38. 2d. per

few weeks ago was expected. Mangolds have improved lately, 8lbs. The comparative abundance of home-made tallow has

but are not so heavy a crop as we frequently grow, although produced some heaviness in the tallow trade, notwithstanding much better than we have seen in some parts of the country, the moderate shipments from St. Petersburg.

Colereeds have grown fast the last month, and are a good

crop. They are not selling so well this year as last, in conseDURHAM.

quence of the extravagantly high price of store sheep. Grass

keeping is still abundant, and for the season good. Meat Our northern harvest being now almost concluded, and a

realises a high price. Wool too is dear. The high price of considerable portion of the new crop having been thrashed,

meat and wool, and the abundance of keeping, occasion lean we are in a position to speak of the yield and quality of the

sheep to sell at exorbitaut prices. Bullock too are high, harvest of ’62 with tolerable accuracy. Though the harvest

but not quite so extravagant in price as sheep. Being minus has been a backward one, it has been one of the finest ever ex.

the wool, they have one less exciting cause to dearness. The perienced in this county. One of the features of a late har

corn trade is languid in the extreme. Although our quality vest is, that the grain crops require a longer stand in stook

and condition are both good, we have yet a very limited inthan when the harvest is comparatively early, even if the weather be equally fine; and the palpable and reasonable differ: quiry, oud prices have seriously declined.

Oct. 22.

Your FN REPORTER. ence often, we are ashamed to avow, leads our farmers into error. Strange though it may appear, there is scarcely a township but in which may be seen some over anxious and impatient farmer engaged in rick turning, in a season when we

SALE OF MR. ROBERT SMITH'S EXMOORS. have been favoured with fine weather sufficient and to spare.

The annual sale of the Exmoor Cobs came off at Taunton I may be wandering from the ordinary agricultural report; but I think the practice of carting corn before it is sufficiently numerous than on many former occasions ; in fact, horses

on Friday. The day was fine, but the attendance less dry, is excessively absurd, and reflects discredit on the intelli

in the west would seem to be at a discount. The best cobs gence of the farmer, who having raked the crop through all

sold well, ten of them making £30 each, while the general the dangers and variations of an uncertain climate, rashly at

average was much below former years. The country trade the eleventh bour damages bis produce, upon which he has was slack, and there were not so many purchasers from & bestowed bis industry and exertion through its various stages distance. The horses in condition were very excellent, but of growth. Our wheat on moderate and good land cut off a

the younger ones were not so catching to look at, owing, it bulky crop, but bearing upon it traces of an unfavourable

was said, to the severity of the past seasons-from wet and summer. The poor clays of the county produced as bad a crop

cold upon the hills. The Star (brother to the Comet) of wheat as ever we remembered. The yield has fulfilled our fetched 52 guineas. worst anticipation, in the majority of instances forty-eight sheaves will yield about 120lbs of wheat. The quality is very

Mr. Carr, of Stackhouse, has just sold a Windsor heifer variable, eam ples uneven, and containing a large per centage

to Captain Spencer for 150 gs.; and the Captain is getting of coarse husky-looking grain, which will yield an excessive

rather fastidious in his purchases, for nothing could tempt quantity of bran. The weight is light, even where the wheat

him at the recent Bushey sale. is in fair condition, and we conclude that our wheat crop is be- GLASGOW, (Thursday last.)-Supplies of Cheese con low an average to the extent of eight bushels per acre. Barley tinue large; but the demand is moderate, and prices unaltered. has done well, a good crop, fair even sample, and heavy in About 8 tons passed the weigh-house scales. Dunlop old weight; but a little faulty in colour ; decidedly over an aver. 56s. to 598., ditto new 469.; chaddar-wade, sls. to 663; age crop. Oats on good land are an extraordinary crop, but I Skim milk 178. to 198. per cwt.





October has passed away without sustaining its | sumption ; but enough is seen of the former, both good repute as to fineness. During the first fort in quality and condition, to show them much benight there was some quantity of rain; but the low those of last year, and most samples of new last half of the month was unusually stormy, with have been consequently neglected and declining. a very heavy fall. This has been seriously damaging The following quotations were recently current to the yet outstanding corn in Ireland and Scot- for wheat at the several places named: Wheat at land, as well as to some late and northern districts Paris ranged from 50s. to 55s. per qr.; for the of this country, where it has somewhat interfered new crop at Bordeaux to 538. At Louvain it was with the autumnal sowings and labours of the 56s.; Pomeranean, at Antwerp, was 57s. per qr.; field. The wheat that was got in early, however, Polish, at Amsterdam, 60s.; fine Saale, at Hamhas fared well, and much is above ground, with a bro', 528.; old red, 538.; red Holstein at 50s 6d. prospect of being established before winter. Fine new Danzic was yet quoted 558. per qr. There has also been a very fortunate seed-time in Native wheat, at Cologne, 49s. to 558. per qr. France; though this work there is not yet com- Ghirka Wheat, at Odessa, 358. ; at Galatz 348. plete. Germany, till lately, was suffering in some Banat quality, at Trieste, 46s. per qr.; native places from drought; but is now well off. The wheat at Venice, to 48s. season, therefore, on the whole, has a fair com- New York had lately been advancing, both for mencement, and let us hope that no disasters will flour and wheat, the export trade being in compemar the present promise. Last month was dull in tition with the consumptive, on diminished receipts. the extreme, almost every Monday noting some Chicago spring was worth to 38s.; Milwaukie, decline; but, though the opening of October was 40s. ; winter red, 438.; wbite Michigan to 488. very much like a continuance of depression, with 4d. ; extra Kentucky, 528.-all per qr. of 480 lbs. an almost absolute paralysis in business, and a The first Monday opened on a good foreign and readiness to accept a further reduction of 2s. to 38. fair supply of English wheat. The additional sam. per qr. in prices, this was the only gloomy day of ples from Kent and Essex during the morning were the month, and it closed with 18. per qr. recovered, not numerous, but with many overleft from the and a more general confidence than has been previous week, there was rather a large show. The evinced since harvest. As yet our weekly deliveries market, which had previously been heavy, became are much below the average of seasons, and, as so excessively dull, that factors, though willing to compared with the last, we have the result of four clear at a reduction of 2s. to 38. per qr., made so weeks as 361,817 qrs., against 583,185 qrs., and little way at this decline, that most of the bulk had not foreign imports kept flowing in at an un- remained unsold at the close of the day. But this equalled rate, a rise instead of serious decline since state of things arose principally from the damp state harvest would have been certain. The general of the samples, and very little difference was noted averages, which include much of the business of in those that were dry, or in fine quality foreign, last month, show a heavy fall, closing last month though inferior sorts were about 1s.per gr. cheaper. at 54s. 9d., and this, at 48s. 11d., while the real Cargoes afloat were held at the previous rates. The decline for this period through the country has country markets this week were in a state of stagscarcely been 28. per qr. Foreign markets, as well nation from the want of condition in the samas our own, seem generally becoming firmer, and ples shown, as well as from the dull accounts rethe increase of freights at this time of year, as well ceived from London. Prices everwhere were tendas the possible setting in of frost, appears against ing downwards, and fully ls. per qr. less was gethat low range wbich at one time seemed inevitable. nerally accepted on the little business passing. Our chequered harvest is more diminished by the Liverpool, on Tuesday, made sales at former rates ; unfavourable yield in Scotland and Ireland, and but on Friday rather gave way. In Scotland and though there is no prospect of a large advance Ireland there was great heaviness, though ttle with all the world open as a source of supply, yet difference obtained on the quotations. Portugal, Italy, Holland, Belgium, and possibly On the second Monday there was rather lo ss of France, as well as ourselves, will all, more or less, home-growth; but a heavy arrival of foreign, be large consumers. The potato crop is certainly nearly half of it being in Russian qualities. Tot not free from disease, and there is no doubt that many fresh samples were sent up this morning Scotland and Ireland will require free imports. As from the near counties; but the ample foreign sup respects other grain, there has been a serious ply kept the demand on a very limited scale, some decline in oats, owing to the good crop and free of the previous week's show being yet uncleared ; deliveries of this grain; but prices now have be- but prices were not further reduced. Fine dry come so moderate, that a large consumption will foreign still found a retail inquiry, without any rebe induced, and malting barley has already in- duction in the rates ; but low sorts again gave way creased in value with the increasing coldness of the about 18. per qr. Not many cargoes afloat being season and apparent scarcity of very fine samples. on sale, prices were about maintained. The Beans and peas have hardly come into full con-' want of condition was again the complaint of the


several country markets, and from the scarcity both for country sorts and American barrels, and of dry samples it was difficult to give accurate quo- in some instances paid for good qualities. Fair tations, but a downward tendency was manifest average American could, however, yet be had at generally for soft and damp wheat, while dry new 258. per barrel, and fine at 288.; Norfolks at 375. and fine old fully supported former quotations. ex-ship per sack. The town trade has been steady, Liverpool found a fair sale on Tuesday, without as to prices all through, and the month commenced altering rates; but on Friday the abundance of and ended at 51s. for the top price. The imports winter red Ainerican, and pressure on the part of into London for the four weeks were 62,447 sacks holders, caused it to sell at irregular and lower country, 11,155 sacks 62,773 barrels foreign ; prices. Throughout Scotland and Ireland trade against 68,962 sacks country, 103 sacks 38,834 was again dull; but quotations remained much the barrels foreign for the same period last year.

The barley trade, which all last month was in a The third Monday opened on another very heavy course of decline, the warm weather preventing foreign supply, with some further falling of fine any important enquiry for malting samples, has English samples. The show from Essex and Kent partly recovered from its depression since the was limited, farmers apparently being more care- commencement of low temperature. The second less about sending up till better times; and there Monday showed the first indications of an imseemed a general feeling that about the lowest provement, the best sorts being then improved ls. point was reached. All dry samples, therefore, went per qr., and a further gain of 18. has since been off steadily, and those even wanting in condition realised; secondary sorts, which had been quite were more easily placed; though some were still neglected and reduced almost to a grinding price, uncleared. A more healthy feeling was visible in being still more enhanced in value, but grinding the foreign trade also, notwithstanding the plenty descriptions with slight fluctuations have remained on show, and holders were more disposed to land little altered. The best malting has occasionally

, the supplies than press at any decline. The float- brought 428., and though it is generally believed ing trade, however, was affected by the quantity we have a fair average crop of barley fine qualities, arrived, and gave way 1s. per qr. A more cheer- appear scarce, and seem likely to command high ful tone was perceptible this week in the country rates all through the season. The London immarkets, and several of them noted an advance ports as compared with last year show a decrease of 1s. per gr. on the best dry qualities, as Boston, both in English and foreign of about 8,000 qrs. Spalding, Hull, Stockton, Gainsborough, and each. The four weeks amounted to 12,198 qrs. Newcastle-on-Tyne, while Bury St. Edmunds English, 14,864 grs. foreign; against 20,692 qrs. quoted an advance of 18. to 28. per qr Liverpool English, 22,533 qrs. foreign in October 1861. It made free sales on Tuesday, and noted' an might be expected that the demand for malting improvement of id. to 2d. per cental on Friday. barley enhanced the value of malt, and this article Edinburgh and Glasgow were without change ; at has rather gained something in price, with a better Dublin native wheat, being in improved condition, enquiry for fine old sorts, new not yet appearing at sold more readily; but buyers of foreign tried market. (though vainly) for some reduction.

The oat trade has been decidedly dull all through The fourth Monday opened with a still dimin- the month, with almost a constant reduction in ished English supply, and with rather less foreign, value of 6d. per gr. every Monday, the last exthe bulk of which was from New York and Canada. cepted, when the falling off_of foreign supplies Very little was sent up this morning either from and some diminution in the English receipts gave Kent or Essex, and as the weather bad been very a little tone to trade, and in a retail way rather boisterous and windy the condition of the samples more money was made, but it may be safely said was improved. Factors could readily have dis- that nearly all sorts have receded 18. 6d. per qr. posed of most of their bulk at the full prices of Fair useful Russian sorts have been sold at 21s. the previous Monday, and some quantity was so per gr., and 40lbs. Swedes at 228. per gr., but as placed, but in several instances an improvement foreign markets do not come down sufficiently to of 1s. per qr. was realised, and this being generally meet these rates, and old oats are not by any insisted on, there was some check to business, with means plentiful, it would seem about the lowest a portion left over. Fine foreign, such as Danzig rates have been reached. The imports into Lonand similar qualities, brought only former prices; don for the four weeks were in all 148,874 qrs., but American red, in fair condition, notwithstand - viz., 43,932 grs. English only, 90 grs. Scotch, ing the good arrivals, was 18. per qr. dearer, and 2,821 qrs. Irish, and 102,031 qrs. foreign ; against so were some parcels of Russian. Cargoes afloat 31,680 qrs. English, 697 grs. Scotch, 4,650 qr3. found also more demand at some improvement. Irish, and 86,155 grs. foreign in 1861, for the same

The imports into London for the four weeks were period. 25,069 qrs. English, 180,873 qrs. foreign; against With much fewer beans imported this season 37,539 qrs. English, 82,465 qrs. foreign for the than last, the London market has been excessively same time last year.

dull and drooping. The new English this year are The imports for the kingdom in September were generally of poor quality and in bad condition, so 1,073,101 qrs. wheat, 814,110 cwts. flour. The much so as to unfit them for horse food, still they exports from London this month were 1,204 grs. are hardened by frost. The fineness too, of Septemwheat, 585 cwts, flour.

ber, which was like a continuance of summer, nade The flour trade was heavy through all the month little demand for foreign, and though prices have till the last market, when rather more was asked remained about the same, business has been very


7 35 9 41

s. d. 55 10 54 9 53 2 51 1

24 23 22

8 36


8. d. 36 7 87 2 36 2 35 5 34 8 34 5 35 9


21 5 33 4 39

48 11


9 35

2 5

s. d.

Oats .......



Oats ........


233 3093 .. 1596

[blocks in formation]


42 5


inactive. Fair supplies of Egyptian may be ex

IMPERIAL AVERAGES. pected, and much will depend on the hardness of FOR THE LAST SIX Wheat. Barley. Oats. Rye. Beans. Peas.

s. d. 8. d. s. d. s. d. the winter whether prices will improve ; but as

Sept. 13, 1862....

8 40 6 they are now easy, it seems unlikely much reduction Sept. 20, 1862....

9 35 6 41 2 40 5 Sept. 27, 1862....

0 40 6 can take place under any circumstances.

4, 1862....

22 5 34 8 39 2 41 1 Peas also have not hitherto been much in re

11, 1862.... 49 6

5 42 3 18, 1862....

21 7 34 8 391 42 5 quest, but the falling off of foreign supplies gave

Aggregate Average 52 2


3 41 some hardness to values of English on the fourth

Same time last year 56 1 37 0 22 5 35 3141 11 140 Monday, especially as the stocks of foreign white

COMPARATIVE AVERAGES-1862-61. feeding sorts have been gradually diminishing,

From last Friday's Gaz, s. d., From Gaselte of 1861. Boilers, though low priced, have hardly come into

Wheat ...... 83217 qrs. 48 I1 Wheat ......124242 qrs. 56 3 demand yet, and the present rates are not high Barley ...... 51314 34 5 Barley ...... 82499 enough to induce farmers to send them before


31 8 Rye wanted. The imports into London for four weeks

Beans .....

Peas were 3,073 qrs. English, 3,003 qrs. foreign ; against Peas ........ 3,305 qrs. English, 453 qrs. foreign last year.

PRICES OF SEEDS. The price of linseed has kept high all through the month, but the rates have scarcely been main- MUSTABD, per bush., white tained, and cakes finished in calm after an active

CORIANDER, per cwt......................... 148.

CANARY, per qr...... demand.

TARES, winter, new, per bushel............ 78. 3d. 78.9d. The holders of cloverseed have been firm, from

LINSEED, per qr., sowing-8. to 748...crushing 62s. a reported failure of the English crop, and fine

LINSEED CAKES, per ton..............£9 108. to £10 10s, trefoil has increased in value. Mustardseed has RAPESEED, per qr .....................

RAPE CAKE, per ton ..

.£5 10s. to £6 0s. partly recovered from its late depression, but only

FOREIGN SEEDS. in fine qualities of white, which have brought 98.

CLOVERSEED, red, 408. to 50s., white .......... 458. to 70g 6d, to los. per bushel. Winter tares being yet HEMPSEED, small, --s. per qr., Dutch..........-S. abundant have given way, and 78. 6d. per bushel

CORIANDER, per cwt. ........................ has become a full price. New canaryseed has appeared of middling quality, and was held at about LINSEED, per qr., Baltic 588. to 60s. ... Bombay 688.

LINSEED CAKE, per ton.............. 60s. Old has remained much the same as to price


-8. to and demand.

RAPE CAKE, per ton

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BOROUGH, MONDAY, Oct. 27.-The active demand for

Shillings per Quarter. WHEAT, Essex and Kent, 46 to 55 old 50 to 58

fine Hops which has prevailed during the past week has caused

a further advance of full 5s. per cwt. Second qualities are in

45 53 50 56 Norfolk, Lincoln, & Yorksh., red

better request, and fully sustain recent quotations.
46 53 50 85
Mid and East Kents

120s. 160s. choice 2008. BARLEY, new, malting....29 to 32......Chevalier.. 33 41

Weald of Kents

1128. 1478.

1758. Grinding

....... 26
29......Distilling.. 31 34


1108. 1458.

165s. MALT, Essex, Norfolk, and Suffolk ............ new 63 68 Kingston, Ware, and town-made

63 68


51 58 RYE, new .... .................. 34 37

BOROUGH AND SPITALFIELDS. OATS, English, feed 20 to 23 ...Potato.............. 23 26 LONDON, MONDAY, Oct. 27.-Since our last report Scotch, feed

24 ...Potato.............. 24 27 fair supplies of home-grown Potatoes have been received at Irish, feed, white 17 20 .................... fine 21


these markets, and the arrival of French produce has continued Ditto, black..... 17 20 .........

21 23 on a moderate scale. The trade, generally speaking, bas ruled BEANS, Mazagan 30 to 34...... Ticks........ 30 34 | inactive; nevertheless, prices have been fairly supported. Harrow .........



Kent and Essex Regents 801. to 110s per ton. PEAS, white, boilers 38 42 Maple 38 to 42 Grey 35


70s. to 85s. FLOUR, per sack of 280 lbs., Town, Households...... 43 31


558. to 70s. Country........35 to 38........ Households...... 38

COUNTRY POTATO MARKETS. DONCASTER, Norfolk and Suffolk, ex-ship.

34 37

(Saturday last.)- A small supply of potatoes, which was not FOREIGN GRAIN.

equal to the demand, and all were bought up at the following

Shillings per Quarter. WHEAT, Dantzic, mixed ........54 to 57......extra 58 to 61

prices : Wholesale 88. 6d. to 10s. 6d. per load, retail ls. to Konigsberg

56 ..................51


1s. 2d. per peck. LEEDS, (Saturday last.) -A large supply Rostock...

55...... fine 55 38

of potatoes, and a heavy market at 9d. to 10d., retail 11d. to American,red winter 53, spring 45 49.... white 52 56

120. per 21lbs. MANCHESTER, (Saturday last.)—Potatoes Silesian. red..


52 55

9s. to 13s. per 252lbs. York, (Saturday last.) - Although Pomera., Meckberg., and Uckermrk, red..... 50 54

there was a fair supply of potatoes, they advanced to 10s. Danish and Holstein, red .....

50 53

per tub of 280lbs., the retail price being 8d. to 9d. per peck. Russian, hard 42 to 44... St. Petersburg and Riga 46,

Tbio advance is attributed to waste and to a less sound con

52 French, none............Rhine and Belgium.... 50 54

dition of this valuable esculent on strong land than bad been BARLEY, grinding......23 to 28........Distilling.. 30 32

imagined, and the impression is that prices will be still higher. OATS, Dutch, brew, and Polands.,20 to 24....feed.. 17 23 Danish and Swedish, feed..20 to 23... Stralsund.. 20

23 PRICES OF BUTTER, CHEESE, HAMS, &c. Russian, Riga 21 to 22, Archangel 21 to 32,P'sburg 22 25 BUTTER, per ewt.

3. CHEESE, per cwt.Friesland


34 BEANS, Friesland and Holstein....

.............. 116 to 120 37

.... 56 to 75 Jersey.................. 90

Double Gloucester........ 58 Konigsberg..............34 to 37 .. Egyptian.... 81

Dorset.................. 116

Cheddar.................. 60 PEAS, feeding

Carlow ............

American.............. ..........34 37 .. fine boilers.. 39 41


102 HAMS: York.............. 90 100 INDIAN CORN, white 32 34

yellow ......
31 33 Cork ..................

Cumberland .............. 90 100
Limerick ............... 84

45 FLOUR, per sack..French, none .. Spanish, per sack 40

Sligo .....

100 BACON: Wiltshire, dried. 68 American, per brl..,22 to 25.q..extra and dble.., 26 28

FRESH, per doz.126.0d. to 155.0d. Irish, green ............. 60 66

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Per lb. LONDON, MONDAY, Oct. 27.-Our trade is steady at

German, firm prices.

1st and and Elect............ 3 2 to 4 6

Saxon, Prima .....................22 3 0 Dorset, fine. 1248. to 126s. per ewt.

and Secunda .................... I 105 96 Middling 100.. to 110s. Prussian. Tertia...

1 63 1 10 Devon 114s. to 1188.

COLONIAL;-SYDNEY-Lambs ............... 18 13s. to 158, per doz. Ibs.

Scoured do.................. 18

Unwashed ..................09 13 CORK BUTTER EXCHANGE, (Saturday last.)-The

Locks and Pieces............0 10 supplies during the week were large, and the demand good.

Slipe and Skin

1 3 1 7 Heavy salt Butter rose from 100g. to 101s., and seconds from PORT PHILIP-Lambs................16 958. to 968., which prices have since been maintained ; nor,

Scoured do...................19

30 unless supplies be much larger than at present, are the quota.

Unwashed .................. 0 10 14
Locks and Pieces............10

18 tions likely to be lower for some time. Light salt Butter

S. AUSTRALIAN--Lambs ..............16 1 10 continues in moderate request. Prices rose 3s. on firsts,

Scoured do.

15 1 II seconds, and thirds during the week. Its price to-day was


08 1lls., 1048., and 983. for each quality.

Locks and Pieces............. O 11

1 3 GAINSBOROUGH FAIR. The quantity of cheese

V.D. LAND-Lambs

8 8 Scoured do..................

1 9 2 3 pitched on the two days was rather above the average. Prices

Unwashed .................. 0 10 13 were rather higher, with a good sale. Best Notts 70s., se

Locks and Pieces............10 cond quality 60s. to 65s., third quality 508. to 60s., fine Lei- CAPE OF GOOD HOPE-Fleeces.........11 1 10 cestershire 70s., Cheshire 60s, to 65s. per cwt.; Stilton 10d.

Lambs ......................11

1 7 to ll. per lb.

Scoured ..................... OO MARKET HARBOROUGH.-There was not a large sup


08 ply, and the greater part of the cheese pitched was by factors, who had bought up the best samples. Prices ranged from

MANURES. 60s. to 75s.A per cwt., according to quality.


Peruvian Guano, direct from importers' stores, £13 ds. to £13 10. plan, PERTH FAIR.-Skimmed-milk cheese brought 5s, to 6s. Bones, £5 15s. to £6; crushed, £6 58. to £6 10s. per ton. per stone of 2216, Saturday cheeses 6s. to 7s. per stone.

Animal Charcoal, (70' per cent 'Phosphate) £6 Ss. per too, very scaree.

Coprolite, Cambridge, (in Loudon), whole 158., ground 606. ; Sufolk Sweet-milk cheese realised 6d. to 7d. per lb.

whole 35s., ground 468. to 488. per too.
Nitrate of boda, £14 10s, to £15 108. per ton.

Sulphate of Ammonia, £16 to £16 108. per ton.

Sulphuric Acid, concentrated 1.815 1d. perib., brown 1.712 0fd.

Superphosphate of Lime, £6 58. per ton. Hide Salt, 248.

Blood Manure, £6 £7 106. per ton. Dissolved Bones, £6 103. do. CITY, MONDAY, Oct. 27.--Although the next series of Dissolved Coprolites, £5 per ton. colonial wool sales, at which about 60,000 bales will be

Linseed Cakes, bese American, £11 7s.6d. to £11 128. 6d. per bring

ditto £ll per bagi English, £10 10s. to £10 15s. per tea. offered, is appointed to commence on the 13th proximo, there Rape Cake, English, £6 10s.; German, £6 10s. per ton. is a full average business doing in most home-grown qualities

Cotton Cake, US 108. to £6 108. per ton. at fully the late advance in the quotations. The stocks held

E. PURSER, London Manure Company,

116, Fenchurch Street, E.C. in the manufacturing districts are very moderate for the time of year.

LIVERPOOL SEED AND GUANO, &c., MARKET. Per sack of 240 lbs.

Guano, Peruvian £12 7 6 to£14 5 0 Linseed Cake, per tonFleeces-Southdown Hogs ...........£19 10 to£20 0

Do. Upper do. 7 10 0 9 00

American, thin £10 10 0 to 10 15

Barcelona ......

Patagonian ......000
Half-bred Hogs ............ 20 0 20 10

Kooria Mooria.... 4 50 4 100 English ........ 11 00
Do. Kent......

..... 19 0 20

Bone Ash ........6 50 6 10 O Cotsd.Cake, decort.8 10 O Do. Southdown Ewes & Wethers 19 10 20 0

Saltpetre, Bengal,

Brimstone, 2d & 3rd 6 10 0
Leicester do............... 18 0 19

2 per cent. ....2 30 2 3 6 Nitr.of Soda, p.ct. 0 12 6 @ 129

Cloverseed, American, Sorts-Clothing,picklock............ 20 10

38 3 21 0


red, new, per cwt.1 17 0 2 00 Tallow, lat p.Y.C.2 96 Do. Prime and picklock.......... 19 10 20 0

SAMUEL DOWNES AND Co., General Brokers, Do. Choice........................ 18 0 19 0

Exchange Court, Liverpool. Do. Super

16 10 17 10 Do, Combing-Wethermatching.. 20 0 20 10 Do. Picklock

{ ADVERTISEMENT.] 18 10 .................... 17 10 Do, Common

15 10 16 10 TO J. AND F. HANCOCK, PULVERIZER PLOUGH Do. Hog-niatching ................ 21 0

22 0

WORKS, DUDLEY PORT, TIPTON. Do. Picklock matching .......... 17 10 18 10

Compton Castle, Castle Cary, Sept. 15. Do. Super do.....

......... 15 10

16 10

SIR,-In reply to yours of some day in August I beg leave to LEEDS (ENGLISH AND FOREIGN) WOOL MARKETS,

acknowledge the receipt of your Butter-making Machine, which

came only ten days ago. My dairymaid is delighted with it, Friday last. --There is but oue report given of the state of the

which is more than I could have expected, as you know how English wool market by the staplers, and that is that manu

seldom servants are pleased with a new invention. It answers facturers are buying ouly what they need, and yet prices keep admirably. I beg to enclose a cheque for it, according to your up well, In foreigo wool both demand and price are unaltered, account, and am, Sir, &c.,

S. W. SAXDPORD. and there is tbe absence of speculation at present. Low wools

Chatton Vicarage, Sept. 24. are not selling so high as was expected a few weeks since, Sir.--I have the pleasure of enclosing you a post-office order

for £2 18. Od. for the Butter Machine, which quite answers the LIVERPOOL WOOL MARKET,-Oct. 25. purpose which your agent in London described to me; and nov

Sorch.—There is a fair inquiry for all kinds of Scotch. that I have seen it in operation, think that it does its work very Stocks are exceedingly light; holders are asking very high

etfectively.- Yours truly,


I shall recommend the machine to all my friends. rates, and there is little doing in consequence.

8. d.

Delamont, Downpatrick, Oct. 1, 1862. Laid Highland Wool per 241bs..... 17 Oto 18 0

Mrs. Gordon considers the Prize Butter Machine of Messrs. White Highland do ............... 20 0


Hancock the most perfectly satistactory machine for the purpose Laid crossed do..unwashed .... 21

she has ever seen, and encloses a post-office order for the same, Do. do..washed ...... 22 0 22

Poston, Derby, Sept. 8, 1862. LaidCheviot do..unwashed.... 22 23 0

Sir,-I am happy to say that we find your Machine for purifydo..washed...... 24 0

27 0

ing butter answers extremely v 'l. We have not yet tried it White Cheviot do..washed...... 34 0 42 0

for salting bulter, but doubt not .at it will succeed in that proFRANCE.-WOOL MARKETS. Buenos Ayres and

cess also. A post-office order was sent to you last Friday from Derby.

I am &c, Montevideo wools have been sold at Havre this month in a

To Mr. Hancock.

JOHN BROADHURST. dirty state at 10d. to 12d. per lb. At Marseilles business has

PRICES OF BUTTER MACHINES. -No. 1, for private use, been very restricted. Transactions between wool producers

£2 2s.; No. 2, for dairy use, £2 128. 6d., sent on receipt of postand manufacturers in France are kept as secret as possible ; office order, payable to J. and F. Hancock, Tipton, where üllus. nevertheless it transpired the other day that 28. per Ib. was trated sheets may be had of their celebrated pulveriser plough. offered for a lot of mixed Merino of fine quality-terma 4 per cent. diacount. The seller stood out for 2a, 1d. per lb. Printed by Rogerson and Tuxford, 246, Strand, London, W.0,

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