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Following SUBJECTS,


The miraculous Birth of CHRIST. The Prediction of the MESSIAH. The Character of the MESSIAH.

Of the Fulnefs of Time in which

CHRIST appeared.

Of the Meaning of, The Name of GOD.

The Doctrines of Religion reafon

able to be believed. Unreasonable Expectations not to be gratified in Religion.

How the Law is faid to be the Strength of Sin.

How CHRIST has enabled us to conquer Sin.

How CHRIST has given us the Victory over Death.

The Inexcufablenefs of rejecting the Gospel.

Different Tempers judge differently of Religion.

Of the Resurrection of CHRIST.

Of CHRIST'S Defcent into Hell. Of CHRIST'S Sitting on the Right Hand of GOD.

The Converfation of Chriftians is in Heaven.

Of the Spiritual Nature of the Gofpel.

By SAMUEL CLARKE, D.D. late Rector of St James's, Westminster.

Published from the AUTHOR's Manufcript, By JOHN CLARKE, D. D. Dean of Sarum.



Printed by W. Botham, for JAMES and JOHN KNAPTON, at the Crown in St Paul's Church-yard. MDCCXXX.

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