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The following pages are drawn from a very old and obscure work, of which the real good sense was hidden amidst a series of speculative points, and ridiculous allusions.

The dereliction of principle so often unhappily mani. fested by that class to which this book is addressed, and the deviation from established good customs, into which the present age is fallen, have led to the attempt to save from oblivion that part of this book which appeared worthy of it: and the author has only to hope this feeble effort may not be altogether useless to young apprentices.

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You well know with what tenderness and care, as well as expense, I have watched over you to the present time; and now you are going to quit the guidance of your affectionate father, who has hitherto afforded counsel and assistance on every occasion, and will be exposed to many

and powerful temptations, it is my earnest desire and wish, to give such a stock of advice, as may furnish you with means sufficiently powerful to guide you safely through every trial.

Though many fathers, and even fathers of rank, have undertaken to give instructions to their sons, no one, that I know of, has turned his thoughts to a very necessary branch of precepts, the duty of an apprentice. Surely this is a topic which is too important to be entirely forgotten by an age which every day gives regulations and directions to almost

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