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Beware of thinking all your own that you possess, and of living accordingly. It is a mistake that many people who have credit fall into. To prevent this, keep an exact account, for some time, of both your expenses and incomes. If you take the pains at first to mention particulars, it will have this good effect, you will discover how wonderfully small trifling expenses mount up to large sums, and will discern what might have been, and may, for the future

be saved, without occasioning any great inconvenience.

In short, the way to wealth, if you desire it, is as plain as the way to market. It depends chiefly on two words, industry and frugality; i. e. waste neither your time nor money, but make the best use of both. He that gets all he can, and saves all he gets, (necessary expenses excepted) will certainly become rich; if that Being who governs the world, to whom all should look for a blessing on their honest endeavours, does not, in his wise providence, othwise determine.


Samuel Wood & Sons,


And Samuel S. Wood & Co.

Have for sale a great variety of Juvenile Books, ornamented with handsome engravings, and adapted to the capacities of children.

The following have been recently published.

The Rational Dame: or, hints towards supplying prattle for Children, Price 50 cents.

Curious Antiquities: or, the Etymology of many remarkable Old Sayings, Proverbs, and Singular Customs; explained by Joseph Taylor, Price 50 cents.

The Hedge of Thorns. By Mrs. Sherwood, Author of " The History of the Fairchild Family, Little

Henry and his Bearer, &c. Price 37 cents.

Scenes in China, exhibiting the Manners, Customs, Diversions, and Singular Peculiarities of the Chinese, together, with the mode of Travelling, Navigation, &c. in that vast Empire, Price 75 cents.

Choice Emblems, Natural, Historical, Fabulous, Moral, and Divine, for the Instruction and Amusement of Youth; Displaying the Beauties and Morals of the Ancient Fabulists. Price 75 cents.

The Pleasing Moralist; containing Essays on various subjects, including Dr. Watts' Advice to a Young Man, on his entrance into the world. Price 374 cents.

Hieroglyphical Bible, for the amusement and instruction of children; being, a selection of some of the most useful lessons, and interesting narratives, from Genesis to the Revelations. Embellished with familiar figures and striking emblems, neatly engraved. Price 37 cents.

The Calendar of Nature; designed for the Instruction and Entertainment of young persons. Price 37


Pictures of English History, in miniature, designed by Alfred Mills: with descriptions. Price 50 cents. London in Miniature: with 47 engravings of its public buildings and antiquities, from drawings, by Alfred Mills. Price 50 cents.

Costumes of Different Nations, in

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