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In the Jurisdiction Column, for the sake of brevity, the words "in default, &c.," will mean in default of payment of the penalty and of sufficient goods to satisfy the amount. H. L., hard labour. 1J. or 2 J. denotes whether one or two Justices may hear the case.

Where the words are “fine or imprisonment," omitting the words "in default, &c." it will be found that the words of the Statute are followed, which leaves it in the discretion of the Justice either to impose the fine or to inflict the punishment without & fine.

Offence, or cause of Complaint.


Extent of Jurisdiction.

Aiders or abettors in offence of simple 14 & 15 Vic. Punishable as the prin-

larceny, where the age of offender c. 92, s. 6. cipal offender. See
does not exceed 14 years.

“ Larceny by Juve

nile Offenders.” In offences punishable on summary 24 & 25 Vic. Punishable as the princonviction under the Larceny Act. c. 96, s. 99. cipal offender. See


Number of Justices Requisite. It will be seen that two Justices are sufficient to try any case to be decided in Petty Sessions, in most instances one is only requisite. Indeed it will, perhaps, in general be found that the decision of one or two affords less ground for objection than that of a greater number. On this subject a moral and political philosopher has sharply observed—“ Judges, when they are numerous divide the shame of an unjust determination ; they shelter themselves ander one another's example ; each man thinks his own character hid in the crowd: for which reason the Judges ought always to be so few, as that the conduct of each may be conspicuous to pụblic observation; that each may be responsible in his separate and particular reputation for the decisions in which he concurs."


Offence, or cause of Complaint.


Extent of Jurisdiction.

ABETTORS—continued. In offences on summary conviction, 24 & 25 Vic. Punishable as the prinunder the Malicious Injuries Act. c. 97, s. 63. cipal offender.


“ Malicious Injuries.” In Misdemeanors.—Whosoever shall 24 & 25 Vic. Shall be liable to be

aid, abet, counsel, or procure the c. 94, s. 8. tried, indicted, and commission of any misdemeanor,

punished as a principal whether same be a misdemeanor

at Common Law, or by virtue
of any Act passed, or to be

passed. Under Petty Sessions Act.—Every 14 & 15 Vic. Shall be liable, on con

person who shall aid, abet, counsel, c. 93, s. 22. viction, to same foror procure the commission of any

feiture and punishoffence, which is or shall be punish

ment to which the able on summary conviction

principal offender shall be by law liable; but where abettor's age exceeds 14 years, he shall be liable to same punishment, &c., to which a principal offender exceeding that

age is liable.

ACCESSORIES : (In felonies)* before the fact, after 24 & 25 Vic. See also " Indictable the fact, and accessories generally. c. 94.

Offences Index."

Adulterating corn, meal, flour, &c., or

selling or offering same for sale, not
being equal to sample; or practising
any fraud to increase the weight of



1 & 2 Vic. Penalty not exeeeding c. 28, s. 8. £10, nor less than 40s.;

in default, &c., imprisonment not ceeding 1 month H.L.; and shall also forfelt

the corn, &c. 1J. 14 & 15 Vic. Penalty not exceeding c. 92, s. 7. 40s., or imprisonment

not exceeding 1month, and shall also forfeit the article.

Similar offence under.

* An accessory before the fact to a felony is one who counsels, incites, moves, procures, hires, or commands another to commit it, but is not himself present, aiding or abetting in the commission of it.—2 Hawk., c. 29, s. 16.

Offence, or cause of Complaint.


Extent of Jurisdiction.

Selling articles of food or drink, know- 23 & 24 Vic. Penalty not exceeding

ing such to contain ingredients in- c. 84, s. 1. £5; in default, &c.,
jurious to health ; or selling adul-

imprisonment not exterated articles as pure. (Excep

ceeding 2 months. 2 J. tions: medicines, foreign, British,

or Colonial spirits.) See also “ Frauds as to Provisions."

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AGRICULTURAL PRODUCE: 24 & 25 Vic. | Imprisonment at H. L. Assaulting, threatening, &c., with in- c. 100, s. 39. for any term not ex

tent to obstruct the sale of grain, (25 & 26 Vic. ceeding 3 months. 1 J. &c., or its free passage.

c. 50, s. 2.) See “ Assault."

See “ Abettors."

See “Cruelty to Animals."

“ Larceny."
“Malicious Injuries.”
“Nuisance on Roads."

* 24 & 25 Vic., c. 66, s, 1.—"If any person called as a witness in any Court of Criminal Jurisdiction in England or Ireland, or required or desiring to make an Affidavit or Deposition in the course of any criminal proceeding, shall refuse or be unes willing, from alleged conscientious motives, to be sworn, it shall be lawful for the Court or Judge, or other presiding Officer or Person qualified to take Affidavits or Depositions, upon being satisfied of the sincerity of such objection, to permit such person, instead of being sworn, to make his or her solemn Affirmation or Declaration, in the words following, viz. ;

“I, A. B., do solemnly, sincerely, and truly affirm and declare, that the taking of any oath is, according to my religious belief, unlawful ; and I do also solemnly

sincerely, and truly affirm and declare, &c.' Which solemn Affirmation and Declaration shall be of the same force and effect as if such person had taken an oath in the usual form." Sec. 2.-If wilfully false, &c., punishable as for perjury.

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