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Two editions of the Prince Consort's Speeches were published by the Society of Arts in 1857; and cheap editions of the same collection have been published since the Prince's death.

The present volume contains, in addition to the speeches previously printed, a speech made by His Royal Highness at the Meeting of the British Association for the Advancement of Science, held at Aberdeen, September 14, 1859; and his address on opening the International Statistical Congress, held in London, 16th July, 1860 ; together with several minor speeches made by the Prince since the year 1857.

This volume also contains some extracts from a memorandum written by the Prince in reference to the office of Commander-in-Chief,







THE following work contains, with some

few trifling exceptions, the speeches and addresses delivered by His Royal Highness the Prince Consort. It is published at the express desire, and under the sanction, of Her Majesty.

It has been thought that this publication will not only be a worthy tribute to the Prince's memory, but that it will have a deep interest for a large circle of readers. There will be those who were personally attached to the Prince, and who will be glad to have a record of these speeches, Those who upon which he bestowed so much care and rested by the

speeches. thought. To the statesman, to the man of science, and to those who care for the social well-being of the people, these speeches will be interesting, as coming from one who himself was a master in those three great

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